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Chapter 26 The Prime Minister was Kidnapped

Liu Yuzhen felt an electric current spread all over his body in an instant.

It immediately made him regain consciousness, and before Emperor Yan’s tongue broke through his teeth, he hurriedly shrank and retreated. 

“I’m awake! I have woken up! Quick, let’s go! “

In front of Emperor Yan’s reluctant appearance, Liu Yuzhen licked his mouth unconsciously, and found out that the taste in his mouth was very sweet. 

He often did this kind of mouth-to-mouth action, but recently he has done more.

I have to say that Emperor Yan’s taste is kind of likable, but he is still a man!

Seeing that Emperor Yan did not move, Liu Yuzhen also became very uneasy.

He wondered if the man would suddenly pounce on him regardless of anything, so he continued to hide in the corner and looked at him innocently and defensively.

If he dared to make a move, he would kick him out of the carriage.

In the end, Emperor Yan didn’t do anything and just said with a cold face, “Let’s go.”

Not knowing why, Liu Yuzhen somehow felt a little regretful, but still answered, “Let’s go.”

After getting out of the carriage, it was a bustling city market outside.

The sunset turned crimson in the afternoon, and it was going to disappear in the horizon in a short time.

At this time, people came and went in an endless stream.

Ancient people all wore similar clothes.

Although there were some unexpected differences in appearance, they were not very good-looking in general.

It can’t compare to the person next to him who was wearing a beautiful satin even after changing from his dragon robe.

The carriage stopped in a bustling area of the street and next to them was a very simple but high-end inn.

The strong aroma of wine drifted into Liu Yuzhen’s nose.

As soon as Yuzhen saw the place, his eyes opened wide.

If Emperor Yan hadn’t been guarding him, he would have immediately burrowed into the crowd to see things he had never seen before and join in on the fun, but he didn’t have such a chance.

Emperor Yan was always very fierce, almost like the captain, but the captain would definitely never kiss him, because he was always angry at him.

What did they bring him here for Shopping for gifts

Even though he knew it was impossible.

They walked inside the high-end inn, the plain-clothed guards dispersed around the place, and only a few people followed them inside.

He slept from noon to late afternoon.

Based on his calculation on the speed of their travel, this place should be already relatively far away from the Yan Palace.

Emperor Yan and his bodyguard walked in front, he followed not too close but not too far away either and Xiao Zipei behind him.

Looking at Yan Tenghua’s back, he was indeed a tall and strong man.

He’d learned many times that it’s never good to be hostile to this man unless he let his guard down.

Liu Yuzhen didn’t really want to run away, he just felt that his freedom was being hampered.

If Emperor Yan didn’t let him go anywhere in the name of imprisoning him, then he would naturally be more willing to just stay in the palace and enjoy it.

As he was thinking about it, Emperor Yan suddenly turned around, looked at him with bright eyes and said, “You go to the room and wait for me first.

Zipei will come with me.”

Regardless of whether he agreed or not, a few powerful bodyguards in plain clothes came up to “block and encircled” him and pushed him to the guest room on the second floor.

Yuelan followed behind and kept saying, “Slow down, the Prime Minister is not well, don’t push him.”

But the guards didn’t hear it at all, and were still pushing hard, as if Liu Yuzhen was really uncooperative.

Liu Yuzhen was not angry either, which saved him the trouble of climbing up the stairs by himself.

He was pushed forward until he got to the room.

The weather was very hot, and the guards standing outside the door were sweating profusely.

Liu Yuzhen, who either sleeps or causes trouble, was surprisingly quiet.

But in fact, he was waiting, waiting for something to happen… “They seemed to be hiding something from me.” He thought to himself.

He opened one eye and closed the other, leaning on the couch.

The incense burning in the room was particularly intoxicating, and the lingering smoke made all the delicate furnishings in front of him even more psychedelic.

Is the world where he is now still real

There was a sneering smile on the corner of his mouth.

