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Chapter 3 Who left these wounds

Liu Yuzhen didn’t seem to bother at first because he was already used to having numerous scars on his body, but he was mistaken; there were other marks in addition to the scars!

With his back to the crowd, he yanked his shirt open, looked down, and saw mottled marks on his chest, blue and purple, and teeth marks! Such scars are simply mind-blowing!

What a mess, could it be that the owner of this body was a masochist

Looking around, even though Liu Yuzhen was nervous, he soon realized the current situation of his present identity.

He understood that he’d crossed into an imprisoned and abused character.

“Whoosh” he swiftly covered his skirt.

Liu Yu frowned and looked sideways.

He was uneasy.

He was the “Prime Minister”.

Who dared to do this to the Prime Minister

“Who caused my (body he’s possessing) injury”

Yuelan had never seen Prime Minister Liu with such a scary expression, and the fact that he had just shackled Emperor Yan was clearly not a hallucination.

” Answering to the Prime Minister, if you tell the whereabouts of Princess Zhijun as soon as possible, you won’t suffer this kind of misery, and the slaves don’t have to stay in this isolated cold palace all the time and not go out.

“Cold Palace” Liu Yuzhen felt a chill in his heart.

He sensed  that the room was indeed full of yin air, and the furnishings were frigid.

No one would believe that this was a palace.

 Then again, I am a prime minister and not a noble concubine, don’t I need to go to court

He gritted his teeth and asked again, “Damn, why are you keeping me here Will I flee Will I die if I don’t find out where Princess Zhijun is”

“This slave does not dare to speculate, but if you still insist on not handing over the eldest princess, then life will definitely not be easy.”

“What! Where did the eldest princess go Has she been kidnapped Does it have anything to do with me Am I the kidnapper This is impossible!” Liu Yuzhen was taken aback.

Why did he transmigrate into a body that committed a heinous and irrational act

“Prime Minister, have you forgotten” “Yuelan showed a terrified expression and looked at him with wide eyes, seeing that Liu Yuzhen felt a little guilty.

“No, I just had a sudden brain cramp.” He didn’t dare to talk nonsense.

After all, his fists could not defeat many hands.

“Yuelan, go and find the person in charge here.

I want to negotiate!”

“You mean Emperor Yan” Yuelan became increasingly suspicious of the prime minister’s words and actions.

For example, he was grabbing a handful of ointment and rubbing it on the wound he had just received.

I wonder if he could not feel the pain, but the person viewing it got chills all over.

“You better rest first, Emperor Yan will come to interrogate you tomorrow.

“Interrogation Oh, if he dares not come, see if I don’t run away tonight.” After taking the medicine, Liu Yuzhen bent his mouth high and appeared very serious.

Just then, a voice came from outside the room.

“It’s really inappropriate for the Emperor to keep this man.

If he doesn’t get rid of him as soon as possible, and if he’s taken away by another country, won’t it put our Dayan country in jeopardy first” There were no scruples in his tone.

Another said, “don’t let him hear it, my Lord.

If he tells the Emperor, we shall all suffer.”

“He still wants to see the Emperor.

He’s just a hostage sent by the state of Liu.

Let me ask you, how many times has the Emperor come to the cold palace”

“After all, he is the Prime Minister of the affiliated country.

The Emperor said it would be useful to keep him.

If you kill him, won’t you offend the Dragon” 

“How could I leave him to harm Dayan” Not to mention the fact that he eloped with the eldest princess.

The whereabouts of the eldest princess are currently unclear.

What if he colluded with other countries and hurt our Emperor “

The words pierced through  Liu Yuzhen’s ears, and he heard them.

He turned out to be a hostage imprisoned here by another country, and the eldest princess was indeed abducted by him.

People here didn’t just refuse to let him go, they seemed to want to murder him as well.

Two middle-aged men walked into the room, their waists were straight, appearing discourteous.

One of them raised his eyebrows at the idle Liu Yuzhen and said, “Prime Minister Liu, what are you fussing about Come out, if you really want to commit suicide, why don’t this old man help you” After speaking, he ordered someone to hand over a pot of wine and a tea cup.

 How could Liu Yuzhen go back to seek death after turning around from the doorway of hell and eventually being reborn Looking at the energy of these two people, I’m afraid they don’t know how to write the word “death”.

He propped himself up with his hands, looked seriously at the two people near his bed, suddenly grinned, and said, “No need, I’ll leave this kind of good stuff for you to enjoy.”

However, Liu Yuzhen’s figure faded and the wind vanished in an instant.

Only to discover that the attendant’s hand was empty.

Liu Yuzhen already had the wine pot in his hands, and the spout of the wine pot was against the middle-aged man’s lips.

“Sir, do you want me to feed you” Liu Yuzhen smiled as he wrapped his arm around his neck.

“Let go of Lord Li.

You, you boy, have the guts of a leopard today!” The middle-aged man next to him was so frightened that his hands trembled, and Mr.

Li’s eyes were about to jump out from fear.

Liu Yuzhen was very happy in his heart, but it was just to bluff them.

He let go and dumped the poisoned wine on the floor, which foamed all over.

When Liu Yuzhen noticed the two civil officials were in a rush, he was amused.

The chains were still encircling his hands.

It was really dull that such a man dared to approach him and make a joke.

“It’s good to leave!” He sighed, turned his head and said, “Yuelan, I want to take a bath!”

“Bathe…” Yuelan thought for a moment, “You want to take a bath but you have just taken medicine.

Yuelan can only cleanse your body, not bathe you.”

“What’s the difference”

Yuelan ordered someone to bring warm water, took off the robe he casually draped on his body, and wiped him with a damp cloth along with two other maids.

Liu Yuzhen was embarrassed for a moment, blushing and letting the maid clean him up.

He stared at his scarred body.

Although the shocking scars were not as serious as those he had suffered on the battlefield, they still made him feel uneasy.

Before the washing could take a few more minutes, suddenly three maids bowed to the door, quit and left the room.

“Is it done”

Yuelan and the other maids silently carried the washbasin away, as if they were instructed by someone, and looked very uneasy.

“Oh You are very active today.” A man’s low voice suddenly sounded at the door.

Liu Yuzhen was taken aback.

The scars from the past were enough to brag about, but it’s different now that he doesn’t know where the marks came from, so he hurriedly turned around to look for clothes.

“Who! Haven’t you had enough”

But he picked up his clothes from the * * and before he could wear them, a pair of big hands crossed his waist and hugged his flushed body from behind in vain.


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