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The explosion caused by the collision was too terrifying.

The protective barrier formed by the combined efforts of everyone rippled and almost shattered.

“This is too terrifying.

They cant even use their martial arts…”

“Thats right.

Just the clash of spear intent and sword intent is already so terrifying.

There arent many people who can fight against them.”

Right at this moment, Zhao Ming was the first to take action.

A loud eagles cry reverberated and the space shook.

“A mere tier 29 can make me use my martial arts.

You should be proud of yourself.”

Zhao Ming roared angrily.

He was at tier 31 of the Dragon Transformation Realm, the strongest realm below the Nirvana Realm.

He thought that he could easily suppress Lin Mo, but he was blocked by him.

this made him feel that he couldnt hold on any longer.

As such, he displayed his martial arts.

His long spear transformed into a scarlet-gold goshawk.

Tens of thousands of golden feathers appeared, transforming into a long spear that shot towards Lin Mo.

The long spear shook the world, causing space to tremble.

The level of this martial art wasnt low at all.

The sword light instantly shattered, and countless long spears smashed down as easily as crushing dried twigs.

It gave people the feeling that they were facing an army of thousands of horses.

This kind of indiscriminate attack caused everyone to feel a sudden increase in pressure.

Some of the weaker ones began to sweat on their foreheads.

Under the lead of the goshawk, the golden spear swooped down and swept through everything.

Lin Mo was slightly shocked.

Although this Zhao Ming was arrogant, he still had some ability.

He had never used the Ancient Sword of Desolation before.

The God-Devouring art circulated, and with him at the center, a black ring of light spread out.

A world was formed in the halo, and all kinds of symbols were flashing inside.

A faint suction force came from the halo, and all the spiritual qi in the area was devoured.

Lin Mo stood in the center, holding the Ancient Sword of Desolation.

He looked like a banished immortal, and his clothes were fluttering.

He didnt move at all.

The God Devouring Body activated by the God Devouring Art seemed to be able to block thousands of soldiers and horses.


Zhao Ming roared.

His hair had already been dyed golden, and the spiritual energy in his body seemed to be burning as he charged over with his spear.

Lin Mo was calm and composed.

The defense of the God Devouring Body was extremely terrifying.

No matter how agile Zhao Mings attacks were, there wasnt the slightest fluctuation.

Everyone turned pale with fright, and their eyes were somewhat dazed.

Lin Mos strength was too strong.

Perhaps this eighth place was a bit inaccurate…

Everyone present had felt Zhao Mings attack before, and they knew that they couldnt easily receive it like Lin Mo.

“Hes just pretending, watch me break it.”

A powerful light burst out, and those golden spears once again turned into feathers.

Then, another change occurred, and they actually turned into goshawks.

The goshawks carried the spear intent, and they were fearless as they crazily attacked Lin Mo.

In the end, the God Devouring Bodys Halo was broken, and Zhao Ming charged in.

Lin Mo stood with the Ancient Sword of Desolation in his hand, lightly shaking his head.

Zhao Mings strength wasnt bad, but he was too arrogant.

After being blocked by Lin Mos attack, he had lost his footing…

He held the long sword in his hand, killing the approaching goshawk.

Wisps of flames gradually appeared, and on Lin Mos back, the flames formed a pair of wings.

With a gentle flap, it brought about an endless gale.

Lin Mos speed increased explosively.

These were the Kun Peng Wings that were covered in flames.

He shuttled through this area.

Every time he swung his longsword, a few goshawks would be killed.

As they continued to exchange blows, Zhao Ming gradually fell into a disadvantage.

The goshawks he summoned continued to fall and be killed.

“He doesnt have enough battle experience.

This Zhao Ming isnt Lin Mos match.” Someone in the distance pointed out the battle situation.

Lin Mo was at tier 29 of the Dragon Transformation Realm, while Zhao Ming was at tier 31 of the Dragon Transformation Realm.

