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The Devil God let go of his hand and lowered his face towards her: "You can continue."


Continue touching Tian Zhen's expression froze, and she stammered: "Actually...it’s… not all because of your face."

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"I know." The Devil God chuckled in a deep voice.


Heavens, I’ve lost again! Tian Zhen pressed her forehead depressed, and suddenly raised her head and said, "Your Highness now knows my intentions, but I still don't know whether Your Highness likes me or not."


The Devil God turned around.


Having already guessed his reaction, Tian Zhen bowed her head and acted disappointed: "You don’t like me"


Seeing her like this, the Devil God replied: "I mind."


Seeing how much the Great God liked to pretend, Tian Zhen tried her best to hold back her laughter.

She continued to act sad as she stated: "I'm a gray phoenix.

Even if Your Highness says so, you might not necessarily think so.

So in the end you just care a little bit."


"Did not mean that."


"So it’s a little more"

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"Will it be a little more than ordinary subordinates"




"Can it be a little more than Xiaocan"




"A little more than the Older Heavenly King"


"Greedy Phoenix."


Tian Zhen rested her forehead on his chest.

She couldn’t stop laughing.


The Devil God pulled her up: "There is a battle over there.

We’re going to have a look."


The ‘over there’ mentioned by the great god actually referred to thousands of miles away.

There was a remote mountain forest that few people inhabited.

At this time, there was a strong wind in the sky, and several gods in the clouds were holding weapons.

The soft golden light had entrapped a green-robed demon.

The demon was trapped in the formation and was attacked on all sides.


He was exhausted.

He was not able to hold out for much longer and was about to show his true form.

In a moment of desperation, he suddenly saw someone familiar looking his way, and without thinking, he shouted loudly.

"Devil Emperor! I beg for your assistance!"


The Devil God thought for a while before opening his mouth.

"Fu Sanshan."


Tian Zhen initially didn't want to let him interfere in anything anymore, but when she heard this name, she swallowed back her words and smiled bitterly.

Fu Sanshan was one of the five Demon Kings of the Demon World.

And as the younger brother of the Demon Emperor, there was no harm in saving him. 


Fu Sanshan himself wasn’t even sure if the Devil God would heed his plea.


Demons and devils come from the same vein, but this Devil Emperor was very special.

He had also heard that he had suffered under one of his imperial brother’s subordinates’ actions, so he had no reason to save himself.

But if he were to really fall into the hands of the Heavenly Realm, it would be even more troublesome.

Although they were supposed to look after their own safety, the royal family of the Demon Realm had a rule that if they were to fall into the hands of the enemy, they would kill themselves to avoid becoming a hostage.

Because the situation he was in was critical, there was no other way out, so Fu Sanshan could only thicken his face and request for help.

This way, there may be hope.


Sure enough, when they heard the words ‘Devil Emperor’, the expressions of several opposing gods changed greatly.

At the same time, they retreated and looked over.

After confirming the demon’s words, the god’s all halted their movements; they were unsure if they should escape or stay.


Fu Sanshan took the opportunity to get out of the battle.

Pleased with his luck, thinking that although he did not take action, the Devil Emperor indeed rescued him.

And knowing that this god could not be offended, Fu Sanshan quickly went to thank him.


The Devil God asked, "Any injuries" 


When the Devil Emperor was humiliated, only a few people knew about it.

This matter pertained to the Devil Emperor's face, so no one dared to spread this affair.

Even Fu Sanshan, his own younger brother, had only heard a little of it. 


Seeing that he was still treating him some-what politely, Fu Sanshan was secretly puzzled as he laughed.

Apologetically said: "This King's skills can not be compared to others and have let the Devil Emperor see a joke.

This King will remember your great kindness.

And if needed in the future, this gratitude will naturally be paid back."


The Devil God said: "The demon and devils come from the same vein.

In the face of the Demon King’s, there is no need to be polite."


Fu Sanshan didn't dare to stay any longer, so he left with two words of flattery.


Tian Zhen thought for a while and asked quietly.

"Does Your Majesty want to use this to apologize to the Demon King He's naturally vengeful, so I'm afraid he may not appreciate it."


"There’s no need to apologize, he won't accept it," the Devil God continued, "but the two worlds (demons and devils) of the Demon Realm must cooperate in the future, and he needs a friendly reason."


Tian Zhen asked inexplicably, "Didn't Your Highness say that there was no benefit in cooperating with him"


"I have my own reason." The Devil God didn't explain much.

He turned to several stunned god generals and narrowed his eyes slightly, "To deal with the King of the demon world, gathered quite a few people.

Incompetent common gods."


Incompetence was not a fault.

Your ideology and morality are failing again… Tian Zhen quickly hugged his arm: "Your Highness, what are you doing"


The Devil God looked at her and said nothing.

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"Cousin, why get angry" Suddenly a gentle voice came from above.


Tian Zhen was stunned.


Unknowingly, there was a figure standing on the clouds.

They had on white clothes and their wide sleeves fluttered.


The Devil God asked her slowly: "Afraid I will hurt him"


The murderous aura was getting stronger.

It seems at the bottom of his sleeve were hiding tricks.

Tian Zhen did not know if she should let go of his sleeves, or keep holding on.

She wanted to explain, but she didn't know what to say.


Zhao Hua Jun looked at Tian Zhen and said, "Cousin, she was originally from my palace.

If you could let the caged bird fly..."


"What is the King talking about" Tian Zhen was surprised.


The Devil God waved her hands away.

"Do you want to return to the Heavenly Realm"


Tian Zhen took two steps forward to chase after him, but he had already left her in the dust!


"Little Phoenix." A hand grabbed hold of her.


Unexpectedly, there would be such a misunderstanding.

However, Tian Zhen didn't worry much.

The Devil God had only lost his temper, he would figure it out once he calmed down.

She turned around and looked at Zhao Hua Jun, and said coldly: "You did it on purpose."


Zhao Hua Jun did not deny it.


"The Dragon Girl has already been returned.

If you still want to persuade me to return to the Heavenly Realm, then there is no need."


"I'm moved by your kindness."


Tian Zhen withdrew her hand and said, "As a weak person, I don't like killing instinctively.

I  especially don't want to see meaningless deaths.

If she changed to another person, I would still choose to save.

This matter has nothing to do with you."



"Although you betrayed me, I never thought of harming you," Zhao Hua Jun's tone was no longer calm, "Little Phoenix, there was indeed a reason why I treated you so well in the first place, this allowed for a misunderstanding.

However not everything before was faked, do you and I have to be like this Why are you so stubborn"

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Tian Zhen didn't say anything and started to leave.


"Follow me back to the Heavenly Realm." Zhao Hua Jun held her hand indiscriminately, and the two of them disappeared after a flash of gold.


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