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Kong Yang pulled Shi Xia towards a stone wall, the wall looked pretty old but clean.

At least no moss was growing on it.

He started touching and pulling on the stone wall a few times, and suddenly with a rumble, the stone wall opened to both sides.

A hidden passage way made of stone appeared behind the stone wall.

Inside, there was a channel with an invisible bottom.

“This is my home!” Kong Yang walked into that passage and enthusiastically introduced, “This side of the hall is the bedroom, and the room next to it is where I practice my gongfu.

There are many other rooms like this.

All these stone rooms were dug by my own hand.

Since you can’t leave the valley either, you can stay here in the future.

You can tell Big Brother which room you like.”

“Uh …… thanks.” This hallway and the rooms were all made of stone.

How the hell did he even manage to dig them Are you secretly a gopher

“This is it.” Kong Yang suddenly stopped and casually squeezed out a magic trick.

A ball of fire flashed out in front of them as the place immediately lit up.

He threw the ball of fire onto the torch hanging on the wall.

As the gloomy place lit up, the outline of the things inside the room revealed itself before them.

“This is where I put the relics of those who fell down.”

Then …… she saw a mountain.

A mountain of miscellaneous things.

The whole room, from top to bottom was filled with all kinds of books, gongfu technique books, secret formation and spell books, unknown magic weapons and treasures.

The things were piled up so high that Shi Xia couldn’t see the top.


“Isn’t this too much” Is this the valley of the cliff or the bottom of the Bermuda Triangle How many people died from falling off the cliff in the end ah

“I didn’t want to take these things either, but those people stuffed them in my hands.” Kong Yang gave her a you-know-me expression.

“……” Well, he is right in a sense.

Her bag was still stuffed with the things from the people who fell down.

“Do you know Some of the techniques written in these books are rarer gong methods, and the weapons are powerful spiritual weapons.

I have no use of them so I just put them all at the back.

I’m going to keep the dragon pearl there too.”

Kong Yang led her around the mountain of treasure to the back.

Behind the mountain, there was a passage going upward, with a square lattice dug on the left and right sides of the passage.

Inside the lattice, things like what the old men stuffed to her were kept there.

The walls of both sides from top to bottom were filled with jade tokens and all kinds of magic weapons.

“Too many things pile up here everyday.

So I can only dig the passage deeper to have room for all of them.” Kong Yang explained as he walked.

“…… ” Shi Xia had a head full of black lines.

Don’t treat the secret gong methods and treasures as the cabbages on the field ah.

At least gave them some respect.

He walked for a full twenty minutes before he reached the end of the passage.

“Here it is!” Kong Yang pointed to the inlaid wall where a bunch of colorful balls were flashing in the dark like neon beads, “Look, these are all dragon pearls.”

“……” You dragon killer.

“Since you gave me a unique dragon pearl, I also want to give you one.

Pick one which you like.

It would be a return gift from me.”

“No …… need.” The dragons will shed tears of blood if they saw their treasures being treated like this.

“You don’t like them” Kong Yang was a bit sad, “Then how about taking a gongfu technique book You can take what treasure you like, I have no use of them anyway.”

Shi Xia felt a wave of earthy aura greeted her as she heard him so generously telling her to choose anything she liked.

But she knew why he was being so generous, and she was also in the same position as him.

So she shook her head and denied again, “I really don’t need anything.

I don’t have Spiritual Roots, so these things are useless to me.”

“Oh …… If you say so.” He had a disappointed face as he muttered.

To prevent him from still dwelling on the matter of returning the gift, Shi Xia hurriedly changed the subject, “Kong Yang, how long have you been here Do you remember the time when you fell down”

Kong Yang frowned as he thought, “I don’t remember.

It’s been a long time after all.

I only remember that, the day I fell down, I was cultivating beside the cliff.

If I count the time, I should have already ascend as a God.”

Ah …… that was at least a few hundred years.

