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My Big Brother is Seeking Death Again

Angry bird7-9 minutes 22.09.2022

“Hey, hey, hey, don’t die.

Wake up, don’t scare me!” Shi Xia shook and pushed the old man, but he did not respond at all.

Even his body, which was falling down with her, slowly disappeared like a wisp of light.

In less than a minute, the old man was gone, not even a drop of blood was left behind.

Only the jade token in her hand that was given by the old man remained.

Shi Xia was dumbfounded, she was completely turned into a stupid by the old man. What the hell is going on here Could it be that the old man was also pushed down by someone Where is the Tianchen Sect I’ve never heard of it!

Her heart was full of apprehension and questions until the next day.


another person fell down like the old man…..

This one’s situation was even worse than the previous one.

Both of his legs were missing, as if they were cut off cleanly by someone.

His whole body was dripping blood, like he just had a car accident.

Shi Xia was so horrified by his state that this time she didn’t dare to approach.

But the old man pulled out a jade plaque and handed her over, “I am Lin Tang from Sha Yinmen Sect…… little girl, meeting you is my destiny …… this is the gong method I have gained in my life …… hope you ……”

Shi Xia wanted to cry.

Is jumping off the cliff the nature of every member of the “Lin” family How come all the people who fell here were surnamed Lin Also, she really didn’t need a golden finger ah.

Because ……

“I have no spiritual roots ah!”

Pfft ……

Old man Lin number two also spurted out a mouthful of old blood and hung up.

The third day.

Old man number three fell from the sky……


“I am the Elder Wu Jiang of Yu Qiang Sect…… this bell is an ancient treasure of my sect…… it’s heaven’s will to pass on to you ……” he pulled out a bell and handed it to her.

The corners of Shi Xia’s mouth twitched.

Well, finally this person was not surnamed Lin, but ……

“I really have no spiritual roots.”

Pfft ……

Old man number three also hung up.

Day four.

Old man number four: “This is the greatest treasure of my Jing Shenmi Hall …… If you inherit the secret ……”

Shi Xia: “…… Well, I understand.

Don’t worry about it, go!”

The seventh day.

“I am Qi Tian Lao, this gong method ……”

“I know, I know, I will read it when I have time.”

The tenth day.

“…… I have gathered the spiritual energy of heaven and earth in it.

If you use it ……”

“Wait until I finish eating this radish.”

Day Nth ……

“I am ……”

“Got it.

Do you have any food with you You are going to die anyway, why don’t you give it to me along with your family’s treasure”

Pfft ……

From that day onwards when the first old man fell from the sky, every day there would be people falling down with injuries in their body, as if they had fought a fierce battle before falling down the cliff.

They would give her all kinds of gongfu secret books and their sects’ treasure.

The first few times she was scared to death by their miserable appearance.

But over time, seeing the bloody people falling down one by one as if they all had made an agreement to fall down from here, she got used to it.

What was the difference between these people coming here only to give her treasures and her offering service to them Come, come, come, I have opened a shop in 58.com*.

I will put all of your treasure on the shelf to sell.

[T/N: 58.com is China’s largest online classifieds marketplace by monthly visitors.

It connects local merchants with consumers to advertise their services, share information, and conduct business.]

Because of the regular appearance of old men falling from the sky, the space in her storage bag was gradually decreasing, as the items kept increasing.

Her storage bag, which was only stuffed with radishes, was now stuffed with all kinds of gongfu secret books and unknown magic weapons ……

Until the fifteenth day.

A different thing fell from the sky.

It was more than ten meters long, with golden scales covering its whole body, sharp eagle claws, antlers like a cow and long whiskers along with a snake body.

This is actually a dragon! A huge golden dragon!

“Wow oh ……” Shi Xia and her little friend (imaginary friend) were stunned.


Didn’t the teacher of the Qixue hall say that creatures like dragons and phoenixes had long since gone extinct They said wrong ah!

The golden dragon had its eyes closed.

It was still breathing but the breath was very shallow.

Its long golden body was falling along with Shi Xia who was completely mesmerized by its appearance.

She couldn’t help but pull its long whiskers and asked, “Hello, are you still alive”

The dragon opened its eyes and looked at her, “Mortal”

The dragon didn’t open its mouth, but its low male voice rang out directly in Shi Xia’s head, which sounded very weak.

It was also badly injured, and compared to the other old men who were missing arms and legs, this dragon’s injuries appeared more serious.

His* golden blood was flowing endlessly from his dragon body like a fountain.

His body had small and big cuts almost everywhere, even his bone was also seen through the wounds.

[T/N: I will use the pronoun ‘He’ for the dragon since it’s already written that the dragon is a male.]

“I never thought I would …… die here with……a mortal, it is Heaven’s will ……”

“All right, all right.” Shi Xia waved her hand.

She had heard the same phrase so many times that she could recite them without difficulty, and also foretold what the next sentence would be.

She was just curious what the dragon would give her, “Come on, what do you have to give me Where is it Do you want me to get it for you”

Shi Xia already started to pull the dragon’s whiskers and scales to find it without waiting for his reply.

Dragon: “……” Are all mortals like this now

The golden dragon felt the blood of his body flow faster, he knew he didn’t have much time.

Although he didn’t like this mortal girl, he still moved his body and opened his mouth to spit out a golden bead.

“Mortal, this is my ……”

“Dragon pearl!” Shi Xia reached out and caught it, but suddenly, the originally golden bead slowly turned white.

“My dragon pearl …… has the heritage of the dragon clan, you can only use it by handing it over to …… young dragon!”

“Ah” Shi Xia was stunned, “This can only be used by the dragon clan” Where would she find a dragon

“It’s natural, my clan ……”

“Oh, I see, you can die now.”

“Wait ……” The dragon’s entire body froze in astonishment as he asked, “You’re not going to save me” He was at least worthy of trying to save, no

“Don’t bother.” Shi Xia patted his dragon head like a child and said, “I’ve tried to save each of those old men who fell before, but every one of them came here at the verge of dying.

So I couldn’t save any of them.

Besides …… I’m not a vet.”

Laozi is not a beast, Laozi is the God of all ah!

Pfft ……

The Golden Dragon also spurted out a mouthful of old blood before hanging up!


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