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Yohan's D.i.c.k was throbbing Inside Diya's cave, Her buttocks were moving upwards to downwards in the rhythm.

After a few moments, Later Yohan's hand reached her buttocks, And he whispered something while squeezing them.

"Diya I am about to come, I Fill your stomach with my Yang Qi and make sure you cultivate After our cultivation season Finished otherwise you will become pregnant with my child, "He whispers in her ears making her more embarrassed.

She nodded her head as she feels His P.E.N.I.S is becoming more violent while Yohan was Sqeuzing her buttocks with his hands, She felt that she was on cloud nine. And next moment yohan smirked seeing Diya like that, she was fully immersed in the l..u.s.t, which was making yohan go harder. And he Started to Fasten his Little brother's speed into Her P.u.s.s.y.

"Hah~ hah~ ahha~" she m.o.a.n.e.d As She felt His D.i.c.k started Reaching deep site in her Cave.

"Diya, it's so Tight, your P.u.s.s.y is Making me mad. I want to c.u.m inside you."

"Hah~ don't stop. C.u.m inside me. Ahh~ c.u.m inside me~, Yohan..."

She tried to be quiet, but she felt too good from Yohan's long girthy d.i.c.k rubbing deep inside of her tight hole. Her legs wrapped around his waist, while his hands were massaging her a.s.s. He kept squeezing them every time he thrust. And he started kissing his neck. which gives her more pleasure as she started rubbing her body against him while his D.i.c.k was penetrating her Tight p.u.s.s.y.

Feeling the way he squeezed and f.u.c.k.e.d her made her feel like she was losing her mind, but she didn't want it to end.

"Hah~ aha~ right there~ right there~"

"Yes~ yes~ yes~ please don't stop"

"Ahhhaa~ I'm going to c.u.m~ make me C.u.m Yohan."

Yohan's started thrusting vigorously into her tight p.u.s.s.y, making her want to scream with every thrust.


He couldn't control his waist. Her hot Cave was so tight it was gripping his Little brother as he rubbed quickly it inside of her. It felt so good he felt like he was going to c.u.m.And next moment yohan Tighten her grip around her ass.

Yohan was at his limit he Slightly pulls away from his P.e.n.i.s And Thurst again, This time it was deeper than before. and he didn't stop he started thrusting more faster and deeper inside her cave.

"Ahhh~~" Diya moaned she was also at her limit seeing this He finally shot his White milk inside her bomb.

Their bodies pressed tightly together as they both jerked from their climax. With each jerk, Yohan released another load of c.u.m into her tight hot p.u.s.s.y...Which was making diya m.o.a.n.e.d...He filled her cave with his yang qi...

And started absorbing her yin qi, From his body, and they both Sat on the lotus position and started Cultivating.

"Let's take a break, Diya makes sure to absorb my yang qi," He said Looking behind him, she was sitting behind him with there B.a.r.e's back was touching each other, as he was guiding her because it was her first time cultivate he didn't want to take any risk of impregnating her.

And he didn't want to expose himself so he was pretending to Absorb her yin qi, Although DIYa didn't experience Dual cultivation but she was familiar that how dual cultivation works. So Yohan Didn't want to explain about he has a system in his body so he just pretended that he was absorbing The yin energy while she started absorbing his yang energy.


[Congratulations Host You have succeeded in breaking through Eight level body awakening Realm]

[Congratulations Host You have succeeded in breaking through Ninth level body awakening Realm]

[Congratulations Host You have succeeded in breaking through Tenth level body awakening Realm]

[Congratulations Host you reached The bottleneck to Body awakening Real]

[Congratulations Host for Unlocking Two Feature, Mana power, And Charisma]


Name: Yohan Lin

Cultivation Level: Tenth Level Body Awakening Realm

Cultivation Type: Dual Cultivator/Qi Cultivator

Legacy: None

Bloodline: None



Speed: 320

Physical Strenght:480

"This is amazing, finally I Reached the bottleneck in One night, Let's see how much time it takes to reach the next Realm." He thought to himself seeing the blue screen in front of his sight where he found Two new Functions appear in his system interface, he already played the game on earth so he has an understanding of this new Status.


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