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Chapter 1738: One Step At a TimeTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

The technicians arranged by Fu Hanzheng were very efficient.

Within a few minutes, they had found all the CCTV images of the road that the man passed by.

Soon they had found out where he was going and where he was hiding.

This search was much smaller than the previous one.

As Fu Hanzheng got out of the RV, he made a call to Yuan Meng and Lei Nings men and asked them to search around the area.

Gu Weiwei followed up.

“I will go with you.”

Fu Hanzheng nodded and took her into the car, heading towards the last confirmed area.

When they arrived, Lei Ning and Yuan Meng were already there.

“We have checked this area and found nothing.

Only these two buildings are left.” Yuan Meng pointed at the two buildings not far away and said, “The CCTV of that building has been broken these past few days, so I dont think he lives in the building that is always monitored.”

Then he must be in this broken building.

“Have you arranged for someone to go there”

“I have asked the property agent to check the apartments one after the other.

They will inform us when the location is confirmed,” Yuan Meng said.

Because they were looking for him in this way, they would not have searched every apartment by force yet.

They asked the cleaning staff to do the search or the property management team so as to find out what was going on inside before breaking in.

Luckily, Fu Hanzheng arranged many people here and they were very efficient.

Sitting in the car, Gu Weiwei looked at the building through the window and got so nervous that her hands were shaking.

She kept praying that Youyou was in this building, but when she thought of Gu Sitings threat, she feared that Youyou was not here.

Fu Hanzheng took hold of her hands.

“Hang on, we will get the news soon.”

Gu Weiwei nodded.

One hour later, someone called Yuan Meng.

Yuan Meng answered the call and said to Fu Hanzheng and Gu Weiwei in the car, “Yes, a girl is in room 1104 on the 11th floor, and there is the sound of a child in the room.”

Before she finished the words, Gu Weiwei had already opened the door and got out of the car.

Fu Hanzheng followed her outside, entered the building and took the elevator up to the 11th floor.

However, after they went upstairs, Yuan Meng stopped Gu Weiwei from knocking at the door and said, “Stay behind me, and dont enter until we have the girl restrained.”

Fu Hanzheng nodded.

“Go ahead.”

The enemy might be armed, and if they rushed in, Weiwei might get injured and the child might get injured too.

Yuan Meng and Lei Ning called the property agent and asked him to call the door again.

Then they stood against the wall.

When the property agent asked the door to be opened, the two women took the lead and rushed in, restraining the girl instantly.

Fu Hanzheng and Gu Weiwei followed up and started to look for the child anxiously.

Finally, she discovered the child lying in the small bed in one of the bedrooms.

But as she approached the sleeping child, she burst into tears.

“This is not our Youyou, not our Youyou…”

Fu Hanzheng had her in his arms and looked at this child that wasnt theirs in the bed, looking furious.

They had come all the way here only to find another child here.

Gu Siting was setting up a series of traps, intending to disappoint them repeatedly.

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