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Dual Cultivator RebornSystem In The Cultivation World Chapter 11 - Monster?

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"Yohan Stay with me, don't you dare to leave me, why did you do that" Diya cried and she was mumbling those words. but alas he already loses his consciousness after getting hit by that poison arrow.

hearing the Comotion Ana comes into Yohan's room seeing him laying on the ground her facial expression becomes Stiff, She started running towards Yohan.

"What happens to young master" She looked towards the Diya. But alas Diya was not in a condition to respond to her, she was dazed while holding Yohan in her embrace, seeing the arrow in Yohan chaste her start beating faster...

She started running towards lady Alena's room, After a few moments later she reached there and started shouting at top of her lungs "My lady opens the door, Something bad happens" She Shouted.

Lady Alena opens the door and looked towards Ana who was breathing very heavily while she was sweating.

"What happened why are you shouting"Alena looked towards the ana and Asked her....

"Someone Try to kill the master Yohan, he is hurt " She responded to lady Alena while tears started rolling from her eyes.

"What" Hearing those words Her heart skipped a beat, she started running towards Yohan's room while her husband Su lin Also saw her wife is running somewhere.

"What happens to her why she is looking that kind of desperate" He mumbled and started following his wife.


An old man could be seen Sitting in the middle of the room in the lotus position, but suddenly he opens his eyes.

"Yohan my Grandson" He mumbled and his eyes become Red fiery and the Next moment he disappears from that place like a ghost.

"What happens why are you running like that" Su lin Caught up to her Wife Alena, Seeing that her husband arrives She started crying. And started dragging su lin towards Yohan's room, without saying anything. And a few moments later they arrived at Yohan's room. but when they saw their son laying kn the ground they were taken aback. And next moment their gaze went on the Yohan chaste where A arrow could be seen stuck in Yohan chaste.

"Yohan my son" Alena approached him and She fell on her knees and touched Yohan's body.

"Ana goes call the Family medic", Su lin shouted and looked towards the maid. hearing those words ana comes to her senses and nods her head and runs towards the medic hall to call the Lin Clan medic. While Su Lin's Gaze went towards the Diya who was holding Yohan While She already loses her senses and was only crying seeing Yohan's Face.

" Which Bastard dare to lay hand on my grandson, I will kill his whole clan" Suddenly an old man appeared in the room...And he was radiating killing intent, seeing his father in rage su Lin Gulped mouthful saliva, Father, please calm yourself he said...And approached Yohan.

"My Son I make sure That whoever tried to harm you will pay" he mumbled and He takes him to the bed...while diya was dazed still sitting on the ground mumbling about Yohan seeing that girl Diya like that, Alena took her beside Yohan.

"Don't worry about his honey, he will be alright" Su Lin tried to calm her wife, while his father Was still clinching his fist seeing Yohan like that.

"Master what happens to young master"Suddenly An old man enters Yohan room while a girl was could be seen beside him.

"Someone tried to kill him, don't waste time look over him and treat him" Su Lin shouted towards him, and Su Wan Also Gave him a threatening look. seeing their gazes he felt despair in his heart he hurriedly approaches Yohan and started treating him.

"Please you guys wait outside," He said looking towards everyone, And signal one of his assistance to remove Yohan's clothes to examine the Bound while he already removed the poison arrow.

hearing those words everyone started leaving the room Alena was holding Diya because she was not in her senses right now.

After everyone left The medic started looking over the wounds, and started disinfecting that place, but His Faced turned dark after some time later. he started shivering.

"He is going to Die soon, He is being poisoned by Uncurable poison" he mumbled and look towards her assistance.

hearing those words she started sweating And looked towards the old man" he is going to Die no one Is going to Save him, And our death is also inevitable because he is the single heir of the Lin clan, they are going to kill us"She mumbled.

hearing those words the old man fell on the ground, you are right he is going to die soon, but who is going to save us if we don't treat him, that old man is going to kill us the next moment he heard that we fail to save his grandson. The old man responded to his assistant.

"I am not going to die," She said and her gaze went towards the window she gave a bitter smile to her master, and the next moment she jumped on the window and started running from that place.

"You Shameless Disciple of mine, don't leave me here alone,Take me with you" That old man shouted at top of his lungs while seeing his assistant run away from that place leaving him alone. He started sweating.



[Poision Antidote is acquired, Healing is initiating]

And next moment Yohan's body started Shaking vigorously, His bound started healing automatically, seeing this The old man jaw dropped on the ground, he had never seen anything like this.

"I am Alive" Yohan mumbled and took a sitting position and his gaze went towards the old man who was looking towards him with a wide-open mouth.

"Monster" He mumbles seeing Yohan was sitting in front of him safe and sound, seeing an old man looking towards him, Yohan smiled "Let's have some talk," He said looking towards the old man.

Hearing those words he comes to in his senses. And look towards Yohan.

" I am glad that you are okay but how did you do that," He said looking towards Yohan.

"Why do you want to know, You guys are cursing my family a few moments ago, even one of your assistance run away" He looked towards the old man with a wide smile on his face.

The old man becomes stiff After hearing those words, indeed if anyone found out he will surely die, "Please save me, master Yohan," He grabs Yohan's feet and started pleading for his life.

"Sigh okay I will give you a chance to live but you have to do me a favor" Yohan smiled at him.

"Yes, master I will do whatever you say" the old man responded. And next moment yohan started to whisper something into his ears.


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