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Evelyn looked towards Yohan's walking figure who was accompanied by those two women who always remain by her side.

old man lin looked towards Evelyn who was looking at yohan with a curious gaze, she shifted her gaze towards the old man, as she noticed that he is looking impatient.

"follow me su wan," Evelyn said to the old man, and the next moment she started walking towards her room, while the old man quietly followed Evelyn behind, he was curious about what happened inside the Elder hall.


Those two women walking beside yohan while yohan was walking in the middle of them, but he felt annoyed as they both were looking at him curious gaze, somehow they changed their perspective about him when he first arrive with his grandpa they thought he was a pervert who was mesmerized seeing lady Evelyn like the others male do, but not only he was able to enter inside the elder hall now lady Evelyn permit him to go inside the Treasure hall, where kingdoms most expensive and rare treasure existed.

"Can you guys please stop looking at me this way, it's awkward" he halted his movement and look towards both women. who was looking at him continuously after they heard he can enter inside the collection hall!

"We are not looking at you, Right Aana" one of the women looked towards the other woman as he heard Yohan's words, she tried to look a different way but still she was looking at him from time to time.

"yes Kana, why would be looking at him, he must have some misunderstanding"the other women from his left responded to Kana..

Seeing their odd behavior Yohan smiled bitterly and shook his head" I know you guys were looking at me, but why, is something wrong with my face, or do you guys think I am attractive" he said with a malicious smile on his face.

"damn you pervert, I was right he is a pervert, who will be interested in someone like you, you are just a damn kid, I don't know why lady Evelyn allowed you inside the Treasure hall, "The woman name kana becomes annoyed seeing that creepy smile on his face.

"ahh...now I understand so this is the reason why you guys are mad at me, its because Lady Evelyn gave me permission to enter inside the Treasure hall" he looked towards Aana and kana as he said those words.

Hearing those words from Yohan's mouth both women were taken aback and looked at each other's faces, and the next moment they both looked at him"yes an annoyed kid like you didn't qualified to enter inside the Treasure hall, but it was lady Evelyn's order so we can't deny that, "both of them looked towards him with a furious gaze as they said the words him.

"ok whatever can we go now, I am getting late, tomorrow is my mom's birthday and I am wasting my time with you" he responded to those too.

They both greeted their teeth hearing those words from his mouth but alas they couldn't do anything at this point, "Tch, follow us, and don't leave behind, we don't have time to waste on a kid like you" Kana responded to him and next moment both women started walking very fast leaving him behind.

"Damn you"yohan cursed these two and he also increased his pace and started following Aana and kana from behind towards the Treasure hall, after walking few more minutes they finally arrive in front of the hall, and there are two men could be seen standing in front of the hall wearing golden armor, they are guarding this place.

Seeing Aana and Kana both of them bowed their head towards these ladies and their gazes went towards the Yohan, who finally bought these two women and standing in the middle of them.

"open the Treasure hall, Lady Evelyn gave us the order to let him enter inside the Treasure hall "Aana looked towards the guards as she said those words, hearing those words both guard nodded their heads, and the next moment they open the hall.


"What the heavenly orb destroyed, that orb wasn't able to determine his talent, how is this possible "the old man exclaimed and he stand up to his place after hearing Evelyn's explanation.

"Indeed he is talented, you should be happy that your grandson is not trash, but what happened to him suddenly, I sensed mana fluctuations around him, it's unusual did he get a breakthrough recently"Evelyn looked at the old man curiously as she said those words.

Hearing those words old man's face becomes pale, he doesn't want to tell that yohan got a breakthrough in the entire major realm, within a day and not only he had but also his partner Diya also gets a breakthrough in four minor realms, after spending a single night.


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