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Yun Shishi glared at Youyou again!

The boy fell silent.


He took a step back! The boy stood aside, looking crestfallen.

Yun Shishi then said to Hua Jin, “Why dont the three of you ride together”

Like a wish granted, the actor got into the hot-air balloon with Natalia.

However, the space in the hot air balloon was tiny, and it was too cramped with three of them in it.

Therefore, they had to sit very close to each other.

The actor felt his face almost touching Gong Jies back.

He looked up resentfully…

Was this guy so tall Thats right, hed almost forgotten that Gong Jie was nearly six feet tall.

But… Was the difference of ten centimeters that great In the past, when he stood further away, he didnt feel so.

Now, up close, he realized that the difference was so obvious.

This height difference… was rather painful for him!

It was Natalias first time riding in a hot-air balloon, so she was nervous.

She clung tightly to the hem of Hua Jins shirt.

As the balloon slowly rose, she clung to his collar with increasing unease.

“How does this hot air balloon work” Her question caught the actor off guard.

Children of Natalias age were especially curious.

The question stumped him.

It wasnt that he didnt understand.

It was just too much effort to explain.

The actor also understood the principle of hot air rising.

It was because the top part of the craft was the balloon and the flight cabin was on the lower part.

The inside of the balloon was filled with heated air, which lifted the entire craft into the skies.

However, if he were to explain such a complicated principle to her, she wouldnt understand.

She might even ask anxiously, “Will this hot air balloon fall out of the sky”

He turned his pleading eyes to Gong Jie.

When the girl saw him looking at Gong Jie, she too looked at the man questioningly.

The man, however, muttered, “By magic.”


Hua Jin was stunned!

How would Natalia believe such a perfunctory answer!


Natalias eyes lit up.



“Oh my god! There is such a thing as magic! Its so interesting!” the girl exclaimed in English.

Hua Jins standard of English was average, but he could understand what the girl said.

Gong Jie tried to sell her the idea that the hot-air balloon was able to fly because of magic.

It was magic that had lifted such a large balloon into the air.

And the most surprising thing was that Natalia bought it!

So it was really that easy to get a kid to believe you…

But was it really okay to say something like that

Would it create an erroneous belief for her

While the actor was pondering this point, Natalia turned to him and asked expectantly, “Can you do magic”

“… Emmmmm, no, sorry.” As soon as he said that, Natalia looked disappointed.

When Gong Jie saw this, he gently cupped Natalias face in his hands and winked at her.

“Natalia, you are a magician, did you know that”



Gong Jie gently pinched the tip of her nose.

“Yes, you are!”

“But…” Natalia hesitated, carefully reminding him, “I cant do magic…”

“Of course you can.” Gong Jie kissed her gently on the forehead and said, “When you smile, the whole world looks wonderful! Isnt that the best magic in the world”

As soon as he finished speaking, Natalia understood.

Her eyes widened in surprise, and she gave him a charming smile!


“Uh huh!”


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