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"Father You are saying that Hundred poison valley sect is behind This Attack," Su lin Looked towards His Father Su wan Who was Sitting in front of him in A spacious Hall. Only a Few guards could be seen standing Around Every corner of the Hall They were All standing staff like they were some kind of robots.

"Yes, Yohan Is lucky he survive After being poison by Hundred Valley poison" Su wan closed his eyes and touched his long white beards.

Hearing those words Su lin Tighten his First"Those mother F*ckers, I Will Destroy Their whole Sector, how dare they tried to kill my Son Yohan, They Forget The kindness I Showed Them And Save their sector once."Su Lin Becomes furious And gritted his teeth.

"Don't be Reckless, Things are not easy As it seems, Nicholas and Nichole's clan Is behind all this, Hundred Valley sect Is mere A pawn of their scenes, I will handle those things, you don't have to worry about anything" Su wan Responded his son and patted his shoulder.

"But Father"Su lin clenched his fist but seeing the Furious Gaze on Su wan's Face He Control himself and nodded his head.


Yohan and Diya were Sitting on the Bed, while Diya's Face We're Red like Ripen tomatoes, and Yohan Was also feeling Shy....A few moments before They kiss Each other in the heat of the moment.

" I am sorry," Diya tilted her head towards Yohan And said those words, Hearing words He smiled at her," it Happened in the heat of the moment, But I am not regretted, To be honest With you, "He responded Diya.

Hearing those words She Smiled bitterly " But I am just a commoner, So I thought You were regretting Being Touched by me" She said looking towards his handsome Face.

"Sigh, I will never regret being with you" He petted her head, and the next moment he touched her Rosy lips again with his delicate fingers.

And next moment Slowly his body neared hers. He was now so close that she could smell his masculine scent, feel his warm breath tickling her skin, And hear his heartbeat beating in sync with hers.

And next moment their Lips met Again. After a few moments later Yohan petted her head"See I don't see you as a commoner I like being with you"He responded to her while touching her rosy lips.

Diya's Heart was beating faster and louder. Her body felt a chilly sensation.


Diya and Yohan heard a knock on their room door, And They separated themselves the next moment. And diya went to open the door The moment she opened The door She was Taken aback, it was Lady Alena standing outside Yohan's room.

"My Lady," Diya bowed towards her, seeing Diya like that Alena chuckled and petted her head.

"How's is my son is Doing is he feeling better" Alena Looked towards Diya.

"Yes master Yohan is Fine, He already Regains his consciousness" Diya responded to smile, And Welcome lady Alena inside the room.

"Mother," He said looking towards Alena, seeing Yohan Alena hugged him and petted Yohan's Head, "I thought I lose you son" She responded to Yohan while tears were rolling from her deep blue eyes.

"Mother I am okay, I am sorry I make you worried about me," He wipes his mother's tears and kisses Alena's Forehead.

Alena Smiled And nodded her head, And she looked towards Diya who was standing beside Yohan"Come sit here I want to ask you something"Alena looked towards Diya, Hearing those words She nodded her head and took a seat beside Alena. and next moment she looked towards Yohan.

"Yohan She is a good girl, she was worried about you when you were attacked by those bastards, why don't you take diya as your cultivation partner, that way no one dares to look towards her, she will be safe For being your cultivation partner, and you don't have any partner yet" Alena took a deep breath and look towards Yohan.

Hearing those words Diya were taken aback, Becoming The cultivation Partner of the heir of the Lin clan, is not an easy feat that can easily gain, but Her face becomes pale because she does not belong to any sect and renowned clan, why would Yohan bother to take her as Cultivation partner she thought.

"Yes mother I don't have any problem with that," And the next moment those words which come from Yohan's mouths make her looked towards Yohan, who was smiling looking towards her, And the next moment her eyes became teary. On the other side, Alena smiled hearing Yohan's response.

"Take good care of her" She petted Yohan's head, And shifted her gaze towards the Diya.

"From now on you are a member of the Lin clan And a First cultivation Partner of Yohan, you are very lucky that my son chooses you" Alena smiled And took A Ring from her Dimensional Ring and gave it to Diya.

"This is the proof that you are one of us from now on" Alena responded to Diya, And put that ring into her finger.

"I will serve him with my heart," Diya said looking into Alena's eyes, Alena smiled hearing those words.

"Indeed you are a good choice for Yohan," She responded her and a few moments later she left the room leaving these two behind.

"Are you happy, You are not a commoner anymore you are my Partner from now on" He smiled and Touched Diya's right cheek gently and responded to her.

"I will never forget the kindness you showed me today, I am very happy, you not only saved me from those guys but you took me into your clan, I am grateful for you" Diya hugged him tightly with a bright smile on her face.

[Congratulations Host For Achieving your first Cultivation Partner]

[All Status 200]

Name: Yohan Lin

Cultivation Level: Fourth Level Body Awakening Realm

Cultivation Type: Dual Cultivator/Qi Cultivator

Legacy: None

Bloodline: None

Speed: 260



Physical Strenght: 280



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