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“Is it yummy” The boy gulped.

It wasnt as though hed never had doughnuts.

He didnt like them.

But for some reason, watching her eat so heartily whetted his appetite and now he was ravenous.

Hua Jin noticed this and said with some frustration, “Why are you always staring at her food”

“Because… she makes it look so delicious.”

“If you want, Ill buy some for you.”

Before the boy could say anything, the actor stood up and went to the shop window.

He bought the boy a doughnut of the same flavor as what Natalia had, and milk tea as well.

The actor handed the food to the boy.

Youyou tasted them and sighed with regret.

How was it that… they tasted worse than what he had imagined.

They werent as good as hed thought.

However, he saw Natalia enjoying the doughnut as though it was so delicious.

Especially how her cherry lips closed over a gentle bite of the doughnut and broke open the chocolate-filled center.

The soft inner core left crumbs on her lips, making the doughnut look so tempting! However, in his own mouth, the doughnut tasted rather astringent.

The boy knew how to make doughnuts himself.

If one had to rate his desserts, one would likely rate him a 9.

But this particular shop rated no more than a 4 for sure.

But seeing how Natalia was eating so happily…

The boy had to ask, “Is it yummy”

Natalia had finished the two chocolate doughnuts and was sucking her finger as if she hadnt had enough.

She looked up and saw the boy staring at her in surprise.

She nodded and said, “Its delicious! What is it called”


“Doughnut…” Natalia tried to take in the new Chinese vocabulary, enunciating clearly.



Gong Jie had already told her that this would be her home from now on.

Since she was going to stay here, Chinese would replace English as her first language.

Although she was born here, she had lived in the orphanage for a while before she was taken to the United States.

She had not forgotten Chinese, but her ability in it had regressed considerably.

However, Natalias gift for languages was particularly impressive.

Despite not having spoken Chinese for a long time, she picked it up again and pronounced her words perfectly.


Theyre delicious.”

The boy spoke as if he were presenting a treasure, “I can make doughnuts, too.”

“Eh!” Natalia stared at him as if she had discovered a new continent.

“Can you really make doughnuts”

“Yes! The ones I make are countless times better than this!”


Natalia looked amazed.

“I dont believe it!”

“If you dont believe me, Ill make some for you, youll find out for yourself then.”

Youyou was feeling a little smug.

Hua Jin, who was next to him, chimed in, “Youyous desserts are indeed delicious.

This is real, not a lie!”

Natalia couldnt have been more surprised to hear that.

She shot Gong Jie a questioning look, as if asking for his agreement on this.

The man nodded.


Its true!”

“Wahhhhhh…!” Natalia, starry-eyed, immediately clung to the boys arm and whined, “I want some! Make me some!”

“Sure, no problem!” The boy winked at her.

“Ill make whatever flavor you like!”

“I like strawberry ones.

And chocolate ones!”

“There are other flavors!”

“What other flavors”

“Like, mousse, vanilla, coffee …”

The two kids started a conversation around doughnuts.

The actor looked at them in a daze.


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