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Book 1: Chapter 18.1: Let Him Taste His Own Medicine

With the order of Tang Zhouxie, thousands of troops marched from three sides, with Bai Qiuran as the center.

Swords and spears were like a forest, and archers in the distance pulled their bowstring, shooting arrows like rain.

Facing the attack, Bai Qiuran raised his sword.

With the first sword strike, a thousand-feet-long rift was split on the ground, and the Royal Mausoleum was smashed into powder. The army on the east was destroyed by the sword ki, and their blood and bones were blown away like leaves in the wind, then fell to the ground.

With the second sword strike, a bright halo light up the sky, like the sun was exposed through the cloud. As for the army on the west, and more than a thousand soldiers were divided into two from the waist and died.

With the third sword strike, the sea of clouds was torn, the clouds were scattered, and the hurricane was raging. It was like a giant beast in the clouds, sprayed thunder, and the sword ki pointed directly at the last army at the north. In the end, the bodies of more than a thousand soldiers were blown apart by sword ki, not even the bones were left.

After the three sword strikes, thousands of the best soldiers in Shangxuan Kingdom disappeared, along with the sixteen guardians under the leadership of Sima Inbo.


Seeing this scene, Sima Inbo was startled.

“Is this still Qi Refining stage”

“Calm down.”

Tang Zhouxies face was solemn, but he still said:

“He knows a lot, and I am afraid that he is a big shot. It is normal for some unusual techniques, but after all, he is still in the Qi Refining stage. Such an attack must consume a lot of his energy, and you see, his weapon is no longer available. Look!”

Sima Inbo also saw that after the three swords were waved, Bai Qiurans long sword had only one hilt left.

Seeing this, he calmed down and presided over the formation of the guardians.

And Tang Zhouxie began to calculate secretly in his heart.

This Bai Qiurans origin is not simple, but no matter what, he is only a Qi Refining stage cultivator. Although these tricks are powerful, they must be very detrimental. Now he cannot be my opponent. After killing him, I can take his blood, and then use the secret method to extract his memory, and then I can run away.

In fact, Sima Inbo and others have been lied by him for a long time, thinking that his purpose was to strengthen Shangxuan, but in fact, since he accidentally got the remnants of Blood God Sect and set foot on the road to cultivation, he has no interest in Shangxuan anymore.

After that, Ill slaughter all the people on the scene and sucked their blood. As for the forces behind Bai Qiuran, they can only trouble the Shangxuan Kingdom, which had nothing to do with me.

Harming others for self-interest, taking, and using everything that could be obtained to strengthen oneself, this was the modus operandi of cultivation recorded in the remnant of the Blood God Sect.


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