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The gate of Yohan's room was open and old appeared from that gate he was looking very nervous seeing this old man nervous everyone's face becomes pale. seeing this man Alena and su lin become more serious along with su wan.

"What happened to my son, is he alright tell me"Alena shouted at the old man as she said those words.

"lady Alena master Yohan is alright he is out of danger now, he needs some rest," the old man responded to Alena while he nodded towards the old man su wan and su lin that nothing to worried about him.

hearing those words Alena's face becomes bright and when diya heard those words her eyes started shading tears, she started running towards Yohan's room without thinking, seeing this su lin took a deep breath" that brat he found someone that cared about him, but she is older than him"su lin mumbled, hearing those words from his husband's mouths Alena chuckled and started following diya behind.

meanwhile, su has approached the medic and look towards him"what happened, you were looking very nervous while giving that good news is something wrong with my grandson "he said looking towards the old medic. hearing those words old medics were taken aback.

" My lord I have never seen that anyone who recover from hundred valley poison, that's why I was surprised and nervous"old medic responded old man wan. hearing those words he felt a shiver in his whole body..

"What did you say he was poisoned by hundred valley poison and my grandson is still alive, how is that possible"su wan mumbled and wiped the sweat which appeared on her forehead.

he was dazed because he knows that no one lived after being poison by hundred valley poison, but he took a deep breath and looked towards the old medic with a serious expression on his face.

"don't tell anyone about this, if anyone found out about today event I will make sure to kill you with my hand, I don't want to risk my grandson's life again"su wan looked towards the old medic, hearing those words he shook his head.

"master I do not dare to say anything about today's event to anyone, believe me" he mumbled and bowed towards the old man su wan.

"very well then "su wan took hundreds of gold coins from his storage rings and handed that old man, seeing those coins his eyes become wide and he bowed towards the su wan. and leave that place without looking back.

"few finally I am out of that damn situation, and even I got reward without doing anything, but what kind of monster is that kid who survived after being poisoned by that hundred valley poison, people say that he is trash but in my eyes, he was a true monster" old medic mumbled and left the place.


diya approached Yohan's bed, and Alena and su lin followed diya behind, seeing the unconscious face Yohan, she started cursing herself inwardly and tears started rolling from her eyes, seeing her like that Alena approach her.

"don't worry about him kiddo, he will be going to alright soon, you must be diya right, he came this morning to my room and when he was talking about you, he was looking very happy"Alena petted diya's head,su lin also felt pain seeing Yohan like that.

"This is my fault he got hurt while saving me, someone wanted to kill me and Yohan pushed me on time and he gets hit by that arrow, its all my fault" she cried saying those words.

Alena and su lin heard those words and looked at each other, they never thought that their son saves someone's life over his life, they felt somewhat proud as parents.

"don't worry kiddo it's not your fault "su lin responded to diya and approached her, and petted her head.

"yes my husband is saying true, it's not your fault so don't worry about those things and stay beside him, we will come later he needs some rest "Alena looked toward the diya and shifted her gaze towards su lin.

"indeed stay with him,"su lin one last time looked towards Yohan who was sleeping and his gaze went towards the diya and he said those words, and the next moment he left that place along with Alena.

after they leave diya took a seat beside his bed and looked towards Yohan with a deep gaze her eyes were still moist and she felt very helpless seeing him towards him, he saved her two times yet he was get hurt by because her.

"I am sorry, because of me you are in this state, I will never forgive myself," she mumbled and took his hands into her hands. meanwhile, Yohan was awoken he was hearing everything and felt sorry about her, because of him she almost loses her senses he never thought that this girl was that kind of timid and pure from her heart, moreover she cared about him, he felt good about that, and next moment he tightens his hand grip, diya noticed this and she looked towards the Yohan who started opening his eyes slowly and looked towards the diya.

"Are you alright diya, I hope I didn't bother you" he opened his eyes and looked towards the diya who was sitting beside his bed, he said those words with a bitter smile on his face, hearing those words tears appeared in her eyes.

"don't cry diya it's not your fault I will catch that bastard and tear him pieces how dare he tried to attack you," he said and took few pillows behind his back for support and took a seat beside her.

"no please don't do that again I don't want to lose you, you already saved me two times, I am very unlucky for you, if I stay longer here, you will be in trouble again, I will leave this clan and never going to bother you again," she looked towards him and said those words, her eyes were become redder because of her crying.

"who said you are unlucky, if someone dares to say those words I will kick his ass, and beat the crap out of him" he tilted his head towards her and touched his cheek from his right hand, and looked into her eyes.

"Please stay with me, I don't know why but I don't want you to go," he said while his face comes closer to diya's face, seeing this she looked into his eyes and touched his face with both of her hands.

And next moment Diya's lips were on his lips, he touched diya's head from the backside and passionately started kissing her, it happened within a second that these two didn't realize When their lips met they both felt unknown Sensation in their bodies. And They shared this moment for a long time.


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