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The place becomes dead silent when people saw Yohan beat the crap out of those guys... so no one dared to say anything or even thought about mocking him.

on the other side, Yohan felt disgusted seeing these kinds of people who were enjoying while those bastards assaulting single helpless women.

"Sigh forget about those bastards, but who the hell is that Nicholas bastard, that those bastard were threatening me while saying his name, I have to look into in this matter very carefully," he thought himself. while two ladies were following him behind they were ana and another one Yohan saved recently from those people's.

Ana was somewhat looking very nervous she was having various kinds of thoughts in her mind, sweat could be seen on her beautiful face, she was around the age of 22 with deep blue eyes, red rosy lips and black long hair, her heart was beating very fast"Why this happened to me, I was in dazed that I forget to leave that place, and master Yohan found out me, is he going to scold me" she thought in her mind while her gaze went on the women who was walking beside her.

"What is your name" and said looking at the women who were silently following Yohan from behind, Hearing those words which come from ana's mouth she took a deep breath.

"My name is Diya" She responded ana, with a bitter smile on her beautiful face, her face was milky white, while her eyes were deep blue, and she has long eyelashes which were looking towards Yohan, who is the Saviour of her life, despite his young age he saved her while beating four men..

"Her name is Diya huh" Yohan mumbled in low voice, he heard that diya's parents died while she was small, and then her uncle and aunt took her in, but when she turned 22 they sell her to those men. And she doesn't want to sell her body so she runs away but unfortunately gets caught.

"Those Inhuman People, What kind of uncle and Aunt sell their blood like that, What kind of messed up world is this," He thought while his blood started boiling in rage thinking about the hell that Diya Gone Through.

"Poor girl, I don't know what happened to her if I do not intervene at the right time, they might brutally kill her," Yohan thought and tilted his head behind towards the Diya, her gaze also went towards Yohan. She was looking towards him with her deep blue eyes thanking him for what he did for her.

meanwhile, they already entered the lin clan, when the guard saw Yohan they Bowed to him, but deep down they were mocking him, whatsoever they did notice The presence of Diya, but didn't dare to say anything because she was accompanied by Yohan.

"This is my living quarters, follow me," Yohan said looking towards the Diya, who was amazed to see the mighty lin clan inside.

"yes, young master" Diya responded to Yohan and started following along with ana beside her.

After a few moments later they arrived inside the roomYohan, the room was very luxurious because he was the only heir of lin clan. Yohan looked towards Ana.

"Go get some medicine, And Prepare some warm water for Diya," He said looking towards the ana. Hearing those words her eyes widen, she thought he is going to scold her or worst going to hit her for following him secretly.

"Why are you looking at me like that, I am some kind of ghost," He said while smiling towards her.

hearing those words she comes to her senses, "Yes master Yohan I will be back soon" She said while wanted to leave as soon as possible.

"Wait," Yohan said looking towards the ana who was about to leave the room hearing those words she halted her move and looked behind Yohan, with a bitter smile on her face.

"I thought Diya didn't eat anything so bring her something to eat," He said to ana.

Ana took a sigh, and the next moment she leaves the room leaving those two behind.

"You can relax, don't hesitate," Yohan said looking Towards Diya who was looking towards him While she was standing middle of the room Awkwardly, didn't know what to do next.

Seeing the woman In front of Him Yohan Smile" Come just Sit on the bed"He said and while he grasps her hand and Helps her to sit comfortably on the bed.

"Master I am Commoner, I don't deserve this, you help me that is enough to me, I don't know how am I going to Repay you in my whole life," She said While tears are started rolling from her eyes.

Seeing Diya like that he felt bad for her, Yohan wiped her tears and petted her head, don't worry about those things, common or royalty It doesn't matter to me and I mean it what I said to you.

He said those words looking into her deep eyes, Hearing those words She felt a sweet pain in her heart, this is the first time Diya saw Honesty in Someone Eyes, She knows that Yohan is telling the truth, This is the first time she saw that someone is not looking towards her with lustful eyes.

She nodded her head with a Sweet smile, next moment Yohan heard the knock on the door.

"Knock*Knock* knock*knock"

"Come " He responded and the next moment Ana arrives, one of the maids was following her she was holding the Food tray, while ana holding some warm water and medicine.

The other maid leaves the room after putting the food on the table, Ana stayed behind.

"It will hurt little" Yohan said and dip the towel in lukewarm water and started cleaning The blood on Diya's Face. She was looking towards Yohan with a Deep gaze and her eyes were moist. After a few moments later he finished cleaning the wounds and applied some medicines to her body.

"Now you will be fine soon," He said looking towards Diya with a sweet smile on his face. Seeing the beautiful smile on Yohan's Face, Diya's heart started throbbing and her face turned red.


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