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One day, while relaxing inside the mansion, nee-san came.

“Hermes, I’d like you to do a little work, but.”


I set myself up on the easy chair.

The work that nee-san brought up, it smells like it’s not decent.

Perhaps she saw through me, nee-san gave a smile as I was vigilant.

“This work of the Canoe Family head, was a regular-like thing.

If you’re anxious, you can ask Mimis.”

“Is that so”

My vigilance has dropped a little.

The head’s regular work huh.

If it’s a story of that level, it may be good to do that.

Or rather, it’s something that I’ll refuse forever.

“This is the place, of the head’s work.”

Under the blue sky, steam envelops me.

I was submerged in an open-air hot spring in the mountains.

The hot spring is surrounded by a fence, but sparrows, squirrels, and small forest animals can be seen in the trees beyond it.

“Nice hot spring, right”

I can hear nee-san’s voice from my back.

I turn around.

The open-air hot spring is a huge bathtub, with a big rock in the middle.

When seen directly from above, it looks like a fried egg.

Nee-san is there on the other side of the rock.

“Nice hot spring, wait, where is this work”

“There are two reasons why the Canoe family became a baron.

One is because the first generation was His Majesty the King’s sword master.”


From the role of swordsmanship to aristocracy huh.

It’s a golden pattern.”

While saying that, I stood up.

It’s at fair temperature, and I thought to cool down a little because I would feel dizzy if I stayed in it for a long time.

Of course, my awareness is solidly hanging on the opposite side of the rock.

After confirming that nee-san did not come out at this way, I stood in the hot spring.

It is cold, but it’s not too cold.

I soaked only my feet in the hot spring like in a footbath state.

“The other one.

This, is a hot spring that was excavated by an important person of first generation-sama.”


“According to the story, it was dug with a sword.”

“I wonder what kind of sword was that”

I laughed it off half amazed.

Many of the anecdotes of old people are outrageous, so I decided to listen to half the story.

“For that reason, the Canoe family should get here, and come here regularly for generations ――”

“To wash your back ――”

A young woman came in.

She was doing something like a caretaker here, a servant hired by the Canoe family.

She came in, and had a right-on-the-mark eye with me who got out of the bathtub.


Such line of sight of her was flowingly directed towards my lower body


Her face turned bright red like a boiled octopus, and she screamed and ran away.

After rising from the hot spring, I am inside a building made like a traditional inn.

In the living room of such, there were three people: me, my sister, and the servant who called herself Effie.

Effie was on the verge of crying.

“Uhm, please forgive me!”

“No, forgive you said”

“Since I was hired to be a servant by a noble-sama, I was prepared to do it, and I’m rather honored, but no! I’m going to die so terribly!”

Happened in the open-air bath, Effie who saw me naked firmly standing in the bath, was on the verge of crying, and was shaking and trembling.

A’re, that circumstance was normal at such time, but…… well, I don’t particularly want to have her as a mistress, so let’s ignore this appropriately.

“You were scared right, it’s okay.”

“I beg your pardon, Ojou-sama……”

“It’s okay.

More than that.”


Nee-san who comforted Effie, for some reason, looked at me with her eyes.

“Otootou-sama(bro-father)” (TN: Combination of younger brother and father (Otouto and tou-sama)

“Such way of calling is complicated, so please stop nee-san.”

“While you were talking to me at the hot spring, you said you were in such state I believe that it’s understandable that your delusions will advance because the hot baths are connected, but, so that’s what it was.” (TN: Wait, what, I’m having a bad feeling)


While I was talking to nee-san, I was in such state(heinous)…… (TN: So, it was rising, I guess)

“I,it’s different! That was normal! It’s the normal version.”

“That was normal…… that’s amazing…… Normal …… Kyuuu” (TN: So, it wasn’t the rising version)

Effie rotated her eyes, and fainted.

Nee-san who saw that giggled.

“You plotted this, nee-san!”

“Kusukusu, I wonder if it’s like the legendary magic sword.”


I was completely caught by nee-san’s trick, and it felt like I was being messed around, so I rushed out of the building.

It’s a hot spring resort in the mountains away from human settlements, and when I left the building even a little, we were completely just in the depths of a mountain.

