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Yohan cleaned the blood and applied some medicines to diya's body.

"All done, Here is some food you can eat and don't worry about anything just relax", he smiled towards the diya and gave her a tray of food.


Ana was in deep thought she was looking towards Yohan in a daze, She didn't understand what is going on here, and the thing happened a few moments ago when Yohan beat those men.

"Is he The master that I know, The trash The Lin clan that the whole city know". Ana thought to herself, while she was looking towards Yohan with deep eyes. Yohan noticed The Gaze.

"Hey, Ana Do you want to say something That bothering you" Yohan looked towards Ana.

Hearing those words She becomes Stiff, And her Face becomes pale."No matter, It's nothing, "She mumbled..

seeing the awkwardness In her voice It took Few moments To him why she is behaving like that, it's all because of a sudden change in his personality, but alas he couldn't do anything about that.

"Thank you, Young master, Yohan you Did a great Favour today I am in awe of my life"Diya looked into Yohan's Deep blue Eyes and Said, she Already Finished Eating. And were looking towards the Yohan with Deep Gaze.

"It's ok, And don't call me Young master when no one Is Around, so what's next, what do you want to Do from now on" He responded to Diya.

Hearing those words from Yohan's mouths he took a deep breath" I don't know"She said bitter smile on her face.

"I understand, then why don't you Stay in lin clan And Work For me, I will talk to my mother tomorrow," Yohan said looking towards the Diya.

"Young master Yohan I-" She wanted to say something but words are not coming from her mouth, And Tears were rolling from her eyes. Seeing this Yohan Shook His Head.

"Stop Crying You will be Safe Here, And no one is going to Threaten You," He said looking into Diya's Eyes.

Hearing those words She shook his head while Yohan looked towards Ana"Ana tomorrow Arrange one room for Diya, She is going to work for us starting tomorrow"Yohan said looking towards Ana.

"I understand master Yohan, I will Arrange One of the staff quarters for her" She responded looking towards Yohan. hearing Those words he nodded his head. And he shifted his gaze towards the Diya.

"Stay in my Room tonight, Ana will Stay Beside you, if you need anything ask Ana she will help you" Yohan looked towards Ana.

"Help her if she needs anything," He said to Ana.

"But master this is your room, I cant dare to stay in your room" Ana's Face becomes pale.

"Yes, I am already fine, Master Yohan," Diya said and wanted to leave the bed...

"both of you just do what I say, it's an order, I have something very important to do so I am going in the cultivation room, "He said looking towards Ana.

"But master Yohan"Diya wanted to Say something but Yohan Interrupted her.

"It's okay," He said and Gave a smile to her. While his Gaze went towards Ana.

"Take care of her " Yohan Said and the next moment He leaves the Room leaving those two ladies behind him.

Seeing Yohan leave Ana took a deep breath"Sigh, why this is happening to me"Ana Mumbled. And took a Seat beside Diya.

"Thank god you are safe, if the master Yohan didn't intervene at the right moment I don't know what happened to you Lady Diya" Diya bitterly smiled, "I owe him with my life," She said and looked towards the Direction where Yohan went.

"But I am very confused, why the master Yohan is going in Cultivation room," Ana Said while she becomes confused.

Hearing those Words Diya becomes Confused"What do you mean by that"Hearing those words from Diya's mouths Ana Shook his head.

"The thing is That master is a Dual cultivator, he runs away from the academy because of his negative image, He has no partner in the academy, even his childhood friend he loved she rejected him Even humiliated him in front of the everyone, and She already achieves sixth level of body strengting realm. while he is still in the initial stages of body awakening realm" Ana Explain everything to Diya.

Hearing those words Diya's Heart Started Beating Faster "He Choses Path of Dual cultivator" She mumbled.


Yohan opened The door Of the Cultivation Room, "Sigh, So this is a normal cultivation room, which my father Used to cultivate" He mumbled And closed the room From the inside.

He took a seat in the middle of the room and changed his posture as Lotus. He was Sitting in a lotus position.

"let's see in a previous life I started my cultivation while using Qi, In the cultivation Era, The Qi is the Essence of the world" He mumbled and closed his eyes and started gathering The Qi from his surroundings.


"Holy Moly, what the hell" Hearing that Emotionless Ai voice His mouths Becomes Wide and his Jaw drooped on the Ground.


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