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He grabbed my wrist and put something in my palm.

I opened my fist to find a ring with an emerald the size of a fingernail.

“What is this”

“The reward for catching fish.” Arthdal said.

Oh my.

I thought he was a man with no conscience, but he seemed to have at least a slight sense of shame.

“It’s pretty.”

“It’s a magic ring aid,” said Enoch, who glanced at the ring I was holding.

Then Arthdal clapped and said, “Banhwang is smart as expected.”

“It looks like a gem, but it’s 100%  a pure magic stone.

It’s an auxiliary device that controls the flow of mana and also helps release it.”

It seems that it is not an emerald embedded in the ring, but a magic stone.

“Why are you giving me such a precious thing I don’t know how to use magic, and I don’t need it.”

I stretched out my hand to return the ring, but Arthdal shook his head and refused.

“Even if you don’t use it, just take it.

I feel very uncomfortable when I see people wasting their abilities.”

I didn’t really want to have it, but somehow I thought I would face a rather troublesome situation if I bickered with Arthdal any longer, so I decided to quietly accept the ring.

“It’s a pity we can’t test the power of the ring right away on this island.

After all, auxiliary devices are things that are activated by injecting mana into them.” Arthdal murmured.

Hearing Arthdal’s murmuring, I realized that this ring is similar to Kayden’s earring.

The reason we can’t use magic on the island is not that the mana within us has completely disappeared.

Simply put, everyone’s mana was close to being ‘sealed’ in their bodies.

“Try it on.” Arthdal ​​pointed to the ring I was holding.

“No, thanks.

It’s useless on this island anyway.

I’ll try it on when I escape.”

“Well, okay.

Just put it on.

It’s pretty, isn’t it” Arthdal pressed me. 

Reluctantly, I put the ring on my index finger, thinking that if I refused more, he would only annoy me again.


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Suddenly, the mana flowing inside my body fluctuated and gradually began to gravitate towards my fingers.

“Wait, huh”

Arthdal looked at me in amazement.

I was startled, too.

I looked at my fingers, where the mana was gathering.

Suddenly, the ring started to glow.

“What is this……”

Arthdal was surprised and grabbed my hand, and then his blue eyes flashed an emerald light.

Enoch came running to me, probably worried about me.

“Margaret! Are you okay” Enoch covered my cheeks and looked at my complexion.

I nodded in bewilderment and looked back at Arthdal.

Arthdal ​​looked at me with a frown on his face.

“As soon as I grabbed your hand, your mana flowed into me.”


What do you mean I couldn’t understand what he was saying, so I just blinked.

Could it be that his eyes changed color as soon as he grabbed my ringed hand

Come to think of it, I was told that this ring is an auxiliary tool that can control mana and also helps ‘release’ it.

“You need to inject mana to make this ring work…… Isn’t everyone on this island unable to use magic Why is Young Lady’s mana unblocked”

I was also puzzled and looked down at the ring on my index finger.

Why, unlike other people, can I release mana

“Is it because of this magical aid you gave me”

“No, didn’t I tell you You need to inject mana to make this ring work.

I can’t use it because my mana is blocked right now.

Looking at it now, it seems that you never had your mana blocked in the first place”

It was only then that I realized why Eunji dared to imprint on me, rather than the Archmage Kayden who had more mana than me.

Kayden was a normal human if his mana was blocked, and my mana wasn’t blocked in the first place.

I was recognized as a higher-level entity with a lot of mana, I thought.

“Why didn’t you tell me that your mana wasn’t blocked”

Arthdal ​​looked at my face with suspicious eyes.

Enoch was wary of Arthdal ​​and blocked his way.

I lowered my head slightly against Enoch’s back and mumbled softly.

“Because I didn’t know.

As I said before, I don’t even know how to use magic.”

I then looked back into Arthdal eyes.

His eyes had returned to their original blue color, unlike a moment ago.

“By the way, the color of your eyes changed when you held my hand.

Your eyes were emerald.”

Arthdal, who was pensive as if not understanding the current situation, raised his head.

“When I use the Magic Eye, my eye color changes to emerald.

I used my magic eye with the mana that Young Lady just gave me.”

“……hold on.

