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Book 1: Chapter 9.1: Qi Refining Stage Is Not Counted As Cultivator

Tang Wei gritted her teeth and squeezed her fist tightly, shaking her body.

Although Bai Qiuran did not discover her real identity because of this accident, how could she feel so angry in her heart

But Bai Qiuran apparently did not notice her emotions. The man stood up slowly, patted the dust on his body, and then extended his finger.

A ball of light appeared at his fingertip, lighting up the surrounding darkness, and Tang Wei saw the bones piled up on the ground.

“Sure enough, the main body is underground.”

Looking at the bones on the ground, and scanning the depths of darkness with Mind Power, Bai Qiuran said:

“Lets go, Brother Tang.”

Knowing that the current situation was not the time to throw tantrum, Tang Wei suppressed her anger, took a deep breath, and then asked:

“Where do we go”

“Go get rid of the demons main body.”

While Bai Qiuran was talking, he lighted the light ball and turned to the depths of darkness.

Tang Wei hurried to catch up with him and asked:

“What do you mean Those zombies are not demons”

“Thats not its main body, its just one of its components.”

Bai Qiuran explained while walking:

“You can see it in two more steps. This is the main body of it.”

Stepping on the white bones on the ground, in the swaying light, Bai Qiuran took Tang Wei and moved toward a direction. Perhaps the previous zombies were all its combat power, on the way, although the atmosphere was ghostly and terrifying, there was a persistent stench in the air, but after all, no zombie demon attacked again.

After two minutes of walking, Bai Qiuran stopped.

“See, thats it.”

He raised his hand and tossed the small ball of light on his fingertips into the sky. The light ball slowly rose to mid-air, and then released a magnificent beam of light, like a little sun, which illuminated the darkness and revealed the bottom of the cave.

In the light, Tang Wei saw the whole picture of this huge cave and couldnt help taking a cold breath.


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