“Haven’t you ever thought about going out”

“You can’t get out of here.” Kong Yang affirmed, “The bottom of this cliff is too high, no cultivatior can fly up because of the Chaos Qi.

If anyone ever tried to climb out the cliff, their soul would be devoured by the Spirit Extermination Formation and body turn to dust before they could go halfway.

So it’s impossible to leave this place, unless you don’t want your life anymore.”

“But we can go from the bottom of the cliff, right” She asked the question she had been thinking about since just now, “You can dig holes on stone walls, why don’t you just dig a passage up” She reached out and hammered the stone wall as she spoke.

Considering how long he had been cultivating, it should be easy for him.

“Sister Xia really loves to joke.” Kong Yang shook his head as a sad smile formed on his lips, “This stone wall is dyed with Chaos Qi, that’s why it’s so easy to dig.

But if you try to go out ……”


A sudden sound startled the both of them.

The roof on top of their heads suddenly fell down, revealing a clear blue sky over their head.

Shi Xia, who was just tapping the stone wall was stunned.

She slowly took her hand back as she said sheepishly, “It seems …… to work.”

The scene became quiet as none of them spoke up.

Kong Yang’s whole brain was stupified.

“This, this, this …… how is this possible!” The path that he had been trying to make by digging for hundreds of years was actually broke just by a single tap from her.

Everytime he tried to move this stone walls, he would be blocked by the Chaos Qi.

Was he dreaming then or now

“So…we can go out now, right” Shi Xia pointed at the path on top of their head* and asked.

[T/N: Yes, the stone wall was removed from their head.

I’m confused how tapping the side of the wall can make a path at the top of the head.]

“……” Kong Yang felt mixed emotions.


Trapped at the bottom of the cliff for half a month, Shi Xia finally managed to escape from the miserable life of falling down.

It was all thanks to Kong Yang, who volunteery dig holes on the stone walls and created a path to leave the valley, which he himself was unaware of.

But when she proposed him to come with her, Kong Yang firmly refused.

“Why” Shi Xia was confused, “You don’t want to leave the place”

“Sister Xia, do you remember I told you that I have cultivated at the bottom of the cliff using Chaos Qi”

“I remember.” You said so yourself.

Kong Yang shook his head, “You don’t understand.

The Spirit Extermination Formation can’t be bothered by the Heavenly Dao.

Since I cultivated here using Chaos Qi, I’m also considered a being out of the laws of Heavenly Dao.”

“What do you mean” I don’t have any Spiritual Roots ah.

I can’t understand anything you say.

Explain it in human language so that I can understand.

Kong Yang let out a long breath, “Sister Xia, do you know that after the cultivator has formed a Dan* at every major cultivation realm, they will have to undergo Heavenly Tribulation Eighty one heavenly thunder, they have to endure eighty one heavenly thunder to reach the next stage.”

[T/N: Core(Dan) or Golden core(Jin Dan) can store and control spiritual energy.

The core forms after a certain point of cultivation, by using the body as a crucible to cultivate the core.

This is derived from Chinese internal alchemy.

For more information, click here]

“Well, I’ve heard of it.” Her cheap brother had said to her and also explained that some cultivators also dies on the process, if not having serious injuries, “What does this have to do with you”

“Of course it has everything to do with me.” Kong Yang had an expression that said he was about to cry, “Since I’m not included within the Heavenly Dao, I didn’t have to undergo the Heavenly Tribulation to advance my cultivation.

If I go out now, all the heavenly thunder for the each hurdle I passed would fall down on me.

Can you understand what would happen to me if that happened”

“Uh ……”

“I am now at the God Transformation stage.

I’ve formed a Jindan and will soon ascend as a god.

I have to endure three thunder tribulations at once, a whole two hundred and forty-three thunder from Heavenly Dao, do you think I won’t be turn to a charcoal”

Shi Xia: “……”


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