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I Have Refined Qi For 3000 Years Book 1: 17.2: There Is Still A Sword

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Book 1: Chapter 17.2: There Is Still A Sword

“Her Royal Highness.”

Sima Inbo also advised at this time:

“‘Knowing when to just let go is the right way of life. Besides, the power of His Majesty has improved, it is also a great thing for our kingdom.”

“Sima Inbo, you have no ball.”

Tang Ruowei glanced at him, her eyes full of contempt.

“Im different from you!”

She ran to Shangxuan Emperor who was still in a dull state and pulled out the long sword worn around his waist for etiquette.

With a sword in hand, Tang Ruowei stood up, jumped, and landed in front of the two rows of soldiers.


The blade reflects the glorious brightness, and the golden qi was wrapped around the blade.

Tang Ruowei waved her sword, and a row of soldiers fell to the ground.

“Huh, not bad.”

Tang Zhouxie snorted coldly, raised his finger slightly, and hooked.

Several generals in the army stepped out of the array, pulled out their weapons, and rushed towards Tang Ruowei. These generals were also martial arts masters in the Qi Refining stage. As a result, Tang Ruowei was quickly defeated and captured.


After being detained, the princess still refused to bow her head and spit very rudely. She looked at her ancestor and traitors in an angry manner.


Sima Inbo quickly bowed down:

“Her Royal Highness is young and vigorous. After all, she is your descendant. Please give her to me. This disciple will make her become obedient.”

“Inbo, have you forgotten what I teach you”

Tang Zhouxie said lazily:

“I dont need disobedient people. Besides, we are already cultivators, so we dont have to worry about the relationship between mortals. If you want beautiful women, there will be countless of them from other countries, or from the cultivator world. As long as you get stronger, you can get whatever you want. For this ungrateful girl... eat her. You look for virgin boys and girls for me, this is your reward. ”

“Master ...”

Sima Inbo struggled for a few seconds, then bowed:

“Yes! Thank you, Master.”

“Well, youre going to reach the Foundation Establishment stage soon. After you build the foundation, you can formally start to practice Blood God Art.”

Tang Yan smiled evilly:

“Drinking her blood will help you build a foundation.”


At this time, a sudden loud noise rang out in the royal tomb.


Tang Zhouxies face darkened.


But the voice ignored him and continued:

“Build the foundation by drinking the blood of the royal family Why dont I know You junior, practicing a crooked path and incomplete skills, yet still dare to guide others to build foundations Just a half-ass demonic cultivator, do you think you can build a foundation by doing harm to others to improve yourself Do you know how difficult it is to build a foundation Dont underestimate the Foundation Establishment stage!”

“Its you whos talking!”

Tang Zhouxie hummed evilly:

“Im now in the Foundation Establishment stage. Why cant I teach others to build the foundation”

“You are in the Foundation Establishment stage, so what You dont understand building a foundation at all!”

The voice was violent.

“Furthermore, look at your plan today. Do you want to rely on these blood sacrifices to advance to Golden Core stage The formation is so inaccurate that I, a righteous cultivator, cant stand it anymore! You dont understand basic things like the fine-tuning according to the timing or tailor according to the environment, and you say you know how to build the foundation You are in the Foundation Establishment stage only because you have good luck! ”

“You talk big but youre hiding like a rat.”

Hearing this voice, Tang Zhouxie frowned and said:

“Come out and meet me!”


As soon as his voice came down, in the array of two hundred boy boys and girls, a powerful burst of energy broke out directly, and several generals who suppressed Tang Ruowei, as well as the soldiers who raised their blades, all flew out, and then again a gentle burst of energy swept through the rest of the boys and girls, put them into a deep sleep.

A boy with an angry face walked out of the array. With each step, his body grew up an inch, his hair gradually changed color, and after a crackling noise, he stood in front of Tang Ruowei and had become Bai Qiuran with white hair and eyebrows.

“Bai Qiuran”

Tang Ruowei said suddenly:

“How will you be here”

“I was here to remove the evil.”

Bai Qiuran looked gloomy.

“But I found this little devil to be very shameless.”

“Its him”

Sima Inbos face also showed surprise.

“You know him”

Tang Zhouxie asked.

“I met him once in Mang Mountain.”

Sima Inbo was relieved.

“Master, hes just a Qi Refining stage.”

“Qi Refining stage”

Tang Zhouxie laughed.

“I think you are the one who speaks loudly.”

“Is that so”

Bai Qiuran sneered, and then casually pointed out several shortcomings of Tang Zhouxie, from his formation to moves, from techniques to cultivation path, and finally even commented on his grave.

Tang Zhouxie made a secret comparison and found that it really improved a lot according to what Bai Qiuran said.

Seeing his expression, Bai Qiuran asked:

“How about that You ignorant junior.”

“So what”

Tang Zhouxie opened his arms.

“Youre still just a cultivator during the Qi Refining stage. And I A cultivator who is just one step away from the Golden Core stage.”

Bai Qiuran looked at him and didnt speak.

“Moreover, I am not only a cultivator in the Foundation Establishment stage, but I am also the emperor of Shangxuan.”

He said loudly:

“I have three thousand soldiers, twenty-eight guardians, and I myself have a higher cultivation stage than you. I dont need to do it by myself. I only need to give an order to decapitate you. How can you fight with me ”

Bai Qiuran looked silently to the left and right. Thousands of Imperial Army soldiers in this emperors tomb had been absolutely manipulated by Tang Zhouxie on the stage and surrounded him and the princess by groups. Behind them, the guardians also blocked the way.

There was no shortage of generals in the army who reached the Qi Refining Stage, and the sixteen guardians were all masters in Qi Refining Stage.

In front of him were the civil and military officials under the control of Tang Zhouxie, the emperor, and the crowned prince. Behind him were Tang Ruowei, who was in critical condition and exhausted, and two hundred fainted children.

“You fool.”

Tang Ruowei stood up with a sword and smiled bitterly:

“I know you want to remove the evil, but you must also consider your own strength. Here there are thousands of troops and half of the masters of the Shangxuan Kingdom.”

“So what”

Bai Qiuran answered with a slight smile.

Consolidating the right path was the responsibility of each Qingming disciple. The so-called right path was a value that would not change with the passage of time.

Just like the sky now, even if its covered by dark clouds, the black and white huddled together to form a dark cloud. However, no matter what era, the black could never become white, killing the innocent, bullying the weak, never getting the praise.

He crossed a circle under his feet, fording a simple formation to protect Tang Ruowei, then took two steps forward and looked up at Tang Zhouxie.

The breeze blew across his sleeves and brought the sound of the drum. Bai Qiurans face showed no fear, as he was standing in front of Tang Ruowei in the zombie cave that day.

“Indeed, unlike you, this Bai Qiuran has no power, no subordinate, and no backing, and my cultivation stage is only Qi Refining.”

He untied the iron sword around his waist, pulled his sword out of the sheath, and slanted it to the ground.

Three feet long sword, reflected in the cold light, remained motionless.

“But in Bai Qiurans hand, there is still a sword.”


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