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Chapter 33 I’m Serious

Liu Yuzhen felt that someone was touching him which inevitably woke him up even though he desperately needed a rest. 

The big warm hand rubbed the key parts of his body with his skillful hands, and kissed him gently and provocatively.

His body was completely exposed to that person’s control.

His cream white body was caressed and his lips was given a deep wet kiss, with the person’s tongue intertwined with his, lingering, making him feel high.

No, I can’t stand it anymore…

He wrapped his arms around the man’s neck and his cheeks were flushed. 

Are these hands going to take me to bliss The thing that I’ve been waiting for 18 years is finally going to happen.

I feel so ecstatic. 

Whose mood is this Why does he feel so happy and excited

However, his brain was completely defeated by the waves of pleasure.

He kissed that other person actively.

The intense feeling continued to soar high, and at the place where intense pleasure congested, he could no longer stop it, and that strong desire was about to erupt.

“Yuzhen, I like you… I like you, but do you like me” A soft voice sounded like coaxing a child.

The person fondled his silky black hair and rolled it between his fingertips.

From the bottom of my heart, I answered his question without any resistance.

“I like it… I like it, I don’t want anyone except Liu Ling.

For the rest of my life, you are my King, and I am your minister, and I will always serve you and love you alone.”

Liu Yuzhen felt good.

This feeling of love, he had never felt being loved before, and this kind of emotion that gradually floods in his heart right now,  turns out, it was the feeling of love.

He raised his head slowly—and was suddenly stunned.

The fire that scorched his body like a receding tide, quickly left his body.

Liu Ling!

That delicate and graceful face, that gentle and quiet smile, made ripples in his heart.

However, this was something he could not understand.

He neither knew Liu Ling nor could he have feelings for him.

He immediately stretched out his hand to push Liu Ling away, his face became a little uneasy.

If Yan Tenghua saw him doing this kind of thing with Liu Ling, he wondered if he would want to kill him on the spot. 

“Why are you here!”

“Yuzhen!” Liu Ling’s gentle face became more and more gloomy, and looked coldly at his naked body that was licked all over by himself.

“Do you really like Yan Tenghua Where is he better than me Tell me.”

“Don’t talk nonsense! How can I fall in love with that person”

“It’s very clear.

You already have him in your heart.

Oh, Yuzhen, what about the promise of a lifetime” Liu Ling’s body slowly lowered, almost making him breathless.

“Either you leave him and come back to me, or… I will destroy you…”

What What is he saying

Liu Ling’s voice slowly faded, and even his face could not be seen clearly, the whole world was suddenly engulfed in a white fog.

“Wait, Liu Ling, Liu Ling!”

Liu Yuzhen sucked in a breath of cold air, and immediately sat up straight.

His body was shaken up and down.

It was not that someone was holding him and doing something obscene, but the carriage was really just bumpy and shaky.

The speed was fast, and the sound of horses’ hooves could also be heard.

Just as his eyes adjusted to the environment here, he immediately looked for Liu Ling’s figure, however he met a pair of angry eyes.

Realizing that Yan Tenghua, who was wearing a gold silk brocade, was indeed staring at him, Liu Yuzhen suddenly realized that it was just a dream, not a beautiful dream or a nightmare… but a spring dream. 

Crazy, this was crazy.

He actually dreamed having sex with Liu Ling

Checking himself, he was stunned to find himself naked, with his clothes scattered around his waist.

He quickly hugged his body tightly, showing the same look as if he had been violated.

He also knew that at some point while in the dream, he had actually called out Liu Ling’s name, that’s why this guy in front of him was in a fit of anger.

Yan Tenghua asked contemptuously, “Oh Even in sleep, you still dreamed of Liu Ling If you like him so much, why don’t you just go with him” The tone was quite displeased.

Yuzhen hugged his clothes tightly and looked at him warily.

“If you want me to go, you should have sent me back to Liu Kingdom as you said.”

“Don’t even think about it.” The other party immediately dismissed his words loudly.