You’re using my mana Is that possible”

“This magic stone is a little special.

Do you think I gave you something worthless”

To Arthdal’s answer, Enoch nodded and agreed.

“It’s an auxiliary device that helps release mana, so it’s a peculiar thing.”

I glanced up at Enoch and asked Arthdal ​​again.

“Then if I release my mana and hand it over to someone else, will that person be able to use it”

In short, I can be their mana charger.

Arthdal nodded.

“I guess so I gave it to you because it might help control your mana flow, but you’re going to use it to release it I’ve never done that before, but….., will you do what you just did to me, to the Crown Prince”

“Will it be okay” I asked.

At Arthdal’s suggestion, I looked up at Enoch.

Then Enoch looked at Arthdal ​​for a moment, then nodded his head.

“Let’s see if I can use a sword.”

Magic and swordsmanship are both powers based on mana, so it might be possible to use them.

Enoch drew his sword from the scabbard at his waist.

I grabbed Enoch’s hand.

Then a flash of yellow lightning flashed around Enoch’s sword.

“This has made it clear.

Young Lady Floné is the only one who can use magic on this island.” Arthdal ​​got up from his seat and said so. 

Enoch was standing with his back to me again with a tense expression on his face, holding his sword.

Arthdal ​​slowly approached us with his arms crossed.

“It’s really….., strange.”

I, who was considered the most suspicious, became even more suspicious because of this.

However, it is not possible to say that it is because another soul is in Margaret’s body.

Now that I think about it, we all have something in common: tremendous mana, whether it’s magical powers or divine powers.

Maybe someone locked us up on this island to test our mana But why did they block the use of mana

And the reason why only I can use mana among them is probably because a foreign spirit named ‘Lee Jin-ju’ possessed Margaret’s body, right

There is no other reason than that.

Arthdal narrowed his eyes and stared at me intensely as if trying to read my inner thoughts.

“It’s not strange.

It’s a suspicious situation.

Of course, I have no intention of accusing the Young Lady to be the culprit like before.

From what I’ve seen, Young Lady seems to have been dragged along.

It’s also hopeful that some of us are not affected by this island’s law.”

Enoch, who was still staring at Arthdal, realized that he had no intention of threatening me, and put his sword back.

He looked back at me and asked, “How much mana do you think you used Is it more difficult than before”

I shook my head at Enoch’s question.

“No, I don’t think there’s much difference compared to before.

I don’t even know how to feel mana in the first place……”

After hearing my answer, Arthdal clapped his hands with a delighted face.

He looked at me with eyes as if he had regained his motivation to live.

Come to think of it, that person was a person who felt uncomfortable just seeing people wasting their abilities.

“After all, the amount of mana you have is so great, it looks like you are fine releasing that much mana.

I’ll teach you how to feel mana.

Wouldn’t it be nice if Young Lady’s mana could be shared with others”

I didn’t have any major complaints about that.

It is practically impossible for me to learn magic on my own, in such a short period of time.

The most efficient solution in this situation is to release my mana so that others can use it.

Arthdal ​​pointed to Ruzef, who was sleeping in the living room.

“When Archbishop Ruzef wakes up, it would be nice to see if it works with the divine power as well.”

If what I have is magical power, wouldn’t it have nothing to do with divine power If that’s the case, even at times like this, Ruzef is useless…… That’s very sad.

Perhaps the one who can use my mana the most usefully is Kayden the Archmage.

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“XX, these motherfuxkers!”

Kayden tied Diego and Yuanna up in the hut and layed down next to them.

“Ugh, let go of this.”

Yuanna’s shrill voice pierced Kayden’s ears, but he lay motionless.

Yuanna’s whimpering cries continued.


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And then, Diego, who was tied up in the hut and struggling, broke the hut down.

“What the hell is this bxstard doing!” Kayden jumped up and hurriedly ran out of the hut with Yuanna in his arms.

Diego stood among the crushed rubble.

With a frown on his face, he tore the front of his collar and exhaled a hot breath.

At that moment, Yuanna’s voice was heard.

“Lord, I’m so hot.”

Yuanna, who was in Kayden’s arms, reached out her trembling hand and hugged his neck impatiently.

A soft hand gently stroked his bare shoulder.


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