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Yohan's face is turned dark hearing his grandpa's words, he has already started getting goosebumps all over on his body Thinking about That woman.

Yohan and his Grandpa were following these two guards To meet matriarch Evelyn, Yohan is not having a good time as his grandfather warned him not to make any kind of mistake in front of that lady.

They entered a massive hall inside the mansion, The hall was very beautiful and lavish, Yohan dropped his jaw seeing The Interior of that mansion, and gulped mouthful saliva.

"What the hell, I've never seen anything like That in my whole life what kind of lavish life is that woman living, even my Lin clan is not compared to this kind of beauty. Everything is expensive and unique" He thought to himself.

seeing his open Mouth Old man chuckled, he can understand What is yohan is thinking. He petted Yohan's shoulder.

"Kid That Lady is not an ordinary person, She Is very respective lady In a whole the Phonix Kingdom, And very powerful no one wants to mess with her, Even The Phonix Royal Family who rules over this Northen region didn't dare to oppose her, So make sure to be respectful towards her" Grandpa Su wan explained to Yohan. Hearing those words his facial expression changed..

"Grandpa Even Phoenix Royal family" he becomes Surprised hearing those words, he knows That Phoenix kingdom rules over The Various clans and Sect.

And Lin clan is also a major Clan that serves under The Phoenix kingdom, but he didn't know that he will find someone here who has the power to oppose the Royal family.

He now fully understand why his grandfather was giving those warnings to him, Yohan looked towards His grandpa and pondered"What kind of background is my old man have that he knows some like this lady, or moreover she permits Them to meet her"He thought to himself and understand why those guards were looking these guys with wide-open eyes.

After a few moments later The guards Halted Their movement in front of the Room And Looked towards the Old man su wan"Elder Lord matriarch is waiting inside the guest room"Both of them bowed towards the Old man su wan and left that place Leaving Yohan and Old man in front of the guest room.

The old man took a deep breath and Sweat appear on his face, seeing his grandpa like that yohan skipped his heartbeat nearly, he thought this old man was a furious personality but he is taking time to enter the guest room, nervousness could be seen on his grandpa's face.

"What the F.u.c.k is that woman That kind of furious, That makes my grandpa to nervous like that, what is going on here, or what the hell I am doing here, why my grandpa brings me here I am supposed to look a gift for my mother but here I am" He cursed his grandpa inwardly.


Meanwhile, In the Lin clan, A lady could be seen standing beside a window and suddenly she heard A voice And tilted her head behind.

"Lady Alena You are here," Diya becomes surprised seeing lady arena who was standing in front of her.

Seeing Diya's reaction Lady Alena smiled and approached diya.

"You are worried about yohan Right, Waiting for Him" Alena looks towards Diya's worried face as she understands what is she looking at outside the windows.

Diya nodded her head and bitterly smiled towards Alena"I am worried about him, It's been more than five hours when he left the clan," Diya looked towards Alena with a worried expression.

Alena chuckled and Petted her head, And Raised her hand touched Diya's cheek with his right hand" Don't worry about him, He is with his Grandfather No one dared to harm him, If anyone tried to harm him they are going to court their deaths, And my child You have to be a strong lady, He is a cultivator And an Heir of the Lin clan, his path is not an easy one, And being his partner you have to understand those things"Alena gently petted diya's cheek And a bitter smiled appeared on her face as she said those words.

She knows better than anyone that no matter what yohan did she still loves him, And understands what is meant to be a mother who has only a single child.

She knows How diya feels, but still, she wanted her to understand That She can't control him, being a woman she must support Her partner.

" I am sorry mother I just"Diya halted her tongue she couldn't find proper words to explain, seeing this Alena Chuckled.

"Don't worry I can understand He saved your life and after that attack, you are worried about him, it's fine sweetheart Come with me I'll show you the Whole Lin Clan" Alena smiled and Petted Diya's head.


"Yohan let's Go " Old man look towards Yohan and next moment took a deep breath and knocked the Door.


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