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When I woke up in the morning, I was greeted by an incredible sight.


Nee-san and Kaori were in the living room of the mansion.


Kaori is sitting in a little chair, letting nee-san brush her hair.



Wait, wait, this is a dream, it must be a dream.

When I pinched my cheeks as a proof——


“It huuuuuurts!”

“Eh Ah, Hermes.

Good morning.”

“Ah, good morning”


Nee-san smiled calmly as usual, and Kaori who was sitting down raised her hand to greet me like a cheerful child.


“……what does this mean”


Once again, it’s hard to believe when I see it.

It’s not just that nee-san and Kaori are getting along so well, but that stormy Kaori is honestly letting nee-san brush her hair.

What the hell is going on



“What is it, Hermes”

“Why are you doing heartwarming things with the Demon King”

“Your words are strange, Hermes.”

“No, rather than my words.”

“Why are we together That’s, right.”



The two tilted their heads from side to side as if they were best friends who had hit it off.

Damn it, they look a little cute.


“No, I mean, can you explain it to me so I can understand it”

“I understand.

You know, niece-chan is very understanding.”

“Niece-chan Ah, I see, I’m your nephew-chan.”


Kaori has been living since the time the first generation of the Canoe family existed, and Kaori’s father is from the Canoe family―― me and my sister’s grandfather’s grandfather’s grandfather’s grandfather’s―― were the same person.


So, I am her grandson of the grandson of the grandson nephew―― that’s why Kaori calls me nephew-chan. (TN: My mind is blowing here)

Then, as a matter of course, my sister would be her niece.


“That’s fine, but what do you mean by you understand it”

“She said I could stay here as long as I wanted.”

“Eeeh! Why,why”


Surprised, I look at my sister.

That sister, on the contrary to me, spoke with a nonchalant look on her face.


“Hermes is the advisor to the Demon King, the equivalent of a Grand Duke, right”


“In other words, her subordinate.”

“Well, yeah, that’s true”

“A subordinate’s house is the same as the master’s house.”

“That’s……no, that’s strange”


That is indeed not going to pass, my house is simply my house.


“Therefore, the Demon King is free to come here at any time, and free to fight Hermes whenever she wants.”

“That means it’s good.”

“No, no.

Ah…… I see……”


All right, I get it.

Nee-san wants the world to know “my seriousness”.


As a result of my recent fight with the “Demon King”, my fame is rising, against my will. And that would make nee-san delightful.


That’s why nee-san embraced Kaori.

She was hoping that if I fought with Kaori, my fame would rise even higher.




I sighed.


Nee-san is a strategist, she loves evil schemes.

She is so fond of evil schemes that she went to the trouble of offering myself to the king to make her, my nee-san, my daughter-in-law so that I could inherit the house.


I am sure she’s still pretty “determined”.


My determined nee-san still has an endless supply of ideas that she will push through.


My years of experience tell me that resistance is futile, so I should just find a point to settle down before it gets worse.



“What is it, nephew”

“You can come here if you want, but you have to promise me one thing.

Never lay your hands on anyone other than me.

There is no fighting when there is a possibility of someone getting involved.”

“Fumu, I understand.

Even if you don’t tell me, I won’t lay a hand on weak people because of my mother’s orders.”

“Then that’s good”


For the time being, this matter is finished――the moment I thought so, a flash of light flares up.


My body reacted before I could think.

I draw my sword and cross with it.


It was Kaori’s nails.

A shock wave spreads as it hits the Demon King’s claws, which are even harder than Orichalcum.


It took only one second of time, and in that one second, we struck each other hundreds of times.


“Fuh, I’m satisfied.”

“Please stop doing that suddenly”

“I can’t hear that”



Kaori is very intelligent, unlike her young appearance and tone of voice suggest.


What I want to say, what I want to protect, that intention.

She understands everything about it and knows that it’s okay to push aside the “stop being so sudden”.


She’s totally, troublesome.


And speaking of troublesome, so is my sister.


“Hey nee-san, it couldn’t be helped just now, but…… nee-san”


“What’s wrong, nee-san”


My sister is staring at me blankly, her face is red for some odd reason.


“Nee-san What happened, nee-san”



“――Hah! I,it’s nothing”


She turned away, her face turning redder and redder.

I wonder what it was.


Well, it’s fine, more than that, it’s about Kaori.

If she’s going to come again in the future, there’s something I need to think about a little more.


For instance――


“O~y, I came sensei”

“What timing!”


The one I heard from the outside was His Majesty the King―― it’s probably His Majesty dressed as King.


It turned out to be the right decision as expected.


Moments later, footsteps approached and King entered the living room.


“I’ve arrived, Sensei, it’s about time we consult you about the troupe ―― Muh.”


King looked at Kaori and his expression hardened.


“Demon King…… why are you here”

“Who are you”

“King Aegina.”

“Oh, come to think of it, you look exactly like the boy from decades ago.”

“You, on the other hand, seem to have not grown up after all these decades.”


For some reason, the king who had changed his name to King, and Kaori, was sending sparks flying between them.

Both King and Kaori are at each other’s throats, both of them not giving in.


“What are you doing here

“Sensei is my instructor, and I came to ask him to train me with my swordsmanship.

What about you”

“Nephew-chan is my advisor.

I’m here to discuss things with him.”

“Hou…… are you going to fight me for sensei”

“I won’t hand over my nephew-chan.”


The two who stared at each other heated up more and more.


But, well, the worst could be avoided.

Kaori is glaring at His Majesty the King, but she doesn’t seem to be trying to touch him.

It seems that there’s no way to avoid their tongue fight, but if they won’t use their hands on each other, then well, it’s fine.


That’s what I thought.


“Hermes-sama is being stolen from each other by a King and a King.”

“What a great love triangle.”



I heard some whispering, so when I turned my head, I saw that the maids had gathered at the entrance before I knew it and were looking at me with bright, shining eyes.


Err, what Love triangle

Eh Is that what’s happening


……Is that so.


Err…… don’t fight for me I wonder if it’s okay to say that.


“You’re quite brave, human king.”

“You have some nerve, demon king.”

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Somehow, it really felt like a love triangle, and I wanted to hold my head with my hands.


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