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After carefully analyzing the current situation in Dragon City, Meng Chao could roughly guess what the Blood Alliance was planning.

He had to admit that what Yun Feidian said to the “university professor” in the garage was right.

The key to the rise of the Blood Alliance was not to assassinate another Deity Realm expert or to recruit a few more powerful members.

After all, the nine mega corporations had carved up the legacy of the Blood Alliance and developed into todays behemoths step by step.

Even if decades had passed, they would still be on guard against the Blood Alliances revival.

Perhaps, when the second version of the Blood Alliance had just been born and was relatively weak, it could still lurk in the dark corners that the nine mega corporations could not detect and grow slowly without being noticed.

But now, after the series of shocking cases such as the big explosion of the Red Creek Projects crystal warehouse, the assassination attempt on Shen Yuanbao, and the explosion of The Bright Light, the newly born Blood Alliance had found it an impossible task to completely hide its existence.

If the Blood Alliance wanted to continue to exist and even grow, it had to make peace with the nine mega corporations.

At least, it had to make peace with the extremists in the nine mega corporations.

At least, it had to make the extremists in the nine mega corporations believe that the existence of the Blood Alliance was not bad for them, only beneficial.

The Blood Alliance could become their loyal dog, a sharp blade, a toilet that could be used to carry their excrement, where the stench was so bad that it could be thrown away at any time.

The Blood Alliance could help the extremists in the nine mega corporations do what they wanted to do, but due to their status, they could not do it directly.

For example, they could help them use framing methods to attack or even destroy the Azure Alliance.

“No wonder Yun Feidian took the risk of assassinating Shen Yuanbao to mess up Universe Corporation so that he could capture and interrogate Lu Siya and obtain sufficient excuses.


If Yun Feidian really has a way to pry Lu Siyas mouth open, or if he doesnt need to pry Lu Siyas mouth open at all, all he needs to do is to implant some organs, cells, blood, and genes from the monsters into Lu Siyas body with Thundercloud Technologys cutting-edge tech so that Lu Siya will show some of the characteristics of the monsters and confirm her identity as a monster remnant.

Then, he will implant a chip into Lu Siyas brain and turn her into his puppet.

After that, he will bite a few higher-ups of the Azure Alliance and expose a world-shaking scandal.

“Just like that, the Azure Alliance will become a monster den.

The Mandatory Training Act for School-aged Children that they threw out is naturally a conspiracy with ulterior motives.

It will never be approved by the Survival Committee.

“The nine mega corporations can even capture the members of the Azure Alliance and expand their forces under the banner ofcompletely eliminating the monster remnants. With the evidence, even the Red Dragon Army has no reason to stop them.

“As a result, the nine mega corporations rule over Dragon City will become more solid, and Yun Feidian will have made a great contribution.

So what if the news of him secretly forming the Blood Alliance is exposed

“The winner will not be judged and punished.

At that time, Yun Feidian no longer represents the individual and Thundercloud Technology, but the nine mega corporations as a whole.

Whoever dares to label him as a Blood Alliance member will be throwing dirty water on the nine mega corporations as a whole.

He is the monster remnant with ulterior motives.

He wants to shake the current order of Dragon City.

He wants to damage the interests of the nine mega corporations as a whole.

He wants to cut off their sources of income and kill their parents!

“No, thats not all.

“The battle between the nine mega corporations and Azure Alliance will definitely not be so gentle, polite, and abide by the rules of the game.

“Both sides will definitely use weapons to wound each other.

“Especially Lu Siya… She already has something on her mind.

Will she just sit there and wait for the nine mega corporations to capture her

“Once the nine mega corporations teams descend from the sky and appear in front of Lu Siya to capture her…

“She will definitely fight back with all her might.

“And thehot battle between the nine mega corporations and the Azure Alliance will also begin.

“If I were Yun Feidian, the leader of the Blood Alliance 2.0, I would definitely summon all the members of the Blood Alliance to charge forward and act as the most loyal and sharpest sabers of the nine mega corporations.

I would carry out the fiercest and cruelest attack on the Azure Alliance so that I and the nine mega corporations would be tightly bound together.

