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When it came to good food, the boy spoke eloquently, and Natalia was a complete foodie.

Her appetite was worked up just listening to him!

From a certain perspective… These two little fellows were really a good match for each other! One loved to eat, the other ate a lot.

Hua Jin walked over to them.

As much as he couldnt bear to interrupt them, they were in an amusement park.

They couldnt sit around all day talking about whatever-flavored doughnuts!

“Good girl, Natalia.

When Youyou gets home, hell make you a doughnut.

Shall we go on a Ferris Wheel ride now”

Natalia looked at the actor, then reluctantly at the boy.

She wanted to say something, but didnt.

Obviously it was spoiling her moment.

The boy noticed this and assured her, “I promise Ill make you yummy doughnuts!”


“Im busy tomorrow.

How about the day after”

“Alright.” Natalia nodded and finally got onto her feet.

The actor extended his hand and the girl automatically reached out for it.

From afar, the three of them, oddly, looked like a picture of harmony and bliss.

Hua Jin had come to the amusement park prepared and under disguise, but he nevertheless attracted the attention of many tourists along the way.

“Ah… isnt that Hua Jin”

“Looks like him, but how could Hua Jin be making an appearance here”

“It does make sense.”

“But from his physique and the way he carries himself… and look at his hat.

I remember he was wearing a similar hat when he showed up at an airport.”

“How is that possible Did you see it with your own eyes”

“Of course! I greeted him at the airport myself! Im a big fan of his.”

As the crowd grew, the debate grew louder.

Many tourists wanted to see what was going on, so they kept squeezing closer to the actor and looking in his direction.

At this point, many people discovered something even more novel!

“The man who looks like Hua Jin is holding a little girls hand!”

“This little girl is so beautiful.

She looks Eurasian!”

“What do you mean,looks.

She is most certainly Eurasian!”

“Oh my God! Look, she has purple eyes! Thats impossible.

How could there be people with purple eyes! Could it be contact lenses”

“Isnt it a little much for a young girl of this age, to be wearing contact lenses!”

“Look at that man, the one the little girl is holding with her other hand… God, hes so handsome! Hes even more handsome than Hua Jin!”

“The point is that hes so tall! He looks more than 1.9 meters tall!”

“You look aggressive! Tsk, tsk, tsk…”

“Im suddenly so envious of the little girl the two of them are holding… sob, sob…”

“Dont tell me the two men are gay… Most good-looking men have turned gay…”

Gradually the chatter grew louder.

Gong Jie overheard the discussion and glanced over to see more people coming in their direction.

Hua Jin grew increasingly nervous.

It would have been fine if he were at a distance, but up close, no matter how well-disguised he was, it could not hide the fact that he was indeed the superstar, Hua Jin!

What should he do

If anyone found out, this place would degenerate into chaos!



The thought raced through the actors mind.

At this point, just as he looked up, he suddenly heard Gong Jie say angrily, “Get lost!”


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