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Chapter 25 Woken Up with a Kiss

He thought that only an ignorant girl would be grateful for such a Mary Sue-like rescue plot, but he didn’t expect that his hands, which were originally wrapped around his head, wound up tightly encircling around the man’s neck! Prime Minister Liu Was this due to physiological reactions This is definitely not the behavior of the Police Officer Liu!

However, he had no intention of letting go at the moment.

Perhaps it was the horror of the free fall that frightened his already weakened soul.

Unexpectedly, he simply did not move and kept on staring directly at the person in front of him who should have not come back.

Under the shade of the old tree, leaves floated around and an oriole was chirping up above.

Such a pleasant and romantic ambience, added with the beauty in his arms, it seemed almost perfect.

Yan Tenghua, who was only casually stating it in his heart, couldn’t help swallowing, and his heart beat suddenly accelerated.

“Yuzhen, are you trying to seduce this King”

Liu Yuzhen did not respond.

Although he realized what Emperor Yan meant, and wanted to answer with a snide remark like “Seduce your sister!”, but found out that he couldn’t speak.

“If you don’t let go, this King will take you to the bedchamber.” Yan Tenghua ignored him at first, but the person in his arms was so charming that even when in a daze, he looked so pure and handsome.

It was hard to resist not making him want to take a bite.

But he had something to do, that’s why he came back.

It’s really a pity that he can’t press him and ravage him right now.

As soon as Liu Yuzhen heard the “bed”, he was like a corpse coming back to life, thinking that he shouldn’t be subjected to that kind of torture again.

Liu Yuzhen scrambled down but the Emperor Yan suddenly let go and Liu Yuzhen fell to the ground with a thud.

Heavens! The rotten Emperor actually let go!

He yelled and rubbed his ass, cursing, “You have no conscience! Why save me if you only plan to let go and let me fall to my butt on the ground!”

“Hehe, don’t you originally want to seek death This King is just letting you taste what pain is.” Emperor Yan smiled, then put on a very stern look afterwards.

Prime Minister Liu seeking death always made him very angry.

“Nonsense! When did I seek death for myself I just fainted from the heat.

Oh yes, Yuelan! I want to eat ice!” Seeing that he was not injured, Liu Yuzhen happily ordered Yuelan to get some ice.

“Such a vulgar…” Emperor Yan stared at him sternly.

“Ah Why have you come back now You actually lied to me! Now I can’t anymore sleep peacefully” Yuzhen stood akimbo and with displeasure written all over his face.

“Oh You can’t sleep peacefully when this King is here” Emperor Yan thought about it for a while, seeing Yuelan about to fetch some ice, his expression changed slightly.

He pulled up next to Liu Yuzhen and said, “Yuelan, you go and prepare to clean up Prime Minister Liu.

We will leave the palace immediately.”

“We’re going out of the palace!” Liu Yuzhen’s eyes lit up.

This could only mean that he could finally no longer be trapped here.

He had enough of this kind of life, a life where food and clothing was abundant, but was also extremely boring at the same time.  “But why Has Liu Ling left already”

Emperor Yan hugged Liu Yuzhen and completely embraced him in his arms.

At the same time, his embrace contained a lot of internal strength.

It was like a huge suction force.

On the surface, it seemed that Liu Yuzhen was willing to be hugged by him, but in fact it was the suction that made him unable to move, but it didn’t hurt, he didn’t hurt him.

“You should know more about Prince Liu’s whereabouts than this Kiing, right”

Hehe, he knows something.

But even so, he was not the real Prime Minister Liu.

It was highly unlikely that he would have any connection to that man.

For what happened afterwards, he only noticed people in the palace walking in a hurry, bowing their heads in silence, as if everyone in the palace owes others hundreds of thousands.

He doesn’t like this kind of atmosphere.

He prefered those nasty kinds, like those ministers who harassed him and was eventually beaten by him.  It was like an exercise for his muscles and bones.

But he always seemed to forget one very important thing – he was just a prisoner of Emperor Yan.

They were about to leave the palace, but Yuzhen didn’t bring anything that could be called solely his.

Emperor Yan hugged him again and stuffed him into a carriage that could only fit the two of them together.

Xiao Zipei had also came and stood outside the carriage.

“Where are we going” Yuzhen asked curiously.

Emperor Yan ordered to leave, and after listening to his question, he coldly dropped two words, “Liu Kingdom.”

There were only about fifty people including them on this journey, and all dressed in light and simple clothing.

Isn’t he afraid of encountering any accidents He is the Emperor!

