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Book 1: Chapter 9.2: Qi Refining Stage Is Not Counted As Cultivator

The area of this cave was much larger than that of the cave that collapsed before. Tang Wei estimated that it covered an area of thousands of square meters. On the ground of this cave, all the white bones were densely packed. The number of people died here was uncountable..

In front of Tang Wei and Bai Qiuran, on the hill formed by a zombie, a naked, emaciated female zombie was sitting on it. Its lower body has been completely fused with these zombies. It seems to be absorbing the endless resentment ki and death ki from the zombies through this channel. After seeing Bai Qiuran and Tang Wei, the female zombie opened her mouth and her throat also started to swell and bulge.

“What the hell is this !”

Tang Wei asked numbly.

“A female zombie is a monster that is born after absorbing resentment ki. We generally call it a zombie mother, and it can be regarded as a high-level demon.”

Bai Qiuran replied:

“But it is very strange. Normally, zombie mother cant be born in ordinary countries, unless there is a large-scale death. Why is there such a thing in this deserted mountain”

“Just think about it later.”

Tang Wei felt a twitch in her stomach.

“Its going to attack us!”

After Tang Wei finished speaking, the body of the zombie mother sitting on the zombie mountain suddenly appeared a weird swelling. An obvious human-shaped seal was moving up the esophagus from its belly as if it had encountered a dangerous python. Spitting out the prey she had just swallowed, an adult-sized body covered with unknown liquid came from its mouth.

The zombie rolled down the zombie mountain, suddenly struggling to stand up, turned into a zombie demon, roared and ran toward Bai Qiuran and Tang Wei.

“Ah, this kind of thing.”

Bai Qiuran frowned in disgust.

“I dont want to touch it either.”

But the zombie apparently wouldnt listen to his complaints. It rushed at them at a speed exceeding the limits of mortals.

Bai Qiuran put out a palm, which turned into a magnificent palm force, forming a golden vigor. It slammed on the body of the zombie demon, broke it to pieces, but in this time the zombie mother spat out a new zombie demon.

“Is there no end of them”

Tang Wei asked while covering his nose behind Bai Qiuran.

“Generally speaking, in order to protect themselves, the zombie mother can turn all the corpses in the range into zombies, except for the one only had bones left.”

Bai Qiuran replied.

“What then”

Tang Weidao:

“If it continues like this, is your Qi enough”

“It doesnt matter, just kill the zombie demon and the zombie mother together.”

Seeing that the second zombie monster leaped again, Bai Qiuran raised his hand again, but this time he did not push the palm but raised two fingers together.

“Thunder Seal.”


A dragon-shaped silver thunderbolt shot out from his fingertips. With a loud rumbling noise, the zombie monsters were turned to ash without resistance, the thunderbolt continued unabated, hit the zombie mother sitting on top of the zombie mountain.

The lightning power and high heat contained in the thunderbolt caused a huge explosion. The exploding cloud of fire ignited and wrapped the whole corpse mountain with the zombie mother in the flame.

Tang Wei saw that the demon twisted her weird limb desperately in the flames, and made a weird cry that made people feel nauseous, before being turned into ash.

“Is that all right”

Tang Wei asked uneasily.

“Thats it. The zombie mother is destroyed, and no new zombie monster will be born in a short time.”

Bai Qiuran nodded.

“But in the soil layer outside the cave, it seems that there are still two zombie demons buried to prepare to block the door in the opposite direction. When I go out later, I will deal with them together.”

“Thank you very much, Bai Qiuran.”

Tang Wei was relieved.

“If you dont come here, Im afraid I will die here.”

“Its ok.”

Bai Qiuran smiled.

“Just a flip of the hand.”

“However, do you have a high degree of cultivation I think this zombie mother is beyond the scope of the master of martial arts, but you can actually kill it and the zombie monsters it produces. Moreover, there is no record of this demon in the books of my family, why do you know it so well ”

Tang Wei asked again:

“Bai Qiuran, who are you and where do you come from”

“What if I say I am a cultivator of the Qingming Sword Sect”

Bai Qiuran said with a smile.

Tang Wei looked at him solemnly for a few seconds, and suddenly smiled, saying:

“Dont joke with me. No matter who you are, you are still in the Qi Refining stage. I can see that you dont have the true essence that Foundation Establishment stage has. Qi Refining stage is not counted as a cultivator, how could you possibly be a member of Qingming Sword Sect ”

Bai Qiurans face went dark, but Tang Wei, who was smirking in a special motherly posture, did not notice.

After a moment, he sighed:

“Forget it, since you think so ... Its not too late, Ill take you out first, I dont want to stay in this zombie hole anymore.”


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