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Chapter 36 One month agreement

Seeing those eyes, Emperor Yan let go of his chin and took a defensive posture.

Yuzhen just glanced at him, and immediately looked away again.

His intuition told him that this man had misunderstood what he meant, and obviously regarded him as a killer assassin or something.

Emperor Yan must have felt deceived! Does he regret bringing him to Yuling Kingdom for treatment

“Heh, you don’t like seeing this King Then you shouldn’t have come back in the first place.” Emperor Yan said and his murderous aura suddenly increased, the grass and trees around him swayed wildly, and the airflow released from his body was continuous, overwhelming him. 

“Yuzhen, is this the answer after much consideration”


Hearing this, he almost forgot how when he looked at the man’s face, his heart would skip a beat, and took that kind of promise between a monarch and minister as a confession.

What was wrong with him Why would he want to be with a man

It seemed that every nerve in the body was sick.

It must be that the owner of this body was also sick.

How could a seven-footed man fall in love with a man

“There’s nothing to think about.

Your kung fu is as good as cheating.

Even if I return to my original state, I may not be able to beat you.

Instead I’ll be beaten to death in all directions.

Let’s fight! I’d rather die.” He put on a fighting posture and the blood from his wound seeped more.

Wan Xunye was still nearby and didn’t leave.

Yuzhen didn’t want to pay attention to him, but Wan Xunye suddenly threw a sword at his feet and sat on the tree to watch with a malicious smile.

Yuzhen glanced at him, guessing that Master Wan must really want to see the scene where he was killed, working really hard to keep Devil May Cry away from him.

Yuzhen sneered and picked up the long sword on the ground, but threw it to Emperor Yan instead.

 “I don’t need this kind of thing, I can see the difference in ability, you can do it quickly.”

He waited for a long time, but Emperor Yan didn’t rush over.

When he secretly took a peek, there was no hesitation in Emperor Yan’s eyes.

There was no hesitation in not killing him, but why

Suddenly, the murderous aura came to an abrupt end, and the trees returned to their original calmness, which was not what Yuzhen expected at all.

Emperor Yan’s face was as arrogant as ever, and he was standing there staring straight at him.

 “Liu Yuzhen, this King has said that he will never let you die, provided that you do not betray this King.

This King will give you a month to stay in Great Yan.

If you don’t like it that much, then this King will not touch you again.

If you can prove that you are harmless to Great Yan, this King will naturally let you go.

This King will never break that promise.”

Eh Will he really let him go

After hearing what he said, Yuzhen gradually let go of his vigilance.

One month, that time was not long, he really has no ill will towards Great Yan, so as long as he spends this month safely.

At this time, Wan Xunye interrupted again.

“Tsk tsk, a man with such a strong desire for monopolization can also say such things Prime Minister Liu, you should be careful.”

With a loud “bang”, the tree where Wan Xunye was standing was split in half at the moment of Emperor Yan’s attack, then it fell down.

Wan Xunye cunningly smiled and walked away from them.

As long as he was sure that Liu Yuzhen would not run back, he would feel at ease.

Emperor Yan didn’t even look at the tree that was smashed by him and was still looking directly at Yuzhen. 

Yuzhen’s eyes were lying.

But what kind of lie Is it a conspiracy with Liu Ling, or…

The former made him on guard every day, and he was already a little tired of it, but the latter made him more interested.

“Let’s go! Even if I don’t kill you, you will still be in danger if you stay in Yuling Kingdom.” Emperor Yan’s voice returned to normal.

It was longer fierce and no longer angry.

Such a calm invitation was always more tempting than death.

Liu Yuzhen scratched his head.

In fact, he wasn’t so obsessed with dying.

He just hated that his face would blush when he saw Emperor Yan, it was just like being poisoned.

He needs to be quiet, he needs to communicate well with the master of this body, and force Prime Minister Liu to instill the correct sexual orientation values.

But just as he was swaying in his quest for death, Emperor Yan stretched out his thick and warm palm.

Yuzhen simultaneously stretched out his hand without even thinking about it and before he had the time to regret it…

He immediately yelled, “Let go, let go, bastard!”

Emperor Yan’s smile was a little teasing, but in his eyes, something was always shining like a star.

“This is the last time this King touches you, so you should follow this King obediently.”

Yuzhen suddenly felt that he was a child who was easily abducted.

He was brought back so easily that he felt that his image was completely ruined.


You better keep your word! It’s only a month.

If I don’t do anything to hurt Great Yan, you will let me go.

Also! I’m a man, don’t look at me like I’m a woman!”

Emperor Yan only laughed lightly.

He had already been eaten so many times.

Liu Yuzhen, why are you still struggling to be a man

“What Promise me!” Liu Yuzhen became awkward and pulled back hard, refusing to go with Emperor Yan.

In Emperor Yan’s eyes, he was a kid who liked to be coaxed, especially when he knew his weakness.

 “Yuzhen, if you go back with this King soon, you can still have the supper prepared by the Imperial Kitchen, we can only arrive one day late if you delay the time.”

Liu Yuzhen was stunned for a moment, never thinking that Emperor Yan would use this as an excuse.

Although his saliva started to flow out uncontrollably. 

“Then let’s go.

Remember what you told me!”

He was only a teenager, and if he had the best of both worlds, he certainly wouldn’t want to seek death.

While stroking his wounds, they hurried back to the carriage.

Emperor Yan held his hand and never let it go.

He felt very happy to be dragged away by him.

Liu Yuzhen, who was alive and kicking, had never done so before committing suicide.

He really wanted to hug and touch him again.

For a month, he would have to endure it, Liu Yuzhen could only be his, as long as Yuzhen did not betray him, he would not destroy him or let him go.

From the color he saw in Yuzhen’s eyes, he knew what it meant, and it was not the first time he had seen it.

This King will let you confess, Liu Yuzhen, you can never run away.

Of course, Yuzhen couldn’t hear Emperor Yan’s voice.

To be precise, he had the ability to see through other people’s thoughts and quickly judge their goals, but he didn’t dare to look at Emperor Yan’s face, let alone judge.

His brain was either filled with slow heat, or filled with fantasies about food, there was no time to think about what Emperor Yan was thinking.

His injury recurred and the wound was very painful.

Gui Xiaoqi gave him medicine under the carriage seat, but no one moved.

The two of them sat holding hands.

Because it would be the last time they touched, naturally Emperor Yan was reluctant to let go.

Liu Yuzhen was also very patient, and he didn’t want to expose his weakness in front of Emperor Yan.

Although one of the biggest weaknesses has been discovered, showing another here will make him very unreconciled.

Therefore on the surface, his wound was irrelevant and he didn’t even shed a drop of cold sweat.

For a month, he had to survive, for freedom and to prevent some kind of abnormal disease from continuing to spread in his heart!


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