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Sword light separated the heavy water, and an illusory figure stopped advancing in the deep sea.

“I reached the bottom”

A murmur sounded.

Swordsman Gu Qingyi transformed into an intangible figure using the Swordless Sword Technique.

After ignoring the water pressure and falling for a long time, he finally found the only concrete object in the deep sea.

A door!

In front of him was a heavy and unadorned colossal door.

It was thick and about thirty feet tall.

The door didnt have any wall supports, and it did not form any mysterious barriers from being in contact with the water flow either.

Gu Qingyi circled around the door and found that other than pushing it open, there was no other way to crack the secret of this ancient door.

“The door…”

“Where will it lead to”

Gu Qingyi, who had abandoned his figure using the Swordless Sword Technique, began to ponder.

From the moment he found the Lone Cliff, he had sensed an indistinct guiding power.

It seemed as though there was someone who wanted him to come to the Lone Cliff and find the secret at the bottom of the cliff.

Gu Qingyi was even more confident in his thoughts after seeing the remnant Sword Will of the Eighth Sword Deity on the Lone Cliff.

He left Gu Qinger on the cliff as reinforcement and went down the cliff alone to find the lucky opportunity.

“With the sword will of the Eighth Sword Deity, the bottomless ocean below the Lone cliff, the special guiding power and the Spell Forbidden Barrier…”

“If nothing goes wrong, thisdoor might be related to the Sky City”

Gu Qingyi didnt know if his speculation was correct.

Still, he remembered that the Eighth Sword Deity had thrown the Holy Power Treasures to the Shengshen Continent to attract everyone to the Yunlun Mountain Range.

As for the Yunlun Mountain Range, currently, only Sky City could be connected to the motive behind everything.

If this deep sea gate didnt have some connection with Sky City, it wouldnt make sense.

“Should I give it a try”

A bold idea appeared in Gu Qingyis mind as he held onto the Evil Sword, Yuelian.

After all, it hadnt been long since he fell into the water.

His second Junior Brother should still be waiting for him at the Lone Cliff.

Once he pushed open this door, he would see the opportunity more clearly.

Then, he could choose to advance or retreat.

If anything went wrong, he could immediately retreat and return to the cliff to meet with his Second Junior Brother.

If he wanted to explore further…

Would he be able to get an answer by asking his Supreme Master

With this thought in mind, Gu Qingyi looked at the massive door in front of him with burning eyes.

He seemed to have forgotten entirely about the premonition of danger and abandoned all possibilities simultaneously.

Without thinking, he placed his hand on the ancient door.


He exerted force with his hand.

With a thump, the ancient door shook slightly.

However, under the heavy pressure of the seawater, the door was not so easy to open.

On the contrary, because of the external force exerted on it, the edge of the ancient door lit up with a faint light, as if indicating that it was not ordinary.

Usually, such a strange movement would make Gu Qingyi apprehensive and cause him to be more cautious of his decision as to whether or not to open the door.

However, his failure did not alert him.

Instead, it stimulated his desire to open the door.

“Looks like this door is pretty heavy.”

Gu Qingyi sneered.

He unsheathed the Evil Sword Yuelian and swung it forward.

“Shock path, unleash all techniques!”

With a loud bang, a sword light struck the ancient door.

The powerful recoil instantly caused large currents of seawater within hundreds of miles.

Then, the ancient door shook violently and caved in the middle.

A crack had been created by the sword light.


A terrifying suction force was emitted.

It followed the doors crack and sucked in large amounts of seawater within several miles.


Gu Qingyi grunted, his face filled with shock.

His illusory body, which had been formed by the Swordless Sword Technique, could not withstand the enormous suction force from the doors crack at this moment.

His body was involuntarily pulled forward.

“You want to pull me in”

Gu Qingyis expression finally became solemn.

When a sense of crisis came over him, he keenly realized that all his thoughts just now did not have the option of retreating.

Without a doubt, this was definitely the work of that strange guiding force!

“Broken Path…”

The Evil Sword Yuelian in his hand flipped again.

Gu Qingyi wanted to make a defensive move to prevent his body from being pulled into the crack in the door.

However, before he could finish speaking, a bright light flashed through the crack of the ancient door, instantly engulfing all the concrete and illusory existences around the door.

This naturally included Gu Qingyi as well.

There werent any screams.

No other unexpected happened, either.

With a “thump”, the deep seas ancient door closed again, leaving behind an underwater world that seemed to have been silent for an endless and continuous amount of time.

“Damn it!”

“Why cant I break free!”

In the deep sea, curses could be heard repeatedly from more than many water balls.

Golden Foot, one of the five killers with the gold hunting token, was currently in a water ball, doing a meaningless act of resistance.

She had tried all methods, but she was still unable to stop herself from falling into the deep sea.

As for the water ball…

With her ability, she felt that she could break it.

However, Golden Foot didnt dare to try at all.

After all, in the Spell Forbidden Barrier, any spiritual source was utterly ineffective.

Even with her higher void level, she was unsure.

There was a chance that she would become the first person to drown to death in the history of the spiritual cultivation world once the water ball broke.

Or, she could be crushed into powder by the water pressure on the spot!

“My spiritual source cant hold on much longer…”

Looking at her energy reserve, a severe look of worry appeared on Golden Foots face.

Even higher voids with a tremendous amount of spiritual source wouldnt be able to withstand the continuous suction.


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