Not to mention in ancient times, even modern high-ranking officials have gun-toting bodyguards to follow them when they go out, or even when they visit another country, they would be heavily protected as expected.

Looking out from here, the only person whom he can only see to be capable was Xiao Zipei who was riding atop a tall horse.

Why was the security slacking Was it because Emperor Yan had me as the hostage

Liu Yuzhen was a little uneasy, thinking why this emperor did things so ill-considered.

If he was assassinated, wouldn’t he also suffer the disaster

“This King has obtained the whereabouts of Zhijun, and this King will pick her up in person and take you back to your home along the way.”

Found Yan Zhijun So fast

He was stunned for a while, feeling a little anxious inside.

How did he find Yan Zhijun, and would he really send him back to home

After a long time, he only answered, “Then I’ll sleep for a while.

Wake me up later when it’s time.” and immediately stopped talking.

His long eyelashes drooped slowly until his eyes were closed, and he leaned lazily against the wall of the carriage.

The carriage was much more bumpy than he had imagined.

Even when still inside the palace walls, the ground was already bumpy, let alone traveling the streets outside.

Liu Yuzhen slept very fast.

Soldiers have a set of secrets for falling asleep immediately, because they need to be fully prepared for the next moment to wake up at any time.

Every sleep was very precious, and there was no time to fight against falling asleep.

Emperor Yan looked at him in astonishment.

The man really fell asleep by the window of the carriage without making a sound, and even his breath quickly calmed down.

Was it because he no longer wanted to go home because he isn’t the real Prime Minister Liu or because he suddenly didn’t want to leave him Which one is it

He slowly hugged Liu Yuzhen and let him lean on his arms.

His habitual vigilance made him want to tap on Yuzhen’s meditation point, but he was afraid of waking him up.

He really is a handsome man!

This King is so close to you, Liu Yuzhen, how can you still sleep Are you not afraid that this King will eat you.

His fingers caressed Liu Yuzhen’s attractive face again and again, and he kissed the lips that he didn’t want to give up more than a few times.

Recently, Yuzhen would always say something indecent, but it only made him want to swallow this disobedient person all the more.

Prime Minister Liu, how did you become like this

Were all your scheming means already used up Why won’t you just be this King’s person

Liu Yuzhen knew that he was in a carriage with a man with a sexual orientation problem, but he also knew that the carriage was too narrow to allow Yan Tenghua to move around.

As long as he resisted, someone would surely be pushed out of the carriage.

Yan Tenghua probably wouldn’t want such a thing to happen, so he felt much more at ease.

“Falcon, why are you sleeping again” Liu Yuzhen seemed to hear the vice-captain’s voice.

He was very surprised and slowly opened his eyes.

It was the military dormitory he was most familiar with.

A poster of his favorite movie Transformers was also plastered on the cold walls.

Sure enough, a woman holding a hammer weighing 100 pounds glared at him.

Seeing that he didn’t intend to get up, she smashed the hammer towards his direction, and there appeared a hole as big as a head on his dormitory wall.

Fortunately, he got up in time, otherwise it would’ve hit his head. 

“What are you doing There are no tasks today!”

“Others don’t have it, but you have! Hurry up and investigate!”

“What the…” Isn’t this just bullying him for being younger What kind of mission The only task assigned to him now was to go to an island to be a spy.

“Wait, I have something for you.” The flat-chested woman in short-sleeved camouflage took out a handkerchief with a crooked embroidered on it, which, as far as he can tell, the character embroidered on it looked like “Jun”.

(t/n Jun- monarch, King)

“What is this Why does this look so ugly” he yelled, looking disgusted.

“F**k you.

This is a talisman! Bring it with you, even if you die.

You hear me!” She yelled at him and stuffed the so-called handkerchief into his pocket.

“I see.

Is it for exorcism Ah Won’t I need an amulet if I die”

“Shut it!”

When Yuzhen saw that the iron hammer was about to hit his head again, he suddenly woke up, and at the same time, also felt that the carriage had stopped.


A dream

Which one is a dream

Blinking his eyes in a trance, his head felt heavy.

The exquisite tailor’s golden silk brocade robe was very warm.

He looked up, and a handsome face was looking at him sideways.

“Are you awake Let’s go! It’s time to get off.”

It’s a dream… This one should be a dream.

He doesn’t recognize a celebrity this handsome that would surely be sought after by thousands of people, and he doesn’t even think that a celebrity would have anything to do with a criminal police agent like him.

So… naturally this is just a dream.

“Don’t you want to get up yet This King has no patience to wait for you.” The arrogant and sarcastic tone lingered in his ears.

There was only one chance for warning, and the wet and furious kiss swept across his lips again.



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