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[host you are affected by hundred valley poison]

[host body already immune for hundred valley poison, the poison effects nullify]

[ congratulation host you gained resistance from any poison, no poison in this world can harm you]

"what the f.u.c.k. that bitch wanted to kill me, she gave me poison damn you woman" he looked towards Evelyn with wide-open eyes, she was looking at him curiously and she smiled..

"Indeed you are unique, it's a good thing that I didn't waste my time for someone trash, but I am curious how did you survive, this poison is very lethal even a high cultivator like me is not fully immune to this poison," a malicious smile appeared on her face.

"damn you mad bitch, testing that poison on me," he cried inwardly but smiling outside, now he didn't want to get in her bad books, if she becomes mad who knows what she will do she is a crazy woman.

seeing those expressions on Johan's face she smiled at him"do you want to say something or do you want to complain to me about something, I think you are mad at me" she asked him.

Yohan nervously swallowed his saliva and didn't dare to lose that smile on his face, she looked here and there to find a way to run this place, but alas there is no place to hide or run"no mam, I am not mad, I am happy that you find a guinea p--, no I mean a suitable candidate for your research" he said with a broad smile.

"stop smiling that way you are looking like a creep, and don't take it personally I was curious about what Su wan said, that's why I gave you hundred valley poison now I can truly believe what he was saying was true, indeed you are blessed by heaven, now shall we start the real test" she responded to him.

Hearing those words he felt a chilly sensation in his entire body and he looked at her with a nonchalant expression on his face"DA f.uc.k she is talking about" he gulped mouthful saliva and looked towards Evelyn who was looking at him.

"mam what are you talking about the real test, you already know that my body is immune against the hundred valley poison, so i think I should leave I don't want to waste your time and, it's my mother birthday tomorrow, I have to buy a present for her" he responded to Evelyn and wanted to leave the Altar.

When he was about to stand from his place but he felt an overwhelming aura around that place, his movement becomes stiff he did not able to lift his figures, his gaze went towards Evelyn who was sitting in front of him and her eyes were closed.

"Kid don't try to be over-smart just do what I say quitely, be a good boy and sit quietly otherwise you will be stuck here forever and never going to leave this place and even your whole clan could not do anything about it, understand"Evelyn opened her eyes, her eyes were looking very different they were burning with blue fire but next moment she took a deep breath and become calm, her eyes went to normal.

[extreme blood lust detected host life is in danger]

But at this time Yohan's heart sank he thought that for a second that he was about to die, he felt despair in his heart, he thought that he becomes powerful after getting breakthrough but he was wrong.

He was nothing in front of her, if she wants she can kill him easily, he was just a mere ant in front of her. Yohan gulped mouthful saliva and quietly took a seat in front of her, his whole robes were drenched with sweat.

"Listen, kid, this orb is capable of testing one's body's aptitude, it can determine your physique, it is capable of showing five colours, grey, yellow, green, red, purple, and brown.

"grey is considered the worst one and brown consider the highest one, it will determine what kind of talent you have so just put your hand on this crystal orb and try putting some of your mana inside the orb"Evelyn explained to him.

Yohan nodded his head and took a deep breath and the next moment he placed his hand on the orb and started focusing on his mana, but something unexpected happens.

When yohan started inducing his mana inside the orb, the orb started shining and colour started to appear one by one, the orb started to showing grey, yellow, green, and red and finally purple colour"Evelyn was taken aback seeing this.

indeed he was a genius like her because her aptitude was purple, she never thought that she will find someone like him in this city. but she dropped her jaw seeing that the orb started showing brown colour. her facial expression becomes stiff.

But something unexpected is about to happen.


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