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Chapter 1406: Ever Extending Bridge

Baal entered the Dungeon Maker Instance with Jin and Moloch was not surprised at all that he was able to make his way here.

But rather, he was more than happy to place his hand out as if he was demanding something from Baal.

“What” Baal tried to avoid the stare from Moloch but the plushie minotaur was insisting for Baal to hand over it.

This made Jin curious and Baal decided not to dilly dally too much considering the situation in the Farming World.

“System Points trade.

It was a bet whether Boss would be willing to go to get Baal out of his cell.” Moloch said and Jin only had confused looks on his face.

“We made a bet.

Thats all.

Do not think too much about it.

Its just our past time hobby when Moloch and I were still King and Advisor.” Baal said but Jin was more curious about how Baal even got hold of System Points.

Yet, that was a question that was out of the current context at this point in time and one could only assume that the System was already getting Baal to do things even though he was semi imprisoned.

“Do I have Kiva under my control as well” Baal asked and Moloch smacked his former King on the shoulders, telling him to not joke anymore in front of Jin.

However, Baal was asking it as a serious inquiry.

“Why do you need him” Jin asked and Baal requested the System to open up the Undercitys map.

“There is no doubt that I can brute force my way through the City Centre with my troops but it will take too many causalities.

But from what I heard, Kiva had developed a sort of bridge module with the Science Branch which enabled it to work by extending almost infinitely until it reach its destination.

It was a combination of magic and technology at the same time.” Baal answered and Jin now understood that even though he was imprisoned, he was still privy to their information.

That means the System did not see him as a threat but Baal merely wanted some time alone for himself and decided to continue to stay within the cell.

The only problem was that the System did not allow freeloaders and thus where the System Points came about.

Still, he did not understand what was Baal thinking and needed clarification.

“What does that have to do with the push for the High Command”

“You needed a bait for distraction and this would be the perfect lure to make sure that the Demon Rats High Command take note of you,” Baal said as he requested the System to simulate the ever extending bridge module in the Undercity.

“In the first place, why would he even make such a product” Jin asked but both Moloch and Baal merely shrugged their shoulders.

The System, however, was able to provide an answer for it, stating that it was to connect not just cliffs and canyons or fast flowing rivers but to connect between countries, and more ambitiously, between planets.

“Planets!” Jin exclaimed as he could not believe the absurdness of the said product.

“Well, if he wants to use this to connect between planets, then that means its sturdy enough to hold against artillery fire.” Moloch deduced and the System gave a positive affirmation.

“I see.

So as our forces goes overhead the ground, they could obviously see the threat that was coming towards them, since we are forcefully connecting it to the Demon Rats High Command Building.

Not a bad idea.” Jin nodded his head in agreement and give the plan a go ahead.

“Not only that, but the bridge can also extend sideways so we can use the surrounding buildings as a diversion while enhancing our temporary stronghold.” Moloch had a quick review of Kivas product.

“Though I do not believe the name of this product is just called Ever Extending Bridge.

He definitely had a fanciful name for it.”

“Yes, Researcher Kiva did submit a name but it was unanimously rejected by the rest of the Science Branch, citing concerns that it might be too pompous.” The System reported and the group sighed, knowing Kivas habits.

“Also, hows the response from the Pandawans” Jin decided to sidetrack from the current conversation, now knowing the direction of their war plan.

(But unbeknownst to him, the System was a tad disappointed considering it had come up a heck load of plans previously regarding this invasion and Jin had decided to use a plan that had not been fully simulated and its risks calculated.

However, the System does not deny the attention it could generate from the plan, it was merely worried about the damage and cost it had to bear.

“The Pandawans agreed to it, and in fact, Xiong Da had promised to come as soon as possible even though I told them to enjoy their food,” Moloch replied.

“I even added that if they waste their food, they are not going to go in at all, which prompted them to Xiong Da to gobble everything which the rest could not finish.

For that, I was partially speechless.”

“But it was barely a few minutes the last I spoke to you… Guess I cannot underestimate the power of the hippo.” Jin shook his head in dismay.

“Nah, they were only given the appetisers.

So, they still got the main course and dessert but Xiong Da is obviously on the edge.

Thankfully, the NPCs responded positively to our orders and they are dishing the food out as fast as possible while maintaining quality.” Moloch reassured Jin.

“Then, we shall start the assault first.

Send out the announcements to both the Pandarens and our Minions.

As for Baal, I shall give you temporary control over the Demopolis Generals.

Even the Devil Dragons who are fighting now will be under your command.

In the meantime, Moloch please ensure that the rest of the forces are still doing their part, especially the ones that are fighting in the East and West tunnels.” Jin ordered and the both of them acknowledged.

The Demon Rats would not know how hard Jin and his minions are going to hit after this slew of orders.

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