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The final selling price of the “Great Burning Sky Mantra” was also 20 million.

No one could snatch the crown prince away.

After the auction, the crown prince vaguely proposed to rope Lin Mo in, but Lin Mo did not respond.

When everything was settled, Lin Mo heaved a sigh of relief and distributed the spirit stones he earned.

After he was done, Lin Mo had nothing to do.

The auction couldnt be held in a short period of time.

The treasures in his hands were all returned by the system, and he didnt want to sell them.

“What will tomorrows gathering be like…”

Walking on the street, Lin Mo muttered to himself.

He didnt cultivate.

He was relaxed, and his expression wasnt too good.

“Hmm, this aura has approached me more than once.”

Suddenly, Lin Mos spiritual sense sensed something unusual.

He had absorbed a lot of blood spirit crystals, so his spiritual sense was extremely powerful.

If anyone wanted to harm him, he would be able to sense it immediately.

Just a moment ago, he sensed an aura coming from a passerby.

The only difference was that this person had passed by him three times while he was walking on the street…

“He keeps changing his appearance every time.

What is he trying to do”

Lin Mo thought to himself.

He raised his vigilance and felt a little uneasy.

That person had already left.

Perhaps he was really just passing by, but Lin Mo still felt that something was wrong.

“He probably wouldnt dare to make a move on the street.” Lin Mo shook his head and didnt think too much about it.

However, for the sake of safety, he walked around once before returning to Yue Xuan.

However, when he finally returned, that feeling appeared once again.

He was almost certain that it was still the same aura as before.

“Could it be that I still have to make a move in the Imperial City”

Lin Mo was shocked.

He had not offended anyone recently.

The crown prince was very close to him.

The second prince, fourth Prince, and seventh Prince had also obtained many benefits from him.

They would not want anything to happen to him in the short term.

Excluding these, there was only one person who had the guts to come to the imperial city and attack him…

“The secret ghost sect!” Lin Mo said these three words slowly, and a trace of unease rose in his heart.

He had learned about the secret ghost sects strength from Jiang Xiyue.

It was a force that spread throughout the entire continent.

“Is the hidden ghost sect still haunting me, or did someone send a mission to kill me” Lin Mo muttered to himself.

Among the various powers, there were more or less certain ways to contact the hidden ghost sect.

Lin Mo suspected that it was a mission sent by someone in the imperial city that had attracted the people of the hidden ghost sect here.

“Huixiang, come here for a moment.”

Unable to figure it out, he called Huixiang over.

“Field owner, whats the matter” Huixiang jogged into the courtyard, crossed the arch bridge, and walked up to the pavilion where Lin Mo was.

“How much do you know about the hidden ghost sect” Lin Mo asked.

If the hidden ghost sect really came to assassinate him, he was a little worried that the other party would send out a Nirvana Realm powerhouse.

If that was the case, it would be very difficult for him to block them.

“I know a little.

What happened” Huixiang was shocked.

She did not expect Lin Mo to ask this.

“I just went out for a walk.” Lin Mo told her the truth.

He needed to know more information about the hidden ghost sect…

“If its not spies from other forces, then it must be the hidden ghost sect.

However, have you offended anyone recently”

Huixiang could not help but ask.

If she had offended anyone, then it must have been a request from the other party.

“I dont know.

Strictly speaking, the crown prince and the other princes have a grudge against me.

But now that I can bring them benefits, they probably wont touch me.” Lin Mo shook his head.

As long as he was still by Jiang Xiyues side, this grudge was inevitable.

Moreover, he still had to attend the crown princes youth gathering tomorrow.

There were all sorts of people there, and the secret ghost sect might make a move there…

“Forget it.

How many youths will attend the Crown Princes youth gathering tomorrow Help me count them.

Ill see if anyone is suspicious.”

Lin Mo said.

As long as the people on the ranking list were in the imperial city, other than Jiang Xiyue, they would all attend.

There was a high probability that the hidden ghost sect would not be among them.

Then, it was most likely to be other youths with lower strength.

“Field Lord, please be careful.

The hidden ghost sect is far more powerful than you think.”

Huixiang said with a worried expression.

She told Lin Mo about the hidden ghost sect and let him understand what kind of force it was.

It was said that when the Yanhuang Divine dynasty was just established, the hidden ghost sect had already existed.

They mainly focused on assassinations.

It had once caused the entire eastern continent to fall into a state of panic.

Such an assassin force had an ancient heritage and caused all the forces in the eastern continent to be terrified.

Only the people of the Divine Secrets Holy Land were not afraid.

It was said that the hidden ghost sect had once killed the first generation holy son of the Divine Secrets Holy Land.

The Holy Land had calculated the location of their headquarters and a shocking war had broken out.

That war had almost swept the entire eastern continent, allowing the four great divine dynasties to clearly see the terror of the Divine Secrets Holy Land.

“So, any person you meet tomorrow could be a member of the secret ghost sect.”

Huixiang said solemnly.

She even suggested that Palace Head Lin Mo reject tomorrows gathering as an excuse.

“Im afraid that wont do…”

Lin Mo shook his head.

Jiang Xiyue had been in closed-door cultivation for a long time, and she didnt even pay attention to the emperors summons.

If she came out of closed-door cultivation, she would naturally have to meet the emperor as soon as possible.

Doing so would instead make Jiang Xiyue bear the crime of disobeying orders…

“Dont be nervous.

Im not weak either.

I can protect myself.”

Lin Mo smiled faintly and didnt think too much about it.

At this moment, he sensed the other partys aura again.

The smile on his face disappeared, and he let Huixiang leave.

Huixiang was also smart when she saw it.

She saw something in Lin Mos eyes and left the courtyard.

On the other hand, Lin Mo was sitting cross-legged in the pavilion, looking as though he was cultivating.

It was at this moment that Lin Mo finally discovered the other partys whereabouts.

He was lying on the roof behind him, dressed in a night suit.

Not a single trace of aura could be felt from him.

If it wasnt for Lin Mos sharp spiritual perception, this fellow might really be able to conceal himself all this while.

Furthermore, this fellow was extremely strange.

There wasnt a single trace of spiritual energy fluctuation from him.

Unless Lin Mo carefully comprehended it, he wouldnt even be able to sense his aura.

The other party was observing Lin Mo, but he didnt make a move.

After observing for an entire hour, he left quietly.

“He shouldnt know that Ive discovered him and didnt make a move.

He should be worried about Yue Xuans formation.”

Lin Mo thought to himself, but there was nothing he could do.

He didnt sleep the entire night.

When the morning of the second day arrived, Lin Mo packed up his things and headed toward the royal palace according to the invitation that Huixiang had given him.

The moment he arrived, there were people who came to welcome him.

He had been to the imperial city so many times, but this was the first time he had entered the imperial palace.

The outer perimeter was very lively, and there were even peddlers present.

They mainly served the maids and guards of the Imperial Palace.

However, there were still troops stationed there.

Although he had entered, he could not stay in one place for too long.

Many people came to the youth gathering that the crown prince had organized.

The outer perimeter of the imperial palace was extremely lively, and many people from the Board of Fame had come.

Lin Mo came to the gathering place.

It was a garden with all kinds of spirit herbs planted inside.


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