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Because it was an urgent matter and Cheng Haizhong was pleading, Qin Xi agreed after thinking for a while.

Not only did she have to go to Yangyuan County, but she also had to go to Luoping City to buy talisman papers.

If the evil spirit in Xiao Caiyuns body was not removed as soon as possible, her days were numbered.

However, Han Dazhu was worried about Qin Xi going alone.

He wanted to go with her, but Qin Xi refused.

“Grandpa, we still need you to sell the vegetables.

If you dont know how to settle the account, find the stall owner next to us.

Shell help you.”

“Im worried about you going alone,” Han Dazhu said.

Qin Xis heart warmed.

She smiled and said, “Dont worry, you know what Im capable of.

No one can hurt me.”

“But youve never taken such a long trip…”

Han Dazhu was still very worried, especially since Qin Xi was quite good-looking.

If she encountered hooligans who had designs on her, no matter how capable she was, she was no match for so many evil hearts.

However, what Han Dazhu did not know was that no one knew what evil was more than Qin Xi.

Liu Dequan laughed heartily and said, “Brother Han, you worried too much Since I have nothing to do, Ill go with Xi.

Dont worry.

Ive been to Yangyuan County several times and am very familiar with that place.

I can take good care of Xi.”

“Besides, Xi still has to treat Shuan Zis wife and needs to go to the city to buy stuff.

Ming is in the city.

I can pay him a visit too.

Itll be fine.” Liu Dequans son was called Liu Ming.

He had settled down in Luoping City.

Qin Xis eyes lit up.

“Yes, let Grandpa Liu go with me.

That way, you should be relieved, right”

“Alright, then Ill have to trouble Brother Liu to take care of my granddaughter-in-law.” With Liu Dequan around, Han Dazhu was relieved.

Cheng Haizhong promised, “Uncle Han, dont worry.

Ill definitely take good care of Miss Qin.”

When Han Shi found out that Qin Xi was leaving, he kicked up a fuss, asking Qin Xi to bring him along.

Qin Xi had no choice but to promise to come back in three days and buy him delicious snacks.


Han Shi still refused to quiet down, afraid that Qin Xi would never come back again.

Qin Xis face darkened.

“Stone, didnt you promise me yesterday that youll be a good boy Why are you being so naughty today”

When she pulled a long face, Han Shi was immediately at a loss as to what to do.

His handsome face was filled with panic, and his pitiful look made Qin Xis heart soften.

She sighed.

She looked at everyone and said, “I have something to say to Stone.

Ill come out later.”

Liu Dequan laughed and said, “Oh, right, I have to go back and tell my wife too.”

“Alright, Ill go pick some vegetables for Cheng…”

Qin Xi and Han Shi walked into the house one after another.

Just as Luo Xiujuan was about to follow them, Han Dazhu stopped her.

“Xiujuan, come with me to pick vegetables.”

Luo Xiujuan looked at the two of them worriedly.

“But Dad, Stone…”

Han Dazhu waved his hand and said, “Let the young people settle their own problems.

Lets not get involved.”

Luo Xiujuan thought for a moment and felt what he said was right.

She began to stuff the vegetables into Cheng Haizhongs car.

Because Cheng Haizhong had two extra passengers, the car wasnt as packed with vegetables as last time.

He could not help but let out a long sigh.

These vegetables could hardly last two days.

What should he do after finishing them all Did he have to make a long trip over again

On the other side.

Qin Xi took the initiative to hold Han Shis hand and said gently, “Stone, I promise you that after you recover, Ill bring you with me wherever I go.

How about that”

“But I really want to go with you.” Han Shi lowered his head and said unhappily.

Seeing that he looked like an abandoned puppy, Qin Xi felt an itch in her heart.

She stood on her tiptoes and landed a kiss on his cheek.


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