He guessed it too.

He didn’t have to say it then hit people afterwards.

He actually wanted to run away with Gui Xiaoqi.

He was really fed up with these hard-to-understand ancient people.

He turned his head away and didn’t want to pay attention to Emperor Yan, whose eyes looked like he wanted to eat people, very frightening.

Yan Tenghua suddenly pulled him.

The carriage was big enough to accommodate four people.

He was seated opposite Yan Tenghua and when he was suddenly pulled to his side, the carriage felt more spacious than it looked. 

“Take off your clothes, this King likes your defenseless appearance,” he ordered.


He had heard all kinds of orders, and of course he had heard others tell him to take off his clothes.

For example, when he goes to the bathroom to take a shower, everyone obeys the captain’s order to undress in unison.

However,  he hadn’t heard an order that sounded as vile and vulgar as that of what Yan Tenghua said. 

“I won’t take it off! You want me to  take it off Why don’t you take it off yourself”

“Liu Yuzhen, you are getting more and more rebellious.” 

 Yan Tenghua’s eyes were as terrible and ferocious as those of a wild wolf.The hairs on Liu Yuzhen’s body immediately stood up. How could there be such a person! You want to see people take off their clothes so badly Is his cruelty also used in such a thing

Of course he wouldn’t just listen to Yan Tenghua’s words.

 “What’s there to see It isn’t even beautiful.”

“It’s nice to see.”

So stubborn Okay, I’ll fight you to the end.

Liu Yuzhen bit his lip and abruptly pulled off Emperor Yan’s clothes, immediately revealing his firm pectoral muscles.

Emperor Yan only wore three layers of thin robes because it was not appropriate to go out to other countries looking imposing.

Therefore he only wore simple clothes.

Yan Tenghua was not surprised, but was instead curious about Liu Yuzhen’s expression.

He watched as Liu Yuzhen’s face turned red little by little, while staring blankly at his body.

This was more interesting than anything else.

Seeing Liu Yuzhen looking at him with such envy, he felt very proud and ignored that his clothes were directly ripped off by him.

He reached out to hold Yuzhen’s little hand, and slowly let the disobedient guy loosen his grip on his clothes.

Liu Yuzhen swallowed his saliva.

He admitted that Yan Tenghua’s body was really attractive.

He had never seen such a glorious body, and every time he saw it, it made him feel something surging inside.

This feeling was like that time with Liu Ling in the dream.

A blissful feeling.

But the person who was happy in that dream was the real Prime Minister Liu, however, the one who was feeling delighted at the moment, was he, himself…

Just when Yan Tenghua thought he had conquered him and rubbed his big hands to his arms again, Liu Yuzhen suddenly turned sideways, pressed his elbow on his shoulder, and pinned Yan Tenghua on the seat.

Although Yuzhe’s injured shoulder ached, he nonetheless immediately beamed with joy. 

“Underestimating me! Hehe! Stop thinking about doing those nasty things to me anymore.

If you do, I’ll also do the things you did to me to you.

Do you understand”

Emperor Yan’s killing intent vanished in a flash.

If Liu Yuzhen had not said such lovely words, he might have slapped him to death.

 “You Good! This King will give you a chance.” After speaking, he opened his clothes with one hand.


Liu Yuzhen felt a nosebleed coming and quickly stopped him.

“No, no, I just casually mentioned it, don’t take it seriously.”

“What should this King do This King is serious.

This King has always been serious when it comes to Yuzhen.” After Emperor Yan said that, the pressed arm suddenly turned, and his body suddenly jumped behind Liu Yuzhen.

His strength was unimaginable….

Yuzhen thought that he was going to be hurt a little bit, but Emperor Yan didn’t let him feel any pain.

He gently put him down as his cheek was right in front of his face.

So close, I could almost hear Emperor Yan’s heartbeat, which was very shocking.

Four eyes met, and Emperor Yan’s words were like some kind of heavenly sound that was sent into the heart of  Liu Yuzhen.

He is serious…

He is serious…


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