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[Why are you being so naive You brought this on yourself, and now you’re going to pay for it.

You should have expected that, shouldn’t you Well, but…]


I could hear Alicia’s voice in my head while looking at Liz Cather.


I knew it was an auditory hallucination, but it was true that Alicia would probably lend her hand to Liz Cather without hesitation.


Yes, Alicia was that kind of person.

She didn’t care about her reputation; she just did what she wanted to do.

That is why she was able to save so many people.


And now, I would like to act as a substitute for Alicia.


“There’s no time to cry if you want to reach her level, okay Everyone will leave you behind if you don’t get up right now.

I don’t like people who waste their time.”


The air in the room stiffened at my words.


Everyone looked at me with wide eyes.

Even Duke was surprised.


“I thought Alicia would say something like this.”


I said while looking straight at Liz Cather.


Alicia might have to be the one to say it, but I wanted to take pity on her and give her a hand.


“Surely, Aliali would say that! So, quickly close that noisy mouth~!”


Mel smiled at Liz Cather.


Mel was a psychopath.

But she was also just a human being and liked to crush her enemies to death.


“We don’t want to hear you complain.

You can complain in heaven.”


I took advantage of Mel’s words and spat out a few more insults.


Liz Cather wiped away her tears with both hands and stood up.

She then turned to face us with a determined expression on her face.

She drew the corners of her mouth up.

It wasn’t the saintly smile we’d seen before.


“That’s a great idea, Gilles.

Alicia would certainly say that.

….I don’t have to show off anymore, and I don’t have to be a good person.

I’m sorry if I’m more of an annoyance as a saint than I’ve ever been as a normal person.”


“Eh, don’t do that.”


In contrast to her bright smile, I unintentionally respond with a straight face.


“Everything should be fine now that the brainwashing is over, right”


“Alicia’s not back yet.

And Eric was the only one who has been released from the brainwashing.”


“But, if Liz continues to be herself, won’t the spell be broken”


“Well then, let’s have Liz go around the school.”


“Liz Liz parade!”


Mel’s bright voice echoed through the room.

…What’s with the parade


Not giving Liz Cather any time to recover, Mel and Henry immediately took over the conversation.

They didn’t want Liz Cather to be the hero of the room.


…Wait, now that we were happy, wouldn’t it be bad if Alicia came back


Because there would be no one left from the Liz faction.

Alicia would be the one who is pampered by everyone.


Sorry Alicia, you were never cut out to be a villain.


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