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Book 1: Chapter 14.2: Shangxuan Royal Family's Betrothal Custom

At the same time, in the back garden of Shangxuan Kingdom Palace, Tang Ruowei, wearing a luxurious dress, carried her skirt and found her father who was drinking tea and enjoying flowers.

“Father Emperor.”

Tang Ruoweis face was eager.

“I just heard that you temporarily change the rules and suddenly take two hundred boys and girls to participate in the ceremony. Why”

“Ruowei, you are already a big girl, why are you still so brazen”

Shangxuan Emperor put down the tea bowl, sighed, and pointed to the seat next to him.

“Sit down first. How can I rest assured in the future knowing you are like this”

“Dont mention the future, you always tell me that the ancestors law cannot be changed lightly, why now you hastily changed the law of the ceremony for heaven worshiping”

Tang Ruowei sat down next to his father and asked indifferently.

“This is an adjustment that I made after consulting with the Spiritual Advisor.”

Shangxuan Emperor replied:

“Recently the Shangxuan Kingdom has suffered many natural disasters and demons. The Spiritual Advisor said that the national luck is frustrated and I need to use this method to sacrifice and change the national luck .”

“That Spiritual Advisor again”

Tang Ruowei bitterly advised:

“Instead of blaming the national luck for these things, why dont you try to make good efforts and make this country better by your own governance”


Shangxuan Emperor replied somewhat angrily:

“Watch your tone, I dont want to talk to you now.”

Tang Ruowei flushed her face with anger and was silent for a long time before she squeezed out a word.


“You ran out of the house some time ago. I havent settled with you yet.”

The emperor of Shangxuan Kingdom saw his daughter act honestly and continued:

“I happen to arrange it for you today, lest you run out in the wild.”

He exclaimed:

“Come, go and invite Sima Inbo.”

After hearing his words, Tang Ruoweis heart suddenly felt a bad feeling.

Before long, Sima Inbo followed the attendants to the palaces back garden.

“Long live Your Majesty, long live Your Highness.”

Because he was a disciple of the Spiritual Advisor, also the number one guardian, Sima Inbos status in the Shangxuan Kingdom was special, so he did not need to pay as much respect to Tang Ruowei and Shangxuan Emperor as others, he simply bowed his hands and did not kneel.

“Sima Inbo, you can sit.”

Shangxuan Emperor smiled, and the next sentence really sold his daughter.

“To come to you today, there is one thing to discuss with you. You see, you are now unmarried and still single, just as Ruo Weis age has arrived. It would be better for you to marry her and make you the national groom ”

“Father Emperor!”

Tang Ruowei shouted but was stopped by the Shangxuan Emperor.

“Father, why did you push me to Sima Inbo”

Tang Ruowei hurried to his father and asked in a low voice:

“I dont like him at all!”

“Ruowei ...”

Shangxuan Emperor also whispered:

“Guardian Sima is handsome and talented, not only he is a cultivator, but he is also a good man, and ... more importantly, I have checked his ethnicity, and his mother is very plump.”

Looking at his daughter who looked like dirt, Shang Xuan emperor quietly said:

“Ruowei, our Shangxuan Royal Family has always tried to change the fact that the royal womens breasts are small. In our kingdom, women with the curvy body are always much adored, so this is not only a shame for you but also a disgarce to the royal family. I know your dream, but it is an impossible dream, but if you marry Sima Inbo, the children between you inherited his genes, maybe you can keep your children and offspring from following in your footsteps. ”

“What a damn reason!”

Tang Ruowei said with a dark face:

“The dream was come true by my children, is it still my dream Besides, how many generations has this been, and I havent seen the good gene that I inherited from my mother!”

But Shangxuan Emperor ignored her, looked at Sima Inbo, who was standing aside.

“Sima Inbo, would you like to marry Ruo Wei”

Shangxuan Emperor asked again.

Sima Inbo glanced at Tang Ruowei, glanced very vaguely from the latters “big” chest, then lowered his head and said:

“Im willing.”


Shangxuan Emperor laughed with a smile of success.

“But since its already settled, you cant regret it at that time. Even if you are an apprentice of the Master, if you are wronged by Ruowei at that time, I will also ask you for the crime with the Master.”

“‘A king tells no joke, this is natural.”

Sima Inbo bowed his head.

Shangxuan Emperor laughed and was very happy. Sima Inbo laughed and was very happy too, while Tang Ruoweis face was as dark as the bottom of the pot.

It seems that everything was well prepared. Before returning, Shangxuan Emperor arranged her Tang Ruowei.

The Shangxuan Emperor was so anxious to sell her, one reason was that he was afraid she would continue to be wild, and the other naturally knew what Tang Ruowei was hiding. Her chest was padded, because she happened to be born in the Shangxuan Kingdom, where plump was equal beauty. Tang Ruoweis situation may be difficult to find a satisfactory husbands family in the future, but Shangxuan Emperor did not want to marry her to a foreign country.

If he knew what Tang Ruowei really looked like, maybe Sima Inbo would not smile so happily.

Tang Ruowei had to marry a disciple of her most disgusted cultivator, so she was naturally reluctant. Rather than marry Sima Inbo, a good-looking fellow, she prefered marry a normal man.

After all, it was her father who made the marriage contract, Tang Ruowei didnt dare to object directly.

However, since the situation has developed to the present, she was also ready in her heart: After the ceremony of sacrifice was over, she was going to sneak out of the palace, leave the territory of the Shangxuan Kingdom, and went away.


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