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Old man Lin took a deep breath and knock on the door while sweat could be seen on his face as he was nervous about something, Yohan was also having a hard time he didn't know what was awaiting him behind that door but suddenly he was taken aback.

A very seductive voice came from the behind door and the next moment old man Lin entered inside that room and signaled yohan to follow him behind, but yohan was in deep thought hearing that voice.

"This freaking seductive yet playful voice cant be belong to an old lady" he becomes curious and entered the room along with his grandpa. His jaw dropped on seeing The woman who was sitting on the sofa looking at these two.

Yohan's leg fumbled when he looks towards that beautiful woman, her skin was Pure white like a block of ice, contrasting with blue long hair which was coming to her waist, her eyes were deep blue and she was looking towards the yohan with a serious gaze as she noticed something about him, she was wearing a blue long gown and two beautiful could be seen behind her standing,yohan thought they were her guards because they were wearing the attire of the shoulder.

Yohan has never seen such a beautiful woman in his entire life even when he was on earth he didn't remember that someone existed on the earth like her, she was looking around twenty-eight years, he was expecting some old woman but he never thought that he will meet peerless beauty like her,yohan gulped mouthful saliva as he followed his grandpa behind.

"It's been a Long time Su wan, have you been well, please have a seat "That woman look towards the su wan and said those words, she looks towards the yohan, seeing her beautiful gaze yohan bowed his head towards her.

"it's pleasure to see you again lady Evelyn, you are still the same it's been forty years when we last met but you didn't change," the old man looked towards Evelyn as he said those words.

Yohan's jaw dropped on the ground hearing his grandfather's words, he started looking Evelyn top to bottom because he couldn't able to believe that his grandpa is meeting her forty years later, but suddenly yohan felt a threatening gaze from those two woman's guards who were standing behind the Evelyn, they noticed Yohan's gaze towards the Lady Evelyn, They thought he was looking at her with some Ultier motives but next moment Evelyn turned her head behind and look towards these two women.

Seeing lady Evelyn's gaze both of them disappeared from that palace like a ghost, Yohan's heart started beating faster and louder as he couldn't able to believe in his eyes, how could someone disappear like that, he has never seen anything light that he looks towards his grandpa who was looking at him and next moment his grandpa look towards the lady Evelyn.

"My lady he is my grandson, His name is Yohan Lin and he is the only Heir of the Lin clan, Please forgive his rudeness"old man bowed his head towards Evelyn, Yohan also felt that he went overboard he was disrespected towards her, but he couldn't able to control his emotion because he never sees someone that beautiful before moreover, his grandpa's words surprised him.

"It's fine don't worry about that he is not looking at me that way he was become curious about after hearing your words. you said that you meeting me After forty years, "Evelyn smiled towards the yohan as she explained what was he thinking.

But hearing those words Yohan's heart sank, and his face turned dark as he not expecting this, seeing his grandson face Su wan took a deep breath, he knows that Lady Evelyn is not someone that you can easily deceive she is an absolute being who is standing the top and one of the respected person in the whole kingdom.

If she wants she can annihilate the whole kingdom single-handedly, this lady is not simple, it's all because her cultivation level is par with everyone, no one dare to defy her authority even the phoenix royal family didn't dare to provoke her.

She is The matriarch of the Divine blossom sect And she governs the whole sect single-handedly,even she is not a dual cultivator but she started the Divine blossom sect because of some unknown reason that no one knows, and no one dares to ask her about that, because she nearly annihilated blood sect just because one of their top student and a young master of some big clan asked her to become his partner and the reason behind why she started Divine blossom sect, and next moment she crippled that young master and nearly destroyed the blood sect.

Yohan gulped his mouthful saliva and bowed towards her"My lady I didn't mean to disrespect you,"yohan responded to Evelyn, he now understands that lady is not someone to be underestimated.

"It's ok, you were just curious about my age didn't you, I'll tell you a secret when you reached Heavenly soul realm, you can live more than 200 years, and when you reach nascent soul realm you can live more than 300 years "she blink towards the yohan as she said those words, Su wan chuckled after hearing Lady Evylyn's words.


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