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Interstellar year Ephemeris 838, February 14, the early morning of Valentine’s Day.

The mighty welcoming team set off before dawn.

In order to avoid attracting attention, the Qin family took the secret passage this time to meet their relatives, and the suspended motorcade flew directly into the imperial palace.

In the palace, Luo Ning, who had just woken up, was urged to change clothes.

The royal dress had always been gorgeous and complicated.

It had five layers from the inside to the outside.

Luo Ning hated wearing this heavy dress the most, but today, on this special day, he couldn’t be willful, so he could only put on the dress obediently under the supervision of his father.

Not to mention, His Royal Highness, the second prince in a dress, indeed looked a little more noble than usual.

The ingeniously designed stand-up collar made his face look more handsome, and the waist design also made his figure seem taller, such that even Luo Fei couldn’t help saying: “It’s pretty.”

Luo Ning stood in front of the mirror.

After taking a photo, he frowned: “It’s really troublesome to get married, this dress is too heavy.”

Luo Fei looked back and stared at him: “The royal father spoils you, the wedding has been simplified by 80% according to your requirements, what else do you want”

Luo Ning immediately smiled and said, “I’m just saying.”

At this moment, the captain of the guard who was standing outside reported in a low voice, “Your Highness, the Qin family has arrived.”

Although it was the happy day of his brother’s marriage, Luo Fei was so upset that he had almost “I’m not happy” written on his forehead.

Luo Ning looked at the emperor’s appearance and said, “Brother Huang, don’t be so serious, how bad would it be if it was seen by the Qin family”

Luo Fei snorted coldly: “Anyway, I don’t like Qin Yize.” The younger brother, who grew up with him, was inexplicably abducted by a star in just two months.

If it wasn’t for his identity as the first prince, Luo Fei really wanted to capture Qin Yize and beat him up.

Luo Ning knew that he was reluctant to give him up, so he smiled and comforted: “Don’t worry, Yize is very good to me.”

Luo Fei raised his eyebrows: “He dares to treat you badly See if I don’t peel his skin off! “

Qin Yize, who was standing outside the door of the palace, only felt a chill running across his back from time to time.

At seven o’clock, the sun had just dawned, when Qin Yize arrived at Luo Ning’s palace surrounded by Qin family’s elders.

He was wearing the same dress as Luo Ning today, and the neatly ironed dress made his already tall figure stand taller and taller.

With an inverted triangle figure and a pair of long legs, his proportions were perfect.

Even if Luo Fei didn’t like Qin Yize, he had to admit that his younger brother’s vision was still not bad, this Alpha at least had an online appearance, and had not lowered the average appearance level of the royal family.

Qin Yize walked to Luo Ning step by step, knelt down on one knee, stretched out his hand, and said earnestly, “Luo Ning, I’m here to pick you up.”

Luo Ning was about to grab his hand when Luo Fei suddenly said: “Just pick up my brother like this, Qin Yize, you aren’t too sincere”

Qin Yize immediately cooperated: “Brother Huang, what should I do”

Luo Fei said: “In front of so many people, you should make a statement, right”

Qin Yize looked up at Luo Ning, Luo Ning’s temperament today was very different from usual, on weekdays, this second prince was always smiling, kind and gentle, and easy to get along with.

But today, he was wearing a royal dress and sitting in the palace, with just a little extravagance on his body, he had become an existence that people dared not blaspheme.

Especially at this moment, kneeling in front of him on one knee and meeting the second prince’s clear and bright eyes, Qin Yize suddenly had the illusion that he would be conquered by him.

Outside, it was still dark, and the lights in the room made Qin Yize feel a little dazed.

There were many Qin family relatives behind him, as well as Luo Ning’s grandfathers and uncle.

Countless pairs of eyes were staring at him, waiting for him to express his stance.

There was silence all around, and cold sweat broke out on Qin Yize’s back.

He took a deep breath to stabilize his mind, tried to look at Luo Ning with gentle eyes, and said in a low voice, “Luo Ning, marry me, I promise that after marriage, I will respect you, love you, and do my best to let you feel only happiness.”

Although the lines were simple, they were really hard to say, in fact they were more difficult than any movie he had ever acted in before.

Luo Ning knew that he was under a lot of pressure, and immediately stretched out his hand to help him up with a smile: “Okay, I believe you.”

Luo Fei said seriously: “Qin Yize, remember what you said today.

If my brother is wronged while being with you, I won’t forgive you lightly!”

Qin Yize hurriedly said respectfully, “Brother Huang, don’t worry, I won’t let Luo Ning be wronged.”

Luo Ning held Qin Yize’s shoulder cooperatively, then he put on a very loving appearance, Luo Fei couldn’t stand it any longer, and waved his hands to let them leave.

The two walked side by side to the main hall of the palace to perform the royal ceremony to His Majesty and the Queen.

This was an indispensable part of the wedding.

However, because today’s wedding was held in secret, officials and reporters from all walks of life were not present, and only royal relatives were invited.

Therefore, the process was also simplified a lot.

After the salute, the Royal Guard had already made preparations and sent Qin Yize and Luo Ning to the cockpit of the S-class mecha Cang Luan.

Today’s Cang Luan had also been carefully dressed up, Luo Ning looked at its festive appearance and couldn’t help laughing.

On the contrary, Cang Luan said excitedly: “Master, Your Majesty asked me to personally send you to the wedding spaceship.

You are getting married.

I am so excited!” As he spoke, he turned into an intelligent illusion of a bird, flying around Luo Ning’s head.

Luo Ning looked at it helplessly: “Aren’t you a calm mecha”

Cang Luan stopped immediately and changed his words: “Oh, I’m just very happy that the master finally found an Alpha who is willing to marry you.”

Luo Ning just ignored it, then he looked at Qin Yize, and said, “Let’s take a rest first, we have to continue the performance later.”    

After crossing two galaxies in a row, the two newlyweds arrived at the wedding banquet spaceship at exactly eleven o’clock.    

The spaceship for the wedding banquet was arranged in a star field near the constellation Lyra.

There were very few passenger spaceships coming and going, and the location was absolutely secret.

But today’s wedding banquet was crowded with VIPs.

In addition to His Majesty and the Queen, there were also many royal clansmen, as well as Marshal Luo Sen, the two generals Ling Yu and Ling An, the chairman of the Mecha Association, Mr.

Brian, and Qin Shijie, chairman of Zhongxing Group, one of the empire’s largest consortiums as well as Qin Rong, executive president of Zhongxing Group and other Qin family members were all present.

If something went wrong with this spaceship, it would be no joke.

Therefore, today’s security work was particularly important.

His Majesty had entrusted this task to his most trusted Major General Ling An.

Ling An directly transferred the guard battalion and the special forces of the Legion of Glory there.

Around the seemingly isolated spaceship, there were actually the most elite troops of the empire lurking, and the waiters on the spaceship were all disguised nimble officers.

Thousands of warships were hidden in the vast universe.

Once an unexpected situation occurred, they would definitely blow up the troublemakers to pieces at the fastest speed.

Facts had proved that with Major General Ling An present, there could absolutely be no trouble at the scene.

Guests entering the spaceship must go through identity verification by Major General Ling An’s personal guards.

The guest list had already been determined, not to mention entertainment reporters or paparazzi, even an extra fly couldn’t fly in without his permission.

This spaceship was a wedding spaceship specially ordered by His Majesty.

The height of the hall was more than eight meters, with a dazzling crystal chandelier hanging in the middle.

There was a long red carpet in the middle of the wedding hall, with seats on both sides.

There were also many precious flowers placed around, and the whole hall had a faint floral fragrance, which made it look luxurious and romantic.

At twelve o’clock noon, all the guests were present, and the wedding banquet finally officially started.

On the stage, Mr.

Brian, the president of the Mecha Association, who was specially invited to host the wedding, said with a smile, “Today, I am honored to be invited by His Majesty to preside over the wedding banquet of the second prince, His Royal Highness Luo Ning and Mr.

Qin Yize.

The wedding is coming soon.

Let’s start, the two grooms are invited!”

As the music started, Qin Yize and Luo Ning stood side by side at the end of the red carpet.

The two were wearing couple outfits, and their height difference also looked very well matched.

Luo Ning glanced at Qin Yize and took the initiative to hold his arm.

Qin Yize also smiled cooperatively, walked along the long red carpet with Luo Ning, and came to the oath stage side by side.

Brian handed the oath to them, smiled and said, “In the presence of the relatives of both parties, please read the marriage oath.” He cleared his throat with a light cough, and then asked seriously, “Luo Ning, are you willing to become husband and wife with Qin Yize, cherish him, respect him, never leave him, and stay with him until he grows old”

Luo Ning nodded without hesitation: “I do.”

“Qin Yize, are you willing to marry Luo Ning, cherish him, respect him, never leave him, and stay with him until he grows old”

Qin Yize looked back at Luo Ning, he was obviously acting, but Luo Ning’s eyes were smiling and he looked very happy.

He was obviously very happy that he would be completely free after marriage.

Seeing him so happy, Qin Yize’s mood was also much better, he looked away from him and said loudly, “I do.”


Brian smiled and said, “As the host of the wedding, I announce that from now on, Qin Yize and His Royal Highness Luo Ning, are officially married! Please exchange your couple rings.”

Yu Lan had arranged for someone to send the rings, Qin Yize and Luo Ning picked up the custom-made rings.

This pair of rings were designed by Luo Ning himself.

After modification by the designer, they looked simple and elegant.

The two put the ring on each other’s ring finger, looked at each other and smiled, thinking: finally freed!

As a result, the next moment, Mr.

Brian smiled and said: “Next, you can kiss your lover.”

Luo Ning: “…”

Qin Yize: “…”

Did they have to kiss each other Was it so difficult to get married!

Before marriage, the two had privately agreed that after marriage, they would go their separate ways, not interfere with each other, and would not have close contact with each other.

To this day, the two of them had never even held hands, let alone kissed.

But kissing each other at a wedding was a traditional ceremony that has been passed down for thousands of years.

Many elders were present at the wedding scene, and the host of the wedding had already said, “You can kiss each other next”, so Qin Yize couldn’t leave Luo Ning like this as it would arouse the suspicions of the elders.

Or give him a polite kiss on the forehead

Qin Yize was thinking, but the next moment, Luo Ning suddenly smiled slightly, stood on tiptoe, and took the initiative to kiss Qin Yize’s lips.

The soft touch on his lips made Qin Yize’s whole body freeze, and the sweet smell of the Omega spread over his face, making his breathing abruptly chaotic.

His heartbeat became suddenly chaotic, this kiss really caught Qin Yi off guard.

Luo Ning actually took the initiative to kiss him

Not a polite kiss on the forehead, but a firm kiss on his lips!

As an Omega, was it really good to be so “off the beaten track” He actually kissed the Alpha at the wedding!

Even when Qin Yize was acting, he had never filmed a kiss scene, so this was his first kiss.

From the surrounding guests, there were countless pairs of eyes cast on them, but they couldn’t show their feet.

Luo Ning was so active, so Qin Yize had no choice but to bite the bullet and hug Luo Ning’s waist, kissing him back on the lips.

Luo Ning’s lips were very soft, which made Qin Yize feel a little dazed for a while, and he even couldn’t help himself.

The two hugged and kissed for a moment, until he noticed the stare from the Marshal, Qin Yize then quickly recovered and immediately let go of Luo Ning.

Compared to Luo Ning’s smiling, nonchalant look, Qin Yize’s ears were a little hot.

After all, the Marshal and the others knew the truth about the marriage agreement between the two, would they mistakenly believe that Qin Yize was taking advantage of Luo Ning

But it was Luo Ning who took the initiative to kiss him, and inexplicably took away Qin Yize’s first kiss.

Qin Yize really had eight mouths but couldn’t tell.

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