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Ji Qingyan turned around and looked directly at the saleswoman.

Her powerful aura instantly suppressed her.

She did not even dare to look at Ji Qingyan after that.

“What right do you have to say that about Sister Qingyan” Kong Jing was displeased.

She was the only child in the market who was so full of vigor.

“Im just telling the truth.

Youre drinking a promotional Starbucks while thinking of spending more than 8,000 on devices.

Isnt this a joke”

“Were being thrifty.

Whether its Brother Yi or Sister Qingyan, theyre both richer than you.

They just dont want to waste money.”

“Alright, calm down.

Stop arguing.

Its meaningless,” Ji Qingyan said.

“Lets just go somewhere else.”

“What right does she have to criticize you I have to correct her.”

“Lets go.

Theres no need for this.”

Ji Qingyan held Kong Jings arm and said.

From her perspective, it was impolite for a girl to shout in public.

“Got it, Sister Qingyan.”

Seeing the three of them walk away, the saleswoman became confident again.

“Tsk, what are you trying to pull Id like to see if you can afford it.

Youre really good at bragging!”

“Little Mei, why are you still talking to them Theres no need to be so angry,” said the female salespersons colleague.

“If I wasnt afraid of being seen by the manager, I would have definitely continued shouting at them.

Ive seen all kinds of people in such a big shopping mall, yet theyre still trying to pretend in front of me.


“Thats exactly why theres no need for this.

If the manager sees you, youll end up being fired.

Work is more important.”

“Im afraid of that.

Otherwise, do you think Id have let them off My mouth isnt to be trifled with.”

Meanwhile, Lin Yi and the other two went to the Huawei store next door.

The store staff had heard their argument earlier and didnt know how to greet them.

They werent sure if the three of them could afford the P40 Pro .

It was Huaweis newest phone, and offered no discount at all.

The price was 8,888, which wasnt something an average family could afford.

“Sir and Madam, do you have a product that you like I can show it to you.”

Lin Yi looked around.

“P40 Pro and a top-quality Matebook X Pro.

How much will that be”

“P40 Pro and top-quality Matebook X Pro”

The female Huawei Saleswoman was stunned.

The price of P40 Pro was 8,888, while a top-quality Matebook X Pro was 19,999.

There was no discount on either product, so it added up to 28,887!

This was nearly 30,000 yuan!

“Whats the matter You dont have it” Lin Yi asked.

“Yes, I do,” the Huawei Saleswoman said.

“The total price is 28,887 yuan.”

The Lenovo saleswoman was surprised.

Were they really going to buy it

That wasnt possible.

“I want to ask you something,” Lin Yi asked.

“Theres a membership system in Times Square.

Do you have one in Wanda Plaza”

“Yes, but the membership system in our Wanda Plaza is different from that in Times Square,” the Huawei saleswoman said.

“Times Square is a place where you can become a member of the corresponding class once you spend a certain amount.

Our Wanda Plaza needs members to maintain a certain stored value in their cards.”

“To put it bluntly, its pre-deposit,” Lin Yi said.

“Yes, once the deposit reaches 200,000 yuan, you can become an ordinary member.”

“What about to become a diamond member”

“You need to deposit 2 million yuan,” the Huawei saleswoman said.

“If you become a member of our Wanda Plaza, you can enjoy many additional services, but you have to consult the manager of our mall beforehand.”

“Can you help me call the manager of Wanda Plaza”

The employees of Huawei were stunned.

Didnt he want to buy a computer and a phone Why did he need the manager now

Was he really looking to become a diamond member

Wasnt this a joke

“Alright, please waita moment.”

The female sales representative called the manager of the mall with an internal landline.

Five minutes later, a middle-aged woman rushed in from the elevator.

There was a badge hanging around her neck.

Her name was Sun Xue, and she was the manager.

“Miss Sun, this gentleman would like to ask about the diamond membership.”

Sun Xues face lit up at the salesladys words.

“Sir, what questions do you have regarding the diamond membership”

Ji Qingyan and Kong Jing were curious as well.

They didnt know why Lin Yi was asking about the diamond membership.

“If I deposit two million here and become your diamond member, do I get to enjoy any special privileges”

“Of course.” Sun Xue said with a big smile.

“Sir, we can go to my office.

Ill explain it to you in detail.”

“You dont have to say anything else.” Lin Yi said, pointing at the Lenovo salesgirl.

“If I become a diamond member, do I have the right to suggest that you fire her”

Everyone was stunned when they heard that.

In order to get someone fired, he was willing to spend two million yuan to become a diamond member.

Wasnt that a little too willful

“Manager Sun, dont listen to his nonsense.” The saleswoman said excitedly.

“These people could only afford to buy two cups of Starbucks with their credit card promotion.

How could they become diamond members Dont listen to his lies.”

Lin Yi took out his bank card.

“Password 0000000.

If I have the right to request this, you can get me a card now.

If not, then forget it.”

Seeing Lin Yis bank card, Sun Xue quickly said,

“According to the principle that the customer is God, if you want to get a diamond membership, you will certainly have that right.”

“Then go.”

“Okay, okay, okay, Ill go now.”

Sun Xue was overjoyed.

She was so happy that she could not close her mouth.

There was a clear rule in the mall that if a customer could apply for a membership, they would get a 1% commission.

A diamond membership was two million.

If she succeeded, she would get a commission of 20,000 yuan instantly!

Based on the different rules of the two malls, Wanda Plazas membership system gave more power to the customers.

Wanda Plaza required a pre-deposit while Times Square needed to minimum spend.

There was a huge difference between the two.

Forget Lin Yi wanting to fire one person, he could even fire ten people.

“No way, youre really going to get diamond members Thats two million! Youre going to blow it just like that” Lenovos other salespeople said in surprise.

“Im not even scared, what are you guys scared of” The saleswoman called Little Mei said.

“Manager Sun took his card.

Arent you nervous”

“I think hes faking it.

I dont believe that truly rich people would use a credit card promotion to buy a Starbucks.

Just wait and see.”

Ten minutes later, Sun Xue handed a bright card to Lin Yi.

“Hello, Sir.

The card is ready.

From now on, you will be a diamond member of Wanda Plaza.”

Sun Xue said as she handed the card to Lin Yi.

The crowd was stunned when they saw that Lin Yi had really gotten a two-million-yuan card.

They were dumbfounded!

To teach that saleswoman a lesson, he paid for a two-million-yuan card.

This was too crazy!

Lin Yi nodded calmly.

“Can we deal with her now”


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