“When the hatred between the two parties grows increasingly deep, and both of their hands are stained with each others blood, will anyone be able to distinguish the nine mega corporations from the Blood Alliance

“When the time comes, even if the entity of the Blood Alliance falls apart and its banner is burnt to the ground, people will even find out that it is the main culprit.

All sins will be poured on its head, and it will be put on public trial so that it will once again perish forever.

“However, the ideology of the Blood Alliance has imperceptibly penetrated into the brains of countless extremists in the nine mega corporations and become their creed.

“Numerous members of the Blood Alliance will also sit in the judgment seat with the appearance of the top executives of the nine mega corporations.

“The former Blood Alliance will use this method to resurrect the dead and become the master of Dragon City again!”

Meng Chao felt that he had seen through most of the “bloody mist” that covered Dragon City.

The only variable was Lu Siya.

Yun Feidian would never have imagined that Lu Siya, whom he had been trying to frame, was really a monster remnant.

She might even be the tenth Supernatural Entity who was hiding behind all the monster remnants!

What was the old saying

“When the enemy says that you have weapons of mass destruction, it is best for you to actually have weapons of mass destruction.”

Lu Siya was truly a monster remnant.

This meant that she had powers that far exceeded Yun Feidians expectations.

One should know that Lu Siya had debuted a few years earlier than Meng Chao.

She could be considered Yun Feidians nephew.

Based on her performance during the Monster War, Yun Feidian already thought highly of her as a peak-stage Heaven Realm warrior.

Little did he know that Lu Siya, who had been blessed by the monster mastermind and transformed into a wild banshee, would definitely break through to the Deity Realm after a whole year of cultivation.

Lu Siya, who had integrated the two combat systems of the superhumans and the monsters, possessed double combat skills and was unpredictable.

She was even more difficult to deal with than ordinary Deity Realm experts!

“The special combat squad sent by Yun Feidian to capture Lu Siya will definitely return in defeat.”

Meng Chao mumbled, “The question now is, what exactly is Lu Siya up to

“With her scheming mind, its impossible for her not to notice the huge net that is gradually covering her head.

“She also knows that she wont have a good ending if she falls into the hands of the nine mega corporations.

“When the other party discovers the fact that she is a monster remnant and a wild banshee, her reputation will be ruined at the very least.

At worst, she will be dissected and studied, and she will die without a burial place!”

Meng Chao was not reluctant to part with Lu Siya.

The problem was that Lu Siya had successfully tied herself tightly to the Azure Alliance through an entire year of disguise.

If her true colors were exposed now, it would only damage the reputation of the Azure Alliance, causing the proposal of the Mandatory Training Act for School-aged Children, which was likely to change Dragon Citys future, to come to an abrupt end.

It would even cause the power of the nine mega corporations to be even greater than what Meng Chao saw in the future.

It would also cause Dragon City to walk toward the end of the world earlier and faster.

“I cant let Lu Siya fall into the hands of the nine mega corporations, especially Yun Feidian and the other members of the Blood Alliance.

“On top of that, I also have to prevent Lu Siya from taking the opportunity to do something bad.

“I find that Lu Siyas performance during this period of time is strange.

Shes too loud and ostentatious.

Its as if shes deliberately telling Yun Feidian her coordinates and luring him to capture her.

“With Lu Siyas cunning mind, its impossible for her not to see that there is a criminal behind the recent series of events in Dragon City.

“Yun Feidian is an ambitious schemer, and Lu Siya is one too.

They are of the same kind, and its always easier for them to smell the scent of the same kind.

“Defense is not Lu Siyas character.

“With her aggressive personality, it would be a loss if she didnt gain anything.

Maybe she has already set up a trap in the dark and is ready to strike back at Yun Feidian!”

He could not let Yun Feidian take Lu Siya away orlet Lu Siya have the chance to use her tricks.

This was the biggest reason why Meng Chao was staring at Lu Siya from all angles twenty-four hours a day.

The situation was complicated.

Fortunately, he still had his biggest trump card.

Neither Yun Feidian nor Lu Siya knew of his existence for the time being.

He was the most hidden chess player and hunter!


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