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With a heavy collision sound, the holy light armor on the three guards who were at the front was instantly shattered.

They were all sent flying and crashed into the wall behind them.

[Hint: You have killed the guards.

You have obtained 21 survival points.

You have obtained a complete evolution crystal*1.

Your relationship with the Holy Court has been slightly reduced…]

[Hint: You have obtained the prison keychain.]

After dealing with the five guards, Fang Hengs gaze shifted to Ye Lingxiao, who was desperately trying to escape.

“Hey, stop!”

That person was crazy!

Ye Lingxiaos head was buzzing.

After hearing Fang Hengs shout, he ran even faster.

Fang Heng raised his hand and switched to Ding Mins specially modified sniper rifle.

He aimed at Ye Lingxiaos back.

He gently pulled the trigger.


It was a headshot!

Fang Heng put away his gun and looked around.


What should he do now

It was time to clean up the mess.

With things like this, it seemed like he could no longer work with the Holy Court.

If he couldnt work with them, he would completely turn against the Holy Court.

Fang Heng fumbled around and came up with a backup plan at the last minute.

Anyway, his goal was to find the holy water, so he would change his method and completely destroy the entire art gallery.

Maybe he could find the holy water he needed from there.

Fang Heng raised his head again and was stunned.

All the vampires in the prison looked at Fang Heng with respect.

Venerate walked out of the broken prison and looked at Fang Heng carefully.

“Who are you…”

Fang Heng raised his hand.

A red light appeared on his wrist and he threw it forward.


The sealing chain on Venerates wrist was instantly cut off by the blood blade.

Under the attention of all the vampires, Fang Heng flipped his wrist and raised the vampiric spirit cane in his hand.

Venerate was also stunned when he saw the spirit cane.

The holy weapon of vampires, the spirit cane!

Shouldnt it be in the hands of the Bruch clan…

Although he was wearing a mask, his body size didnt match the old Marquis who controlled the vampiric spirit cane in his memory…

No matter what, Venerate immediately knelt down on one knee.

“Lord Marquis!”

All the other vampires also knelt down on one knee, their eyes flashing with excitement and excitement.

“I am Fang Shuo, a vampire from another world.”

Fang Heng swept his gaze across the surroundings, “Now, listen to my orders and destroy the entire art gallery with me.”

“Yes!! Lord Marquis!!!”

After being imprisoned for so long, they were finally free, and the Marquis of the vampires stood up for them to take revenge.

The morale of the vampires in the prison was immediately boosted, and their eyes flashed with excitement and killing intent.

Among them, some had been locked up for a full three years!

The day of revenge had finally arrived!

Fang Heng threw the keychain that had just dropped from the guard to Venerate and took the lead to walk out of the prison.

There were about 40 vampires locked up in the prison.

Most of them were mid-level vampires and a small number of high-tier vampires.

In terms of combat strength, it was a good addition.

He alone would make up for high-tier combat strength.

“Lets go!”

Through the long pathway, Fang Heng took the lead to step out of the basement of the prison.

Outside the door, Kagine had already received the news that there was chaos in the prison below.

He brought a team of believers of the Holy Court and the light cast knights to the door.

The two sides happened to meet face to face.

“Fang Shuo!”

Kagine looked at Fang Hengs empty wrist in surprise.

The chain on his hand was gone!

“Wheres the chain on your hand Young blood descendant Why did you betray our agreement and run out of the prison without permission”

As they were talking, the vampires who had escaped from the prison also walked out of the basement and stood behind Fang Heng.

Kagine frowned.

He realized that the sudden riot at the bottom of the prison had something to do with the vampire in front of him.

What was more troublesome was that he noticed that the chains on all the vampires had been untied.

He did it on purpose!

Kagines heart sank.

He stared at Fang Heng and said in a deep voice, “Go back to the prison, Fang Shuo.”

“Its not my fault.

Its your Holy Light that doesnt keep its word, Kagine.”

Fang Heng flipped his wrist and an iron rod appeared in his hand.

“I dont have much time, so I can only speed up.”

As he said this, Fang Heng raised the iron rod in his hand and quickly rushed towards Kagine.

Kagine felt an extremely strong threat from Fang Heng, so he used all his strength to point forward with one hand.

“Go back!”

A solid dark golden wall condensed in the air and blocked Fang Hengs way.

Fang Heng did not retreat.

He raised the iron rod in his hand and smashed it forward.


A heavy bell chime sounded.

Fang Heng took half a step back and felt the hand holding the iron rod go slightly numb.


The solid dark golden wall instantly exploded!

Kagine spat out a mouthful of blood and was supported by the believers of the Holy Court behind him.

“Stop him!”

More than a dozen light cast knights immediately rushed up from behind.

Seeing Fang Hengs bravery, the morale of the vampires exploded again.

They followed Fang Heng and charged into the group.

It was a chaotic battle!

Fang Hengs target was clear.

He fixed his eyes on Kagine.

All the light cast knights who tried to stop him along the way were swept away by the rod!

Kagine pushed away the believers behind him and regained his balance.

“Bring me the holy cast spear.”

He stared at Fang Heng who was still charging at him.

His eyes were filled with disbelief.

The holy light barrier was actually broken by a vampire with brute force.

No wonder the shackles could not trap it.

Its strength had already reached the level of a Marquis, and it was a strength-type Marquis of the vampires.

This is going to be troublesome!

Kagine pondered as he took the light cast spear from the believer behind him.

Fight to the death!

The spear emitted a faint holy light.

Kagine raised the spear in a battle stance and aimed it at Fang Heng, who was charging toward him.


Halfway through, Fang Heng, who was charging toward Kagine, twitched his eyelids.

He felt a sense of danger and immediately sidestepped to dodge.

The spear instantly flashed with golden light in the air.



Fang Heng raised his eyebrows.

The spear directly flew through the air and fiercely stabbed into his right chest.

Blood splattered out from the wound.

It was a strange attack method.

But the damage was not high.

Fang Heng snorted in disdain.

Under Kagines astonished gaze, Fang Hengs charging speed did not change at all.

He rushed in front of him and raised his hand to grab Kagines neck.

“I will say it again, Kagine.

I want the holy water.”

Kagines eyes flashed with anger.

“Vampire, dont even think about getting anything from me.”

His life force burned and golden light seeped out from Kagines body.


The Holy Light affected the nearby vampires.

They all hid behind cover to avoid the light.

Fang Hengs body was also affected by the Holy Light.

Blood kept oozing out from under his skin and quickly healed.


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