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You might not believe it when I say this, but Im a straight guy working in a gay bar.

Truly straight, irrefutably and utterly straight, the kind that both men and gods would find distasteful.

Now, perhaps someone will wonder –Are you that bored out of your mind to be working in a gay bar as a straight guy

Im not that bored.

Im just too **ing broke.

As a miserable college student with an extremely average family financial background, I have no choice but to work and study at the same time in order to pay for my tuition fees on top of sustaining the necessary expenses needed to buy special skins in games.

When I was a part-time tutor, I had to work three times a week, so I figured making money through a night job would be a lot faster instead.

However, most of the bars that appear somewhat decent near my university were fully employed already by then.

Searching high and low to no avail, I ended up in this newly opened gay bar and found myself a vacant bartender position.

I had been interested in bartending long before so after training for a period of time, I was officially on the job.

I was doing pretty well and given the great pay, one year of working here passed just like that.

In that one year, I successfully went from an ignorant, confused little straight guy trembling out of fear, to a steel iron pole that can remain upright without ever bending in the midst of millions of gays.

Honestly speaking, aside from their angle of bending being much bigger, gay dudes are not that much different from average men.

Still two eyes and three legs1.

Compared to the fat geeks in high school, they are much more well-kempt and pleasant to the eyes.

Furthermore, in a gay bar like this, 80% of the customers are bottoms, 15% of them are girls who came for some exciting adventure and only the remaining 5% could possibly be tops.

The most inconspicuous person here would be me, a weak-looking student hardly reaching the height of 58 with a baby face and no abs to be found.

Something like a fragile bottom being forcefully pinned down by a domineering top after entering a gay bar is nothing but silly fiction.

Such a wonderful dream doesnt exist in our reality.

But that doesnt mean it never happened though.

During the one year of my working life, I encountered desperate bottoms who tapped onto my shoulder and flirted with me.

I was overwhelmed and didnt know what to do in the beginning, but I gained experience later on and can now deal with them easily.

Its really simple, all I need to do is squirm a little and whine, squeezing out this sentence reluctantly, “But…I cant get it up if Im on top,yknow.”

Im not that shameless, really, but to openly claim that Im straight in a place like this – no one would believe me.

The only feasible thing to do is prove that Im more of a bottom than they are so that they will have to back off.

Sigh, I truly have no other choice.

Even though Im clearly a straight guy.

Life sure isnt easy, a straight guy being forced to pretend as a bottom.

Today, I came to work at the bar as per usual.

My semester was coming to an end so I was planning to quit after tonight since I still have a war (exam) to fight soon.

There werent that many people in the bar just yet since it was still quite early.

I was wiping the glasses behind the bar counter when suddenly heard the sounds of fingers lightly tapping onto the table.

‘Tap, tap.

I froze immediately after looking up, my heart beating heavily, twice, in that moment.

‘Thump thump.

What kind of godly visuals are those

I have never seen this man sitting in front of the counter, so he should be a new customer.

Wearing a white collar shirt buttoned all the way up, almost nudging his adams apple, he looked exactly the way he was dressed.

Cold, unapproachable and ascetic.

Yet, he also had such a seductive face with upturned, peach blossom eyes2 that are so beautiful they could kill.

Despite having seen all sorts of handsome and beautiful men, the one standing in front of my eyes right now was definitely the finest of all.

Even a straight guy through and through like me couldnt help but become frozen.

This mans appearance easily attracted a lot of attention.

All the top regulars in the bar took turns trying to hit on him but were all unceremoniously and coldly rejected.

Well, nothing weird about that.

He cant still be single with looks like that.

But what is he doing here then It cant be just for the drinks, right

…That really seems to be the case.

This guy sat here for an entire hour without moving at all throughout.

He hadnt finish his one glass of whiskey even when all the ice had melted already.

If it wasnt because he ordered another glass after, I almost thought that he was here for the free wi-fi.

I pushed the newly mixed drink over.

Before I could let go, he reached over to take it, pressing onto the tips of my fingers just then.

The touch felt cold, and I wasnt sure if it was just my imagination…but it felt like my pinky finger was gently caressed.

I quickly withdrew my hand with a jolt.

Something strange was happening in my heart although I couldnt quite explain it.

While wiping the leftover liquid on the table with my head lowered, I couldnt resist sneaking a glance at him.

As a result, I looked right into his eyes as he glanced over too.

Like the **ing idiot that I am, I stared at him blankly for another second before reacting and looking away.

That was so embarrassing I could die.

Shit, he wouldnt misunderstand and think that Im interested in him, right

Im straight, okay!

Forget it, forget it.

It would be weirder to not get misunderstood when Im working in a place like this.

Its not the first time anyways.

I shouldnt care about how others look at me.

As long as theres a ruler in my heart, then Im naturally still straight as heck.

I was able to quickly let go of this incident and focus on work instead.

After a busy few hours, it was the end of the night for me.

I was about to leave when I noticed that the guy from earlier was still here!

Hell, how many bottles did he drink

I walked over and silently cleaned up the empty bottles next to him, counting them while I was at it.

One, two, three, four, five.

This guy rested his head on his hand with his eyes closed, his pale skin slightly tinted with red.

I suspected that he was barely even conscious.

Just as I was observing him a little longer, this guy suddenly opened his eyes and looked at me, his gaze absolutely clear.

Hes still not drunk after all that Amazing.

While I was silently amazed, he slowly stood up and straightened his back before slowly taking out his wallet and pulling out a stack of red bills.

He pressed them under his empty glass of wine and pushed it towards me.

…Fucking hell, are you kidding right now

It was normal to be given tips at a bar, but it was almost impossible to see a stack of bills like that.

Therefore, when this happens, it usually refers to an unspeakable thing.

I couldnt quite believe it still, but this guy raised his eyebrow at me meaningful then.

That gaze of his, stripped down to nothing, clearly meant exactly what I was **ing thinking.

I was stunned, not expecting someone as out of reach as him to have such an unusual taste.

Somehow, I felt both flattered but also terrified.

Unfortunately for him, Im a straight guy so I was destined to break his heart, sigh.

I blinked a few times, summoning all of my acting skills and pulled out my whiny tone as I said, “Ge ge…I dont know how to be the one on top…”

In order not to be seen through, I poured all of my honest feelings into this act, almost disgusting myself in the process.

The guy in front of me seemed to have froze a little before the corners of his lips slightly curved upwards into a fleeting smile.

While I was still dumbfounded over what I saw, I heard his deep and slow voice saying, “You just need to lie down, Ill ** you.”

What the ** The first thought that came to me was – something this great could actually happen

T/N: And the first thought that came to me was – are you sure youre not hella gay What do you mean by something this great lmao

Anyways, hello hello, glad you chose to give this novel a chance! Its a pretty short one, with 20 chapters for the main story and 10 extras chapters.

It may be short, but from what Ive seen, I guarantee a lot of comedy as well as fluff!

Hope youll enjoy this~

Footnotes Three legs…hes referring to dick just in case you didnt realize 桃花眼 – Its one of the most popular and highly sought eye shapes in Chinese society because they are believed to have an exceptional and irresistible charm that can easily attract the opposite gender.

People with this eye type have long and slender eyes in a wavy shape (tails slightly tilted upwards) that resembles a peach flower petal.


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