“Geez mou”

No well, I don’t feel so bad because it’s a story related to a man’s dignity.

The other party is nee-san―― I don’t feel bad unless I have an older sister as my daughter.

For the time being, let’s hang around for a while, and go back when the remaining heat has cooled down.

I stroll around adequately.

Without a path, as I push my way through the bushes.

“Uwah, this is the perfect peep spot.”

It was a little high, and it was a place where you can see the large hot spring bath.

Moreover, due to the angular relationship, if you lower yourself on the rock over there, they probably cannot see you from the other side.

Looking around, I feel that this was artificially made.

Certainly, in this place, there was the hot spring made by an important person of the founder.

“It’s a man I believe, and quite erotic”

Somehow, I felt a sense of familiarity.

When I stayed there for a while, a monkey came to the hot spring where no one was in, and entered the bath.

Aside from girls (other than nee-san), it’s just useless to see a monkey’s bathing scene, so I tried to leave―― but,

“…… What is, that”

Something is weird with the monkey in the hot spring.

I rubbed my eyes with the back of my hand, and looked closely again.

It wasn’t an illusion, the body of the monkey soaked in the bath was getting bigger.

Not only that, its wet hair became black.

Perhaps it was oozing out, since even the hot spring water is being dyed black.


I click my tongue.

This is the hot spring that the founder got from the king, right

Receiving it from the king―― In other words, you should not treat what had given to you in a rough manner.

Just by breaking the platter of his precious gift, depending on the king, it may result in the destruction of the house.

I jumped from the rock to the hot spring.

The transformation of the monkey continues further.

It’s no longer in the realm of animals, it has become a monster.

Pashaan! I leaped into the bath, and grabbed the monkey by the neck.

The monkey has a bright red, fiery eyes.

It claws me with its now pitch-black nails.

While grabbing its neck, I threw it into the air.


My palm was tingling.

Looking at it, a black hair ――a hair that is hard and sharp like steel is pierced in my palm.

If it stays this way, it will completely become a monster, and it will have to be killed.

I stick out my hand, and reach out to the monkey that was thrown.

I hesitated a little, and I glanced at the building behind me.

If I get caught by nee-san, she’ll flatter me again, so let’s destroy the evidence.

『Open gate! Heaven and earth, the one who lives between them.

Respond at my request, banish my enemies! 』

To the soaring monkey, at the space beyond it, a black rift was created from empty space.

I open a rift in space, and throw the monkey into it.

I close it immediately.

The thrown monkey was pulverized, I clearly felt its response.

Alright, there is no evidence left in this scene.

That’s right, the hot spring is ―― Yup, because I processed it immediately, the discolored part is washed away with fresh water, and I can hardly tell it.

It’ll be okay with this.

The next day, without any incident, I returned home in the same carriage of the Canoe family as when I came.

Since then, no monkeys have appeared, and except for the fact that Effie became frightened of me, it was a relaxing hot spring trip.

…… Hot spring trip

“As expected of Hermes”


Nee-san who is in the same carriage suddenly said such a thing.

“Nothing happened.

This is the first time in the last 100 years, you know.”

“…… What do you mean”

“Ara Well, there was a happening in the middle of my explanation yesterday.”

“In the middle of your explanation…… Ah.”

Come to think of it, there were two reasons, and I was in the middle of the second one.

I completely forgot about that happening when Effie was frightened by my viciousness.

“It was the magic sword that the important person of the founder-sama used to dig the hot spring.

Due to the influence of that magic sword, it was periodically hit by miasma, and it has the side effect of turning an animal into a vicious monster.


“It is an important job for the head of the Canoe family, to get rid of it regularly and maintain that place.

It’s a very atrocious monster, but Hermes killed it with the fact that there was no damage, right.”

“Yo,you plotted this nee-san!”

That monkey! It’s that monkey, right!

“I was in the middle of explaining it, isn’t it.”


She certainly is.

When it came down to that, I was told that it was work.

I forgot about it, and it felt like a hot spring trip.

“What was that thing……”

“It’s usually some sort of monster that can take down an army.’


“Hermes managed to do it by his own, so it’s time for everyone to notice the greatness of Hermes.”

“As I thought, nee-san planned this!”

At me who was screaming, nee-san laughed in a giggle.


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