 Really, why ask such an obvious answer —- “Oh, isn’t this scent called ecstasy.”

On the first floor, seated on an elegant seat, Emperor Yan held the fragrant tea to his lips.

However, before he could take a sip, a guard in plainclothes came and reported.

“Your Majesty! Prime Minister Liu disappeared.”

“What did you say!” It wasn’t Emperor Yan who almost jumped up in shock, but Xiao Zipei who was puzzled.

He didn’t understand why Emperor Yan asked him to come with him, but as soon as he left Yuzhen’s side, he disappeared.

He really felt guilty.

Emperor Yan’s eyes showed a vicious and fierce light as he drank the fragrant tea from the porcelain cup.

He put down the tea cup fiercely with a “thump”, and said coldly, “Sit down.”

Zipei couldn’t figure it out.

How could he still stay calm 

“Your Majesty, didn’t you hear that Prime Minister Liu was taken away”

“Zipei, Liu Yuzhen is not your master, but this King is.” There was anger in Emperor Yan’s words.

Everything seemed to be under control on the surface, but who knows what he’s really feeling.

“In this period of time, Prime Minister Liu’s character has changed a lot.

It’s hard to say that it was not his plot with Liu Ling.

Let him go, and what should come will come soon.”


“Tomorrow, we will set off to the border of Liu Kingdom as usual, and the most important thing is to rescue Zhijun.

As for Liu Yuzhen, this King has long expected that he will go with Liu Ling, and sooner or later he will be annihilated by this King in one fell swoop.

If you recovered Zhijun, why should you care about him”

Seeing Emperor Yan being indifferent, Xiao Zipei couldn’t sit still.

If the Prime Minister was really swapped with another person, wouldn’t he be aware of it He had always  strictly guarded the cold palace, when would there be a chance of something like that happening.

Although he had never actually met the Prime Minister Liu in the past until that day, he would definitely be able to sense if a stray person appeared in the forbidden area.

“Your Majesty.

Zipei has been with you since you were a child, and he has served half his life serving you.

To be honest, Prime Minister Liu will never be able to get her back by himself, but don’t forget that he was the one who put forth the method of rescuing Zhijun.

Emperor Yan listened, although there was no reaction on his face, but his heart was already in chaos.

This plan had been made since last year.

Why was there such a change now Liu Yuzhen, did you go by yourself or someone else took you away It would be best to kill him and Liu Ling together.

But why was he wavering now

This King sent you back to Liu Ling, to test you.

However, this King is more willing to believe that you would rather stay by my side, but now is not the time to test your heart, this King does not want you to die, and would rather not see you…

Suddenly, there was a mess of footsteps outside the inn, and the sound of broken horses’ hooves.

Emperor Yan exerted a little force with his fingertips, and the porcelain cup in his hand turned into gray-white powder and scattered with the wind.

His handsome face was now full of hideousness.

“To be so eager to die, you dare to rebel on such a bustling street.

Xiao Zipei, this King orders you to go to Liu Kingdom quickly and find the princess immediately.”

“Imperial guards! Could it be that the Prince rebelled!” Xiao Zipei was shocked.

He never expected that the purpose of their trip was to lead out and kill the rebels.

Why did Emperor Yan choose this time Liu Ling, who came to visit the captured Liu Prince, was nearby, and the Prince Anjun, the one who forcibly took the throne from Emperor Yan’s father, chose to upstage a rebellion while Liu Ling was still here.

That means…He suspected that Liu Ling, along with Liu Yuzhen, colluded with Prince Anjun and plotted to unite Liu Kingdom and Yan Kingdom!

“Zipei, when you see Zhijun, go to Yuling Country, and bring her back when the country stabilizes.”

Xiao Zipei bit his lip and his heart turned, knowing that he had no way of refuting Emperor Yan’s intentions, he immediately took out his sword and led a few servants out for a bloody battle.


Imperial Uncle, let this King see your good show.


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