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“Whats wrong, Sister Xuelong!” The Jiang family youth saw Rong Xuelong running over and couldnt help but chase after her.

“Yanyun was taken away by your brother!” Rong Xuelong was almost shouting.

“Tell me quickly, what car does your brother drive today Where does he usually go”

The young man seemed to be shocked and only glared at Rong Xuelong.

His brain stopped working for a moment.

“Idiot!” Rong Xuelong couldnt wait anymore.

She pushed the youth aside and continued running.

“You dropped the ball at the critical moment!”

“Xue…” Seeing that Rong Xuelong had disappeared in the blink of an eye, the youth hurriedly chased after her.

But a hand grabbed him from behind.

“Cheng Hui.

What car is Jiang Chengxi driving tonight” Rong Jinghui asked with a dark expression.

“Bentley, car plate CX610.” This time, the young man replied quickly.

“Enough.” Rong Jinghui pushed the youth behind him and followed Rong Xuelong towards the parking lot.

The road at night was orange in color due to the bright lights on both sides.

Su Yanyun sat in the front passenger seat and looked straight ahead.

Jiang Chengxis gaze lingered on her exquisite profile for a while before he smiled slightly.

“I dont want to force you either.”

Seeing that Su Yanyun didnt answer, he said to himself again, “Dont worry, I will bring you to my private villa.

No one can enter there without my permission.

You will be very safe.”

“Safe” Su Yanyuns words were full of sarcasm.

“Even your precious sister cant enter”

Jiang Chengxis expression froze, but then he replied very seriously.


Su Yanyun no longer responded.

She didnt want to hear a single word from Jiang Chengxi.

But Jiang Chengxi didnt seem to have this awareness.

He said again, “Dont worry, I wont let Yilin hurt you.

You dont have to deal with her or any of the Jiang family.

You just have to get along with me.”

“Its really rare to see a warrior like Mr.

Jiang vying to be cheated on.”

Su Yanyun thought that her sarcasm was enough to anger the other party.

Unexpectedly, Jiang Chengxi only smiled simply.

His amorous eyes were filled with indifference.

“Im not like Rong Linyi in this aspect.

I will tolerate you and your baby.”

“You love your sister so much and have no morals.

Marry her!” Su Yanyun smiled coldly.

“The two of you are a match made in heaven, so you dont have to harm others.”

“Yilin is a very important relative of mine.” Jiang Chengxis expression darkened a little.

“But if its ranked in my heart, youre ahead of her.”

“Pervert.” Su Yanyun gritted her teeth.

“Do you think Im only taking revenge on Rong Linyi Im only snatching you away because of Yilin” Jiang Chengxi slanted his peach blossom-shaped eyes.

Ordinary women might be charmed by his alluring beauty, but Su Yanyun was completely immune to it.

Seeing the coldness in Su Yanyuns eyes, Jiang Chengxi leaned a little closer to her.

He lowered his voice and said one word.


A loud bang suddenly sounded from behind the car.

The entire Bentley was pushed forward.

“Ah!” Su Yanyun hurriedly protected her lower abdomen in shock.

Jiang Chengxi hurriedly turned the steering wheel and saw the sports car behind through the rearview mirror.

He frowned fiercely when he saw the car plate number.

The sports car saw that the Bentley in front had dodged in a snake-like manner.

It turned around rudely and continued to bump into the Bentley.

“Lunatic!” Jiang Chengxi floored the accelerator and still didnt avoid the impact.

This time, he and Su Yanyun were knocked forward at the same time…


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