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Fang Heng was carried by two light cast knights into the lower level of the art gallery and through a tunnel.

Following the tunnel, he entered the third basement through the long pathway below.

Fang Heng sniffed.

He smelled the smell of vampires.


In the prison hall, five guards of the Holy Court who were resting stood up when they saw them.

“We brought someone in.

Hes a vampire.

Take care of him.”


Fang Heng followed the two light cast knights through the prison hall and came to the pathway at the back.

Then, he saw rows and rows of prison cells on the side.

He realized that he might have been deceived.

“Go in!”

The two light cast knights reached out and pushed Fang Heng into the prison cell.


The prison door was closed and locked tightly.


Fang Heng wanted to turn towards the two light cast knights who were preparing to leave.

“Wheres Kagine He promised to see me.”

“Wait patiently.


Kagine will come looking for you.”

The two guards turned their heads and swept a cold gaze across Fang Heng.

Then, without saying a word, they left.

Bad luck!

Fang Heng twisted his neck.

He quickly swept his gaze across the prisons internal environment.

It seemed like the art gallery had limited funds.

The underground prison wasnt big, and it looked simple and crude.

There were five or six vampires in the prison cell he was in.

They were also wearing sealing chains on their hands.

Fang Heng turned around to look at the other vampires when he noticed their gazes.

Swish swish…

All the vampires, including Fang Heng, had a layer of red light covering their eyes.

Fang Heng hesitated for half a second.

Forget it.

He decided not to kill them.

There were too few vampires, so they couldnt drop many evolution crystals.

They couldnt reach the level-up requirement for Level 20.

The vampires didnt know that they had just passed by the gates of Hell.

After confirming their identities, one of the muscular vampires stood up and introduced himself to Fang Heng.

“You were captured too Im from the Alta clan, Venerate.

What about you”

“A secluded clan.”

Fang Heng answered casually.

Ever since he was seen through pretending to be a vampire the last time, Fang Heng had been learning from two experts.

In ancient times, when vampires just started to pass down their heritage, there were already many different races among vampires.

The grudges between the various races were enough to write a novel consisting of tens of millions of words.

It was too difficult to figure out their relationship.

Seclusion was a very good answer.

In history, a very small portion of the people who abandoned their own races chose to live in seclusion.

Until now, they no longer had the inheritance of their own races.

“No wonder I have never seen you.” Hearing his answer, Venerate nodded and whispered, “I have been imprisoned here for three months.

Its very strange that they didnt kill us.”


Fang Heng simply agreed.

He wasnt interested in this.

He turned around and looked outside the prison, sizing up the outside through the cage.

The cage looked too weak.

He could wait at most ten minutes.

If he couldnt see Kagine, he would kill his way out.

Seeing Fang Heng sizing up the cage, Venerate reminded, “Brother, be careful.

Weve tried many times.

This prison has a restriction set by the Holy Court.

Once you touch it, youll suffer a backlash.”

“That group of self-righteous holy light lackeys will not let us go.

We have to think of a way to escape.

The most troublesome thing is the chain on our hands.

With it around, we wont be able to display our strength.”

Venerate walked to Fang Hengs side and whispered to him, “When I was on an investigation mission, I found something strange in the art gallery.

I was accidentally discovered by their people.

I didnt expect that there were so many light cast knights in the art gallery, so I fell into a trap.

What about you How did you get caught by them”

“Whats the situation outside now Do you know The vampires dont know that Im missing…”

Venerate frowned.

“Did you hear what I said Why arent you saying anything”


Fang Heng made a hand gesture in a low voice.

“Do you want to go out”

What did he mean

Venerates heart skipped a beat.

The sound of footsteps came from afar.

Venerate shut his mouth and looked out of the prison.

Ye Lingxiao led two people into the prison.

“Fang Shuo!”

Ye Lingxiao stood in front of the locked prison, his heart filled with anger.

He knocked on the iron gate of the prison with an iron rod.

“Where did you get the pendant”

“Wheres Kagine Hes not coming”

“You want to see him What are you dreaming about Let me tell you, as long as Im here, youll never see Kagine again.

Just wait for your death here!” Ye Lingxiao stared at Fang Heng fiercely, “Dont even think about going offline.

Ill keep an eye on you.”

Fang Heng was extremely displeased.

Just like that

What about the Holy Light that was circulating around the internet and was known to represent honesty, trustworthiness, greatness and justice


What the hell was this!


If it wasnt for this guy in front of him, he might have already completed his plan and returned with a large amount of holy water.

“Indeed, I was too naive.

I didnt expect the Holy Court to be so untrustworthy.”

“Whats the point of being trustworthy with a vampire”


Fang Heng sighed heavily in his heart.

It seemed that the less difficult method of clearing the level was not going to work.

He could only choose the time-consuming and laborious difficulty.

“Forget it, then Ill deal with you first before looking for Kagine.”


A soft sound was heard.

Fang Heng suddenly exerted force with his hand, and the chain that was originally fastened on Fang Hengs hand instantly exploded.


Ye Lingxiao was stunned.

Fang Heng took a step forward and kicked the iron gate in front of him.



A dark golden light flashed on the iron gate of the prison cell and the entire iron gate shook violently.

Ye Lingxiao instantly felt his scalp go numb and a layer of cold sweat broke out on his forehead.

He looked at Fang Heng in shock and subconsciously took two steps back, wanting to stay away from the latter.

Fang Heng narrowed his eyes and glanced at Ye Lingxiao.

He raised his foot again and kicked at the iron gate.

“Dong! Dong Dong!!!”

When the other vampires in the prison heard the heavy hammering sounds, they all looked at Fang Heng in astonishment.

Their eyes were filled with shock.

They would never have thought that the sealing chains that had trapped them for months would be broken by brute force.

Also, the prisons iron gate had been specially reinforced and a special magic array had been drawn by the Holy Court.

He had actually used brute force to break it…

“What happened”

Hearing the violent explosion, five guards who were responsible for guarding the hall rushed over.


There was a loud explosion.

They saw a shocking scene.

The entire prisons iron gate and the restriction above it were kicked away by Fang Heng!

“Stop him!!”

The five guards immediately reacted when they saw this.

They raised the weapons in their hands and flew towards Fang Heng.

Fang Heng flipped his wrist and an iron rod appeared in his hand.


The iron rod swept forward.


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