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Chapter 200 Mother-in-law sends tonic


"What are these two children up to now"


No matter how old you are, you’re still a child in front of your parents.

The couple created a racket, but Mama Dang Hong only laughed.


Lin Mu shook his head as he held the bouquet of roses.


"Have you all been influenced by Huang Kai Why do you enjoy sending this stuff"


Who cared about roses at this point Pan Lei placed Tian Yuan on the table and immediately began massaging his legs.

He removed his socks and shoes, helped him move slowly, pinched the calf muscles, and then carefully pounded them.


Pan Lei observed Tian Yuan's expression and altered his strength the instant he knit his brows slightly.

Actually, numbness in the legs and feet is very common, and it will go away after a while, but the process is a little unpleasant, and a few times of careful hammering helps the blood flow smoothly.


Tian Yuan was exhausted after a six-hour battle.

He had never suffered this torment since beginning his advanced studies.


Pan Lei babbled while massaging his legs.


"What about taking some vitamins Or would you like to eat more fruits and vegetables Just accept that you're partial to certain foods but dislike having it pointed out."


Tian Yuan's legs no longer hurt, so he sat on the table and let Pan Lei knead and beat his legs.

It felt really amazing to be served in this manner.

Tian Yuan extended his hand to stroke Pan Lei's buzz cut.

His hair was short and scratchy, tickling his hand.


Tian Yuan's stomach growled as Pan Lei discussed the debugging problem.


Pan Lei grinned.




Tian Yuan mn-ed, and Pan Lei helped him off the table by putting on his shoes and socks.


"Then let's go home and stew the chicken for dinner today.

I'll prepare it with some traditional medicine.

Mom's supplemental diet prescription is quite effective for physical weakness."


Go home and have dinner He was fatigued from today's operation and wanted to go home after cleaning up.

It's only that Tian Yuan thought it was a little unreasonable for them to behave in this manner.

Mom had accompanied him to the operation and had been by his side throughout, while Lin Mu had also cheered him on.

How could they just leave Shouldn't he invite them to dinner as well, given the late hour


"Mom, the two of us are heading home for dinner.

Do you want to come over to our place for dinner"


Tian Yuan felt compelled to kick Pan Lei after his flippant invitation.

What the hell was the style of this invitation It was merely information! They should make a reservation for a table outside and invite them to dinner.

Instead, Pan Lei was asking if she wanted to come home and eat with them.


"I'm not coming.

Tian Yuan, write the operation report when you get home and submit it to me tomorrow.

By the way, aren't you working on your thesis right now If you don't understand something, come and ask me.

Otherwise, show me your paper first."


"Mom, why don't you allow him some rest when he's not at work We also need to nurture our relationship, don't we Who wants to do that damned thing at night And he's so stubborn! If you ask him to write the report, he'll throw me out the door and refuse to let me bother him.

He'll insist on finishing his writing before going to bed.

I'm back for a limited period.

He'll be busy again if I want to do something.

When he's finished, it'll be late at night, and if I toss him, he won't wake up tomorrow.

Aren't you pitting the two of us"


Pan Lei was full of complaints.

His mother could be overly strict at times.


"Pan Lei, shut up! Say one more shameless word, and you’ll return to the army immediately."


Tian Yuan rushed up and beat him up.

He talked rubbish regardless of the occasion.

Did he want others to think of them as a hungry and thirsty pair Was that it


"Even if you kick me, I'll say it.

Don't put so much strain on him, Mom.

This guy will not become healthy overnight, and Mount Everest will not become the world's roof in an hour.

Take it easy.

Look at this skinny body, this little face.

Don't you feel sorry for your son-in-law, my old lady Don't tell me you're mistreating him like this because he's not your biological son.

My grandma taught me that the future generation of the motherland should be cherished."


Tian Yuan kicked Pan Lei.

Dang Hong stood up, grabbed a folder, and ruthlessly smacked her son on the head.

She’d never seen such a dirty ba$tard who provoked the relationship between a son-in-law and his mother-in-law.


"Please ignore him, Mom, he's spewing rubbish.

I'll educate him.

His brain occasionally short-circuits."


"He's angered me since he was a child.

Tian Yuan, return and teach him a lesson for me.

If you are tired tomorrow, you can take a day off and rest at home.

You've been really busy over this period, studying while accompanying me to surgery.

I also feel sorry for you."


Dang Hong got a huge bag from the drawer.

It was a big plastic bag with at least 30 packets of boiled Chinese herbal soup.


She smiled as she shoved it towards Tian Yuan.


Tian Yuan's nose stung when he saw this large bag of Chinese herbal soup.

People nowadays like to use TCM to stay healthy.

When the seasons change, some people prefer to go to a Chinese medicine shop and get gāo fāng[1] to eat to replenish their bodies.

Nobody has to worry about having too much trouble boiling traditional Chinese medicine anymore.

Traditional Chinese medicine stores simmer the medicine themselves and offer it in small packages.

The little pouches, like milk, can be warmed up and drunk one at a time at home.


But what did his mother-in-law have in mind Could it be that she gave him such a large bag of things because she wanted him to drink them


"Your health is not good, son.

Mom is worried by your awful complexion following the six-hour operation.

Although I oppose administering you medicine to nourish your body, dietary supplements are, after all, slow.

I found an elderly Chinese medicine doctor to prescribe a traditional medicine for you.

It contains a month's supply of boiled medicine.

Take it home and consume one packet every night.

It is beneficial to the body, sleep, kidneys, heart, and brain.

You’re weak because of kidney deficiency.

Fortunately, neither of you can bear children.

Otherwise, having children would be tough given your physical strength."


Tian Yuan's face flushed.

Was his mother-in-law implying that they were having too much sex and that it was impacting his health But they could only be together for a few days at a time, and it was understandable that they would want to be close to each other.

He imagined an old Chinese medicine doctor with a white beard grabbing his wrist and writing down the cause of the disease in bold words: Kidney deficiency due to excessive venting; should avoid sexual activity.


Tian Yuan was embarrassed but had nowhere to hide.

Dang Hong burst out laughing when she saw him stammering.

This kid was blushing. Aw, he's shy.


Pan Lei took the bag in his big hand and carried it.


"Eat, eat and observe.

Your physical strength will improve as a result, and you will have energy the next day, no matter how much I toss you at night."


"Get lost!"


The primary goal was to increase Tian Yuan's physical strength.

Sometimes operations are tricky and time-consuming.

It takes much longer when doctors from different departments work together on the operation.

The procedure is carried out in stages and can easily take up to 20 hours.

What should he do if he was unable to stand when the time comes, if his stamina was depleted It was worthwhile to give it a shot.

The old doctor should be an expert in Chinese medicine.

It was as simple as consuming a packet every night after heating it.

How hard was that


Mama Dang Hong had another thought and walked to the drawer to retrieve a large bag of chocolates.


"Eat one once you drink the medicine.

Mom's gift to you."


Tian Yuan's physical strength was lacking, and he found it difficult to manage two procedures back to back.

He gritted his teeth and did it, but he couldn't work the next day.

He would have a rigorous schedule for cardiac surgery if he was in charge of the cardiothoracic department in the future.

Wasn't he impeding things He would drink it because it was his mother-in-law's kind intention.

He would swallow the medicine no matter how bitter it was.

There was no other choice.


Tian Yuan's mouth was bitter, and he felt like howling when he saw the large bag of Chinese medicine. Mother-in-law, you cherish me so much that I can't stand it.


Pan Lei appeared to be in good spirits.

He snickered in utter Schadenfreude.


"I can't help you cheat this time.

I'm guessing you won't be able to get out of bed if I drink half of it for you."


All of them were tonics.

He would really toss Tian Yuan to death if he drank it.

Tian Yuan's health had always been poor and he was not strong enough. I can’t eat this kind of thing.

I’ll kill him.


Damn, he wanted to scream.

Tian Yuan was really speechless. Excessive love is just like doting.

It's not good to spoil children, Mother-in-law.


Pan Lei parked the car, opened the car door for Tian Yuan, and leaned over to look at his husband with one hand on the door.


"You're exhausted, honey.

Let me piggyback you upstairs."


"You must sprint up the stairs.

You cannot stop halfway."


Pan Lei turned his back and snapped his fingers to signify that there was no difficulty.

Tian Yuan sprang onto his back with evil intentions, but Pan Lei carried him steadily.

He hurried upstairs, slamming the door firmly with one foot.


"Put your hands around my neck.

I'm going to take off."


Tian Yuan cocked his ear and listened, sensing something was awry, before tapping him on the shoulder.


"Pan Lei, Pan Lei, do you hear anything" Pan Lei was all set to go.

He would sprint as long as Tian Yuan raised his hand and said, "Let's go." Who would have guessed Tian Yuan would say such a thing


"What can it be It's probably a stray dog or cat nearby.

Go home, eat dinner, drink Chinese medicine, write your report, and go to bed by eleven o'clock."


Tian Yuan strained his ears to listen closely, feeling something amiss, but it was still a very faint sound.


"Are you sure someone didn't abandon a baby"


Tian Yuan hit Pan Lei on the shoulder and asked him to put himself down quickly.

The sound was a little strange, and he remembered seeing on TV how abandoned children were found sleeping by the trash can.


"It doesn’t sound like it.

Wait for me.

What if it’s a bad guy"


Pan Lei took a wooden stick from in the corridor and handed it to Tian Yuan.


"Wait here.

Don’t follow me there."


There was rustling in the corner.

Pan Lei was concerned that there was a concealed danger.

What if Tian Yuan was scared or hurt It was best for him to wait in the corridor.

He'd head over to investigate.


Tian Yuan was a little anxious.

The street lights in their neighborhood were strewn about, and he could barely make out Pan Lei's indistinct figure in the corner, but not his motions.

He couldn’t stay calm.


"Pan Lei, what's the situation"


"It's nothing, just a stray dog.

You go upstairs first, and I'll be right back.

This puppy seems to have been beaten and looks a little listless.

Go home and get the medical kit.

I'll find something to wrap it in and bring it home."


"Oh!" Tian Yuan sighed in relief.

There was no danger and it was simply a stray dog, so there was no reason for him to worry.

He walked upstairs slowly, feeling that something was not quite right.


Pan Lei urged him to return home to prepare the first-aid kit; did he want him to treat the puppy He was a future authority, a medical authority, a cardiothoracic doctor, not a veterinarian, okay!


[1] Medicinal concoction in paste form.


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