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Dual Cultivator RebornSystem In The Cultivation World Chapter 9 - You What?

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Yohan was Walking beside Guard While the Guard was leading him towards the Patriarch hall where his father was waiting For him.

After a few moments later They both arrived at the hall, Seeing the mighty hall in front of His Eyes Yohan took A deep breath" I Am F*cking Rich" He mumbled in low voice.

"Did you say anything Young master" The guard asked who was standing beside him," Nothing I was thinking About something Don't mind me" Yohan responded to him with a smile on his face.

"You came, I was looking for you" Suddenly he heard a familiar voice and his movement becomes Stiff.

"Father" Yohan looked towards the middle Aged man, Who was standing in front of his eyes.

Su Lin looked at Yohan from top to bottom And took A deep breath and Signaled the to guard leave the Hall.

After few moments of silence, "Why did you beat those men Who belong to the Nichole clan" Su Lin Looked towards Yohan And Ask him.

Hearing Those words He took Few moments to Digest What is going on here, After a few moments later"Because They Were Assaulting a helpless woman publically" Yohan responded to his father..

Hearing those words from his Son's mouths Su Lin was Taken Back, "So How Did you Able to beat those Guys, your cultivation Is nill then How did you Archive that feat" Su Lin Said looking Towards Yohan.

"I don't Know Father I was just lucky I guess," Yohan said.

"Lucky huh" Su Lin Took Few moments And Looked towards Yohan" ok but Remember Don't Try to meddle in unnecessary Fights, I will Going to Take Care of the Nichole clan, so Don't leave the Lin Clan For Awhile"Su Lin Signalled Yohan to leave. Yohan nodded and the next moment He leaves The Patriarch Hall.

After Yohan LeftThe Patriarch Hall Suddenly Old Man Appeared Beside Su Lin"What do you think, Is the sun clan is going to make a move"That old man looked towards Su Lin And Said those words.

"They will Soon Make Their Move, but I am not Worried About Them, I am very happy today Father" Su lin Turned His Faced towards His father.

"I can understand How Are you feeling Right now, I am also Feeling The Same, Finally He started Taking things Seriously, Not only He saved That Lady, but he didn't Take Advantage of Her circumstances, he Left His room leaving behind that Lady Along With one of his Maids, And went to Closed Cultivation," That old man said while touching his long White beards, A wide Smile Appeared on his Face.

"So you know father" Su Lin Said.

"Yes, After all, he is my Only grandson" That old man mumbles, and the next moment he disappeared in thin Air leaving Su Lin Alone.


"Sigh It was the Close Call, Someone was presented There, And He wanted to look into my cultivation level, Thank God The System Saved me this time, otherwise how can I Explain That in one night I Got breakthroughs out of nowhere in those Minors realms." Yohan mumbles.

And Started Approaching his mother's Room. After a few moments later he was standing in front of his mother's room. He took A deep breath.

*Knock *Knock *knock *knock

he knocked on the door, And a few moments later His mothers opened the doors of her Room"Oh Yohan it's you, Come inside why Are you standing outside" His mother Smiled towards him.

"No mother I am in hurry, I have something to tell you" He responded to his mother.

"Oh, my Child is in a hurry, well so tell me what brings you here, do you want money, wait for me, I will be back soon," She said and was about to leave inside the room to bring money for Yohan.

" No mother I don't need money, I have one request" He responded to his mother.

Hearing those words Alena becomes pale like she saw some kind of ghost"So you are not here for the money" She mumbled and smiled bitterly.

"Well, the thing is" Yohan Explained Everything About to his Mother, Hearing those words Her jaw dropped on the ground and she looked towards Yohan in a dazed Expression. After a few moments later She comes back to her Senses.

"You What," She said, looking towards Yohan.

"Yes, I saved her from those peoples and bring her to this place, please consider her," He said.

"Sigh, ok I will Meet her, And Appoint Her in our Lin Clan" Alena Responded Yohan.

Hearing those words he Hugged his mother"Mom you are the best"He Said with a smile on his face, the smile was very genuine, In his previous life he was an orphan So he loved the way That Alena cares for him.

Seeing Yohan like that Alena becomes very happy, She petted her son's head And promises to appoint Diya into the Lin clan. After a few moments later spending some time with his mother, Yohan leaves his room to meet Diya.


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