If Zhao Ming had used the concentration of spiritual energy to exhaust Lin Mo from the start, even if his battle strength wasnt as strong, as long as he entered a battle of attrition, Lin Mo would definitely lose.

“A battle of attrition huh…”

In the distance, Li Long looked at the situation on the battlefield and didnt have any intention of making a move.

His spiritual sense was sharp, and when Zhao Ming fell into Lin Mos halo, the rate of spiritual energy consumption increased drastically.

On the other hand, Lin Mo didnt expend much of his spiritual energy after the battle.


Zhao Ming roared and charged forward, catching up to Lin Mo.

his entire body was covered by a layer of golden armor.

At this moment, he was like a god of war, the golden spear in his hand unleashing its most powerful attack.

Even Lin Mos God Devouring Bodys domain was a little unstable, and the amount of spiritual energy absorbed decreased, as if it was about to shatter.

However, he had never been defeated in his own domain.

In this place, he was the absolute ruler, devouring all outsiders…

He stood in the center, unshakable.

The Ancient Sword of Desolation blocked the spear, and then flames followed as the sword slashed out.

Zhao Ming instantly spat out a mouthful of blood.

The spear left his hand and was restrained by the God Devouring Bodys domain.

As for himself, after being pushed back, he crashed into the halo and didnt escape.

In reality, as long as he entered, without Lin Mos permission, he would have to pay a price if he wanted to escape.

Not to mention, Zhao Ming was already injured.

“Before you kill someone, you must be prepared to be killed.”

Lin Mos eyes were cold as he looked at Zhao Ming.

The God Devouring Bodys domain locked down his opponent and crazily absorbed his spiritual energy.


Another sword slashed down.

Cracks appeared on the golden armor.

Lin Mo stood in the air with a long sword in his hand.

His expression was calm.

He slowly walked over and pointed his long sword at the center of Zhao Mings brows.

“Youve lost.

Tell me whos behind this and Ill spare your life.”

In the distance, everyone was shocked.

They had thought that it would be a fierce battle, but they didnt expect it to end like this.

Xiao Yue and Zhang Nannan looked calm, but they were still very surprised.

They looked at Lin Mo with fear in their eyes.

Li Long was the same.

He didnt expect Lin Mo to have such a method.

That mysterious halo seemed to have the effect of restricting the enemy and increasing their own spiritual energy…

Blood dripped from the corner of Zhao Mings mouth.

Although he was defeated, he didnt show any fear.

Instead, he looked at Lin Mo with disdain.

“Do you really think I dont dare to” Lin Mo said coldly.

As soon as he finished speaking, the Ancient Sword of Desolation released a ray of scarlet sword light and was about to slash down.

“Brother Lin, please calm down.”

It was Li Long.

At this time, Li Long couldnt just sit idly by and watch as he entered the battlefield.

At this time, Lin Mo had already withdrawn his God Devouring Bodys domain.

The golden spear that had been imprisoned wanted to fly away.

However, Lin Mo had already taken a step forward and grasped it firmly in his hand.

“Hehe, brother Lin has won.

This is naturally your spoils of war.

However, the Golden Eagle Spear has our sacred lands mark on it.

Im afraid you wont be able to take it away.

How about this, Ill use spirit stones to buy it back.” Li Long said with a faint smile.

As he said this, he stopped not too far away from Lin Mo.

his face carried a smile and was very friendly.

“Is that so…”

Lin Mo frowned and immediately smiled.

He raised his hand and took off the ring on Zhao Mings middle finger.

His spiritual sense forcefully broke through the seal.

All the treasures inside were thrown out by Lin Mo.

“Since brother Li has already said so, then I wont stand on ceremony.

These treasures will be auctioned on the spot.

The highest bidder will get them.

What do you think”

He smiled.

As long as both parties admitted that it was an auction, even if no one was bidding, it would still be an auction…

Li long nodded and smiled.


As a token of apology, brother Lin, you can raise the starting price a little…”


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