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As the saying went, nine out of 10 men and 10 out of 10 women had hemorrhoids.

This meant that the rate of hemorrhoids was very high, and it was even harder to guard against it.


Furthermore, some professions that stood for a long time, sat for a long time, and had irregular schedules also had a higher rate of hemorrhoids than others, such as teachers, drivers, police officers, programmers, scientific researchers, and so on.

Professor Ren was a researcher.

Therefore, wasnt it easy to verify the effect

He was using his own body to verify it.

It could be considered a sacrifice for scientific research.

After drinking half of the 30ml of wine, Professor Ren stopped in surprise.

This was because the medicinal wine tasted surprisingly good, as if it was old.

Then, he picked up the rest of the wine and drank it in one go.

When Li Kai saw that the 30ml of wine was gone just like that, his heart ached inexplicably.

That wine could be used three times.

After drinking the wine, Professor Ren said to the laboratory assistant behind him, “Help me calculate the time.

I want to see the exact time this medicinal wine takes effect.”

The tourists who posted videos online said that the effect was very strong and that it would workimmediately.

However, they did not specify the time.

The assistant in the back immediately opened his briefcase when he heard the instructions.

He took out an experiment log and a pen, then took out his phone to calculate the time.

But a moment later, Professor Ren looked shocked.

“Um… lets writeimmediately for the effective time.”

He now knew what the tourists meant by “immediately”.

This was really immediate.

Because he could already feel the effect behind it.

Now, he wanted to see how long it would take for the hemorrhoids to completely subside and improve.

“Professor Ren, then lets not just wait around.

Ill bring you to the Sea of Flowers in the villa first” Li Kai suggested at this moment.

According to his experience of drinking this wine (Chapter 151), Professor Rens hemorrhoids would improve after touring the Sea of Flowers.

Professor Ren did not object.

“Xiao Li, sorry to trouble you.”

Qin Lin had gone a little crazy with Zhao Moqing last night because of the stimulation of the stockings.

He was still a little tired after breakfast today, so after moving his things out of the warehouse and to the villa, he made himself a cup of medicinal honey water.

Unfortunately, the medicinal honey waters attribute of relieving fatigue 2 was useless against his fatigue.

Werent they all tired How could there be a difference in treatment

When he arrived at the office, Qin Lin lit up a little agarwood incense.

As the pleasant fragrance dissipated, he logged into the villas application management program and checked a few public emails.

These public emails were either notices sent by Zhao Moqing or work reports summarized by the various departments yesterday or some applications.

There were some things he had to deal with, and he would deal with them immediately.

After reading these public emails, he opened the website and logged into the forum for the new version of Ranches Story.

After discovering last night that the stockings for television shopping were actually produced by Olive Town, he wondered if it was a dream connection planned by the game company or because of the system.

This could be found in the game forum.

If it was a dream joint event planned by the game company, with the ability of those hardworking players, someone should have long discovered this joint event.

However, after logging into the forum, Qin Lin flipped through the pages but did not find any posts related to stockings and Olive Town.

In other words, this might not be a dream connection planned by the game company, but because of the system

Qin Lin did not jump to conclusions.

He posted another thread titled “You can buy stockings in Olive Town on television.”

Someone quickly replied:

1st comment, Hollywood: Has the original poster worked hard enough to get a new Easter egg Theres no picture or evidence!

2nd comment, Heaven Supreme: Ive already looped a list of television shopping.

There are no stockings at all.

3rd comment, Red Dust Passerby: I think youre thinking too much about stockings.

The game company doesnt seem to have the copyright to Olive Town.

Its impossible to add elements of Olive Town.

Qin Lin looked at the increasing number of replies and could completely confirm that the products the game characters bought in Olive Town on television had nothing to do with the game company.

Then it really had something to do with the system.

He returned his attention to the game character in his mind and controlled it to go to the television.

This time, the television screen in the game turned into a news column:

[Recently, a rare fossil was discovered in Honey Village…]

“Honey Village”

Honey Village was also a version of Ranches Story, like Olive Town.

There were also many good things in this version.

Did this mean that he could buy them on television in the future

As Qin Lin was thinking, he heard a knock on the office door.

He immediately said, “Come in.”

The office door opened and Li Kai walked in with four people.

Furthermore, he recognized Professor Ren behind him.

Was this person already here

“Brother Qin, Professor Ren and Professor Liu from our institute are here.” Li Kai entered the office and introduced them to Qin Lin.

Professor Ren was clearly stunned when he saw Qin Lin.

Although he had already heard from Li Kai that Boss Qin was very young, he was too young.

“Professor Ren, Professor Liu, welcome, welcome.” Qin Lin immediately stood up and welcomed them into the office warmly.

People like Professor Ren and Elder Yuan were truly elders who were obsessed with scientific research, unlike those brick artists on the Internet who called themselves beasts.

Furthermore, not only did Professor Ren make a major contribution in the previous disaster, but he also became one of the praised heroes.


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