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“No Then go to Hell.”

As he spoke, the blood oozing out of Fang Hengs wound actually condensed into a huge scarlet palm.

The palm shot forward and overlapped with Fang Hengs right hand, gripping Kagines neck tightly.

In the next moment, the Holy Light on Kagines body dimmed.


Fang Hengs right hand suddenly exerted force.

[Hint: After killing Kagine, your relationship with the Holy Court has been greatly reduced.

You have obtained 231 survival points.

You have obtained Tier 1 evolution cystal*1.]

[Hint: Your reputation points within the vampires have been increased.]

The Holy Light fellows were sneaky and not easy to work with.

In comparison, the vampires were much more simple and more obedient.

Fang Heng frowned and reached out to grab the light cast spear that was stuck in his chest.

“Chi Chi Chi…”

The moment the holy weapon was in his hand, he felt a burning sensation.

Fang Heng exerted some force and pulled the spear out of the wound.

The pierced wound quickly healed.


It was a piece of equipment with an attribute

Fang Heng was a little surprised.

Rows of game hints appeared in his vision.

[Hint: You have obtained an item-holy cast spear.]

Item: Holy cast spear.

Equipment requirement: Elementary and above sacred study.

Description: A standard equipment of the holy cast legion.

When cast, it is infused with the strength of the Holy Light.

Additional skill: Glory throw (The use of it requires elementary and above sacred study).

Skill description: After aiming at the enemy for 3 seconds, throw a spear at the enemy within a 200-meter radius.

This attack does not take into account the enemys evasion.

[Cooldown time: 30 minutes (retract the weapon after casting).]

Unfortunately, it was useless.

The strange additional skill could be sold for a small amount of money.


Seeing that Kagine had been killed by Fang Heng, the remaining members of the Holy Court Church changed their expressions, revealing their grief and indignation!

They had never thought that such a situation would happen.

There were still more than 30 people on their side, but Kagine had actually been killed by the vampires in just a few seconds.

Looking at Fang Heng, the believers of the Holy Court felt both anger and fear at the same time.

Fang Heng swung the iron rod with one hand and looked at the remaining believers of the Holy Court.

Without waiting for him to make a move, the vampires with high morale pounced on them and completely tore them apart!

After a moment, the first floor became quiet again.

Venerate knelt on one knee.

“Marquis, we have already cleared the entire underground area.

There are still some Holy Light believers upstairs.

Please tell us what to do.”

“Okay, leave a few people alive and clear out the rest.” Fang Heng nodded and deployed the vampires to battle, “Search the entire art gallery.

I want to find my lost pendant, holy water, and all other things related to the Holy Light.

I want them all.”

“Yes! Marquis!”

Fang Heng took a step forward and followed the vampires to clear out the area upstairs.

Outside the art gallery.

About half an hour ago, Zhao Nan fell into silence after hearing that there was a series of riots inside the art gallery.

Originally, Zhao Nan was prepared to escape immediately.

After thinking for a while, Zhao Nan decided to wait for precaution sake.

What if

That masked man was too strange.

Zhao Nan did not expect that the what-if scenario that she had expected would really appear.

From just now, the entire interior had descended into chaos again.

Zhao Nans sense of unease grew stronger.

Another five or six minutes passed.

The art gallery fell into silence once again.

Then, she poked her head out of the car window.

Was it on fire

Thick black smoke rose from a corner of the fourth floor of the art gallery.

Zhao Nan was nervous.

Could it be that Fang Shuo decided to burn down the entire art gallery in revenge


With a loud bang, Zhao Nan was shocked and looked in the direction of the sound coming from the art gallery.

The window on the third floor of the art gallery was broken by someone and a black shadow jumped out from the window.

After he landed, he rolled on the ground twice and then ran forward desperately.

Was it Fang Shuo

After taking a closer look, that person was not wearing a mask.

Then, two bats flew out from the broken window and chased after the human who was running wildly, killing him.


Zhao Nan carefully swallowed his saliva.

Fang Shuo…

That vampire…

What exactly did he want to do

“Marquis, we have already interrogated them.

The believers here have been brainwashed by the Holy Court.

Other than a few normal human guards, the rest have all chosen to commit suicide.”

Since they did not receive any useful information from the devout believers, Venerate reported to Fang Heng, “Weve gotten some information from the guards.

Weve searched the entire art gallery and found a secret underground storage room for materials and equipment under the underground passage in the back hall.”

“Okay, take me there.”

Fang Heng followed Venerate into the secret storage room and looked around.

For so many years, the Holy Court had not been idle.

They had collected a large number of items, equipment and materials to deal with the vampires.

Materials filled more than half of the room.

It could be considered a small-scale arsenal.


Why was there no holy water

Fang Heng rubbed his neck, feeling irritated.

Venerate led Fang Heng to the desk.

“Marquis, please take a look at this.”

“What is this”

Fang Heng reached out and picked up the book on the table.


As soon as he picked it up, Fang Heng felt a strong repulsive force on his hand.

Sizzle sizzle sizzle…

A burning pain came from his palm.

[Hint: You have obtained the book-Prayer of the Holy Light.]

[Hint: Mastered the book-elementary sacred study.]

[Hint: This book cannot be traded.

Bind after acquiring it.]

[Hint: You need to spend 100 King of Gods points to learn it.]


A rare skill book!

Fang Hengs eyelids twitched.

An introductory book to the sacred study.

One could use it after learning it.

Basic introductory books like this could be sold in the black market for tens of thousands of King of Gods points.

And there was no market price.

The main reason was that there were very few of them.

This kind of skill rarely had a skill book for it.

Most of them were passed down by NPCs through contribution points after completing certain missions.

[Hint: Players current level has been detected to be in conflict with the elementary necromancy and vampire bloodline.

Players experience points required to learn the skill will be increased by 20 times.]

Learned it!

It only became 20 times more difficult.

At that time, thousands of zombie clones would farm skill experience points together, so the learning efficiency would not be that slow.

More skills would be beneficial.

Fang Heng thought about it and slapped the book on his head.

[Hint: Player has mastered the skill-basic sacred study.]

Skill: Basic sacred study.

Skill description: Initial sacred study skill.

Through this skill, you can use some of the tools related to sacred study to learn related sacred study skills.

Skill description: This skill can be upgraded to Level 10 at most.

“This way…”

Fang Heng muttered in a low voice.

He tried to take out the light cast spear that he had just put into his backpack and held it in his hand.

The burning pain from before had disappeared.

He could now be considered to be able to use a normal holy weapon.


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