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For onlookers like Morgans, the outcome of this battle had nothing to do with them.

As long as this battle was grand enough and could make their business better, it was enough.

“This new sea Emperor is really more interesting after entering the New World.”

“It was Shanks before, and now it is Kaido.

Next is Big Mom and Whitebeard Can he become a real Pirate King”

Although more than ten years ago, a Pirate King appeared on the sea, and that was Gol D.

Roger who had arrived at the Final Island.

However, Roger was not as dazzling as the one in front of Morgans.

After all, Roger could not sweep the New World, and in the end, he was sentenced by the marine in Roger Town.

And this Wexford directly defeated the marine, and was about to defeat the Four Emperors one by one.

If Whitebeard also failed in the end, then there would be no one in the entire ocean that could keep him in check.

“One Piece Maybe.” Stussy looked at Kozuki Oden and Kaido in the fierce battle and said softly.

While the two people on the airship were talking, Kozuki Oden had already waved his ‘Togen Shirataki’.

Although Kozuki Oden’s two blades were very small compared to the dragon-shaped Kaido, the cold light of the two blades made Kaido not dare to look down on them.

Although Kaido has been fighting with Kozuki Oden for more than ten years, his strength has greatly increased, but facing the long blade in Kozuki Oden’s hand, Kaido still felt a little scared.

“Bolo Breath!”


When Kaido saw Kozuki Oden getting closer and closer, his mouth condensed a fiery dragon flame and shot towards Kozuki Oden.


When Kaido’s hot breath came into contact with Kozuki Oden’s double knives, the hot breath seemed to be pushed away by someone’s hand.

It separated in front of Kozuki Oden and brushed past his body.

After cutting open Kaido’s hot breath, Kozuki Oden didn’t have any intention of stopping.

His whole body continued to fly towards Kaido.

Kozuki Oden, who was approaching Kaido at high speed, once again formed a cross with his two blades.

A black blade light gradually wrapped around the blade.

This blade light was almost domineering, but it was not domineering.

But this black blade light suddenly made Kaido have a bad feeling.


Kaido, who was worried about Kozuki Oden’s attack, spat out a large amount of wind blades from his mouth and prepared to block Kozuki Oden again.

However, just like the previous heat, these wind blades directly dissipated after coming into contact with Kozuki Oden’s double sword, losing its own attack power.

What the hell is this thing This was the first time Kaido encountered this kind of attack.

Even that Kozuki Oden of Wano Country did not have this kind of attack method.

But before Kaido could think of the reason, Kozuki Oden had already arrived in front of him.

When Kozuki Oden’s hand was about to hit him, Kaido quickly stretched out his two front claws to block the blade.


Kozuki Oden’s two blades firmly hit Kaido’s claws.

After the two sides touched, Kozuki Oden jumped back.

After Kozuki Oden escaped, the people below saw that Kaido’s claws had been torn and his hard scales had disappeared.

Kaido, broke his defense!

For the Beast Pirates, Kaido’s bloody claws were too shocking.

Although they were talking about how strong Wexford and the others were, but this time, the other side sent out a crew member who looked like a warrior from the Wano Country, and a crew member directly broke Kaido’s defense.

It must be known that Kaido’s reputation in the Four Seas was due to his extremely high defense.

The marine had executed Kaido many times, but the marine didn’t leave a mark on Kaido after destroying countless instruments of torture.

It was because of Kaido’s past achievements that made the pirates of the Beast Pirates shocked.

However, on the ship of the Beast Pirates, some people had different thoughts.

This group is finally here.

On the deck of Kaido, the black bearded monster was staring at the pirate ship of Wexford.

For Blackbeard Teach, whether it was the collision between the two Sea Emperors or Kaido being broken, it was not important.

The most important thing was how he could seize the other side’s Nagi Nagi no Mi.

Even if it wasn’t good enough, he would kill that Nagi Nagi no Mi user, so that the Devil Fruit condensed again in the four seas.

Only when the Nagi Nagi no Mi grew again would Blackbeard Teach have a chance to obtain this Devil Fruit.

Of course, even if Blackbeard Teach really hoped that Kaido could defeat Wexford and directly capture or kill the Nagi Nagi no Mi user, the fact was that the other side was even stronger.

Without the cooperation of Big Mom, Kaido could not defeat Wexford and his group.

Damn, what should I do now As the probability of getting the fruit was getting smaller and smaller, Blackbeard Teach was also a little anxious.

Blackbeard Teach also knew that when Wexford continued to expand his territory in the New World, there were fewer and fewer people in the New World who could defeat him.

If Whitebeard did not choose to ally with other Sea Emperors, the strongest person in the world who guarded the rear of the New World would also be unable to fight with Wexford and the pirates.

When Wexford defeated the marine in the Water 7, most people knew that the times had changed.

“That’s great!”

Just as Blackbeard Teach was thinking about how to seize the Nagi Nagi no Mi, on the cabin door of the flagship of the Beast Pirates, a girl with a delicate face was happily praising Kozuki Oden’s attack.

After the girl spoke, the Beast Pirates next to her also saw this companion with a completely different reaction.

However, just as these Beasts Pirates picked up their weapons and prepared to deal with the guy who didn’t have eyes, the face of the girl next to the cabin startled them.

The girl didn’t retreat after being recognized by the crowd.

Instead, she came out of the cabin and shouted, “Come on, Kozuki Oden!”

Obviously, this girl who was called a young master by the Beasts Pirates supported Kozuki Oden.

“This…” The shouts of Yamato made the pirates around very difficult.

If they attacked, the other side was Kaido’s daughter.

If they hurt the other side, these pirates would definitely be involved.

And if the other side continued to shout, Kaido would certainly not give them a good end after the battle.

For a time, this group of Beasts Pirates fell into a dilemma.


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