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Chapter 66: God's Wisdom (2)


Tian Zhen was thrown aback by the question, but soon recovered herself.

"How could I forget I had taken myself as a heavenly chicken."


Zhao Hua Jun's smiling voice sounded in the dark.

"When I saw you, you had lost your vivrant feathers, lost your nature, and huddled in a flock of chickens.

It was very pitiful."


It is out of this little pity that he took her away from the isolated island on the Heavenly Ocean and allowed her to truly enter this world.


Tian Zhen was silent for a while, and said, "Thank you, King."


It was a Cinderella-like first encounter: The Immortal King of the Divine Winged Race riding on the head of a fire phoenix.

White clothes edged with gold, a gold colored belt, and long hair hanging down; there was playfulness in his eyes, along with concern and love.

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Compared with the Devil God, he was too perfect.

It was undeniable that in front of him, she always felt a sense of inferiority.

so she easily chose to give up after the dragon girl appeared.


He was kind to her, although he had done so with purpose, there was some sincerity.


The memories were wonderful, but when all of the wonderful things turned into memories, then there was really not much left.


"Going against the Immortal Realm is punishable by death sentence," His everso heavenly voice was now tinged with sadness, "But no matter what, I will try my best to protect you.

Little Phoenix, why can't you stay by my side like before"


Tian Zhen slowly withdrew her hand: "No matter the reason, thank you King, for your heartfelt words."

Zhao Hua Jun pulled her into his arms: "Why"


Tian Zhen didn't know how to describe her current mood.

She used to play coy to fall into his warm embrace, but unfortunately this person never understood her.


"The reason is very simple, will the King give up Dragon Girl"


"Will you come back to me if she leaves"


"Before, but not now."


"Do you really like him"




"Is it because he saved you, and also detoxified you"


"That’s one of the reasons." Tian Zhen found it difficult to explain.

He was a wise god who enjoyed other’s flattery.

Arrogant yet responsible, loved to fight yet harmonious, dangerous yet assuring; his thoughts on moral character were sometimes superb and sometimes flawed and he often used his high status to have others to play ‘fill in the blanks’.

However, every little gesture and expression of his: lowering of his eyelids, turning of his face, raising his chin; she remembered it all so clearly.


Even though they had a large gap of a difference, it did not bring out too much concern.


Tian Zhen left Zhao Hua Jun's arms and said, "I have already repaid the King's kindness, so I can not pardon this offense."


Without anyone talking in the carriage, the atmosphere remained silent.


Neither one was aware of the other’s state of being awake or asleep.

And once the sun rises the next day, everything will return to how it was before, as if this conversation never happened.


In the vast wasteland, the wretched land of the gods, Tian Zhen couldn’t remember how many times she came here.

The Heavenly Emperor and the others had already arrived.

Zhao Hua Jun and her did not set out with many guards, just to avoid leaking news.


At the foot of Mount Youpo, hundreds of thousands of troops are neatly formed.

There were two striking flags blown by the wind, symbolizing the fairies and the immortals.

The once sacred mountain, now abandoned by the gods, was suddenly greeted by the arrival of many gods.

The looming pressure was heavy, the clouds on the top of the mountain layer on top of one another, mixing with the sacred air at the foot of the mountain.


This time, the lineup of the two realms was obviously stronger than the previous battle at the northern border.

Apart from Zhao Hua Jun, War God Wu Gong, Moon God along with Jiufu taigong from the Fairy Realm.

The Heavenly Emperor Shi Zhongtian and Immortal Emperor Guan Heyue Wei were also side by side on top of a cloud tower.

The golden imperial canopy contrasted the purple imperial canopy, looking extremely extravagant.


On the high wooden cross, was a convenient position for watching the battle.

Iit was also the most eye-catching position, enough for everyone to see.


Tian Zhen smiled bitterly.


Is this cross specially reserved for me Could it be that I am going to become Jesus


There was a killing formation left by the ancient gods in Mount Youpo.

They probably chose the battlefield here with the idea of using the killing formation to help, right 


The killing formation was one danger, but the most important thing was this Phoenix God neidan in her body.

It was an unpredictable factor, and it must be extremely unfavorable to him.

Fortunately, no one else was aware of this for the time being, so she must figure out a way to escape as soon as possible.


When Zhao Hua Jun saw that it was almost time, he walked over to her and said softly, "Little Phoenix, I'm sorry."


Tian Zhen retracted her thoughts and replied, "Sorry or not, do I still have a choice"

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Accustomed to the way she spoke, Zhao Hua Jun didn't retort as he took her up to the high cross.


Tian Zhen hurriedly added: "I'm afraid of death, and I'm also afraid of pain!"


Zhao Hua Jun patted her on the back.

Before she could see clearly, a thin golden rope slipped out of his sleeve and tied her to the central wooden post.


Tian Zhen breathed a sigh of relief.

The situation was better than expected, at least she wasn't hung up as if being persecuted.


"Thank you, King, for your grace."


"Be good, don't talk too much, otherwise it won't just be like this."


After Zhao Hua Jun finished speaking, he pursed his lips and headed down.


After confirming that the Heavenly Emperor and the others were no longer paying attention to her, Tian Zhen looked down at the golden rope on her body.

This is a commonly used ‘god binding rope’.

No matter a god or demon, it would be hard to escape once roped in.

He had used this because he knew that with her low mana, she could not escape.


If it were someone else, they would definitely think that he was giving special treatment, but someone who is really kind to you would never take you as a hostage.


Unknowingly, the surrounding atmosphere quieted. 


Feeling the powerful murderous aura, Tian Zhen immediately looked up.


A dense amount of demonic energy, forming a black demonic cloud, as a demonic army descended from the sky; the numbers totaled tens of thousands.


The lineup was neat, the battle flags were fluttering, and there were several generals, such as Jiu Sicang, under the flags.

In front of the army, on the left and right were Lu BingHe and his purple robe dancing in the wind, and Lu Xiaocan and his red robe and small sleeves.

Their presence made the figure in the middle look more majestic.


The Devil God stood in the clouds, overlooking the great formation.


The immortals were nervous and did not dare to neglect their duties.

They increased the strength to defend the formation, but a golden light and purple mist lingering caused the formation layers to be stacked like a pagoda.


The Devil God looked at the front of the army.

"Is there a certainty of victory to set up such a great formation"


The Heavenly Emperor replied: "For seventh brother will come to rescue a mere bird woman, zhen is surprised."




Even though Tian Zhen was full of anxiety, she almost laughed out loud when she heard this comment.

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The Devil God ignored the expression on the Heavenly Emperor's face.

He set his sights on Wu Gong, the War God and said: "My son, your opponent is present."


Lu Binghe stepped out in response, stretched out his right hand, and in an instant, there was a silver glaive in his hand.

This glaive was inlaid with purple gemstones, which complemented his silver-haired purple robe.


Against the Heavenly King of the Demon Realm, the War God did not dare to underestimate the enemy, so he made the first move.

His painted halberd slashed across the wind, creating a wave of fire. 


Lu Binghe's purple eyes were filled with frost, his body jumped up instantly, avoiding the air wave.

At the same time the glaive in his hand slashed straight down, causing War God Wu Gong to sneer.

When he was about to counter, unexpectedly, the glaive turned halfway and changed directions.

It was rotated to be facing the hook, ready to grab him.

Fortunately, Wu Gong had a fast reflex and his body leaned forward, critically avoiding the attack.


The two were of equal strength, and with the loud noise of their clashing, they had already crossed several hills and fought far away.


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