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When Wexford had just landed on the island, Rosinante and Katakuri had already returned from the chase.

In their hands was Jack the Drought, one of the three All-Stars of the Beast Pirates.

Because King had the ability to fly, although Rosinante and Katakuri were able to defeat King, they were unable to strike him down from the sky.

Because of this, the two of them could only give up on capturing the King and directly capture Jack who was trapped on the ship.

“Captain, we only caught one.” Katakuri said as he threw the unconscious Jack onto the pier.

“Cuff him with a sea tower stone and lock him up.” At this time, Wexford did not want to care about the three All-Stars, because the actual controller of Dressrosa, Doflamingo, one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea, had already walked up to him,



When Jack was thrown next to Wexford, Doflamingo came over and greeted him.

“Is it because Heavenly Yaksha doesnt want to listen to the order of the Marine” Wexford took two steps forward and looked at Doflamingo.

Previously, Wexford defeated the marine, so Doflamingo, one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea under the King, of course, was standing on the opposite side of Wexford.

However, this Seven Warlords of the Sea seemed to have directly abandoned the marine and turned to seek cooperation with him.


Doflamingo chuckled, then looked at Doflamingo and Rosinante who had not got off the ship yet, and then said, “The position of a person has always been changing.”

“I used to be a World Noble, but now, isnt it no longer the same”

As Doflamingo spoke, he also made way for Wexford, ready to welcome the pirate who had just defeated Kaido into Dressrosa.

However, Wexford didnt walk directly into Dressrosa as Doflamingo thought.

Instead, he stood on the spot and said, “From now on, Dressrosa no longer belong to the Donquixote Family.”

Before Doflamingo could express his opinion, Trebol, Monet and the others behind him couldnt help but frown.

This Dressrosa something that the Donquixote Family took a lot of effort to occupy, now with just one word from Wexford, their stronghold would have to be given away.

However, Monet and the others also knew that the situation was better than people, Wexford and the others were too strong, even Kaido directly escaped, the Donquixote Family would not be able to contend with them.

But to give up Dressrosa, Monet and others were still reluctant to part with Doflamingo.

“Okay.” Just when the Donquixote Family was disappointed, Doflamingo smiled and agreed with Wexford.

At this time, even Wexford himself didnt expect that Doflamingo would agree so quickly.

“Very good, worthy of being the king of the undergworld of the Grand Line.” After Wexford praised him, he led Katakuri and the others to enter Dressrosa.

When the last person to reach the island left the pier, Monet came to Doflamingo and asked, “Young master, we are just like this…”

“Of course.”

Doflamingo replied with two simple words, then he directly walked to the southwest.

If it was said that the most important person that Doflamingo wanted to know about Wexfords group, it was definitely not Wexford and Doflamingo, but Rosinante, who had shown the ability of Nagi Nagi no Mi.

As the brother of Rosinante in the Origin World, of course, Doflamingo knew Rosinante very well.

So when the other party passed by him, he felt that this Rosinante was definitely true.

Of course, the black feather coathimself also seemed to be true.

He was indeed very strong, and if he want to challenge them, he is still a little weak.

Doflamingo thought as he rushed towards Wexfords team.

And what Doflamingo was talking about was the group of people who controlled the Holy Land, Mary Geoise.

Of course, they were definitely not the World Nobles with fat heads.

As one of the World Nobles in the past, Doflamingo was familiar with the secrets of the World Government.

“Rosinante, how do you feel when you return to Dressrosa” When Wexford arrived at the largest square on Dressrosa with Doflamingo and Rosinante on his ship, he asked Rosinante, who was walking at the back of the team.

“It feels wonderful.”

This was the real thought of Rosinante, and it was also what he thought when he saw Doflamingo in a pink feather coat.

The two Doflamingo appeared at the same time at the same place, this was a great impact for the person who was close to them.

This was just like when Sengoku saw the two Garp fighting in the Water 7 battlefield.

After a pause, Rosinante turned to look at the Donquixote Family behind him and asked Wexford, “But captain, how are you going to deal with them”

“Them Of course, Ill hand them over to you and Doflamingo.” Wexford pointed to Black Doflamingo beside him and said, “Ill also hand over Dressrosa to you.”

“Oh right, theres also that Caesar Clown who cleaned the deck on the ship.”

“Leave it to us” Rosinante never thought that Wexford would completely hand over the Donquixote Family to him to deal with.

In fact, even Rosinante had never thought about what the scene of the Donquixote Family encountering him and the others in the original world would be like.

But now, he knew that the entire island had returned to the hands of the two brothers.

More importantly, the people who were about to be dealt with by them were a group ofpeople.

“Yes, Ill leave it to you.” After Wexford finished speaking, he walked towards the palace of Dressrosa.

“Oh right, the original Princess of that Dressrosa, Violet is an exception.”

“Katakuri, Garp, the two of you stay in this square and help Rosinante and Doflamingo deal with them.”

After that, Wexford disappeared with Kozuki Oden and Shanks at the corner of the street, leaving the four of them in the square.

At this time, the strongest in the Donquixote Family was Doflamingo, and facing four people who might be stronger than him, Doflamingo didnt dare to be careless, “Where is Mr.


As he said that, he looked up at the direction where Wexford disappeared.

Doflamingo was smart, he knew that the other party must be trying to get rid of his Donquixote Family.

Whether it was directly eliminated or subdued, it should be decided in just a few minutes.

Although Doflamingo was very calm, but the island had just been built, and theTorikago was still in the experimental stage was already beginning